Take down the other nine and be the last one standing. Use any means necessary, as you only have one life.

In the Showdown Event, there are 10 players. The objective of the game is to kill all of your opponents and be the last Brawler standing. When a player dies or when a crate is opened, a Power-Up will be dropped onto the floor. This increases the Brawler’s health by 400 and increases their attack damage by 10% for the duration of the match. The longer you survive, the greater the rewards. As the match progresses, a deadly poison gas blows in from the edges of the arena, forcing all Brawlers into a progressively smaller area.

Useful Brawlers

  • Lobbers (Dynamike and Barley): They can deal massive damage from behind obstacles and (unfortunately) form unofficial teams with other Brawlers readily.
  • Bull and Darryl: Their high health and damage also them to take out most of the Brawlers in one-on-one fight.
  • Nita, Jessie and Penny: Their Supers summon a new unit which deals massive damage and also protects them.
  • Tara: Her wide range and damage makes her a very strong Brawler in SD. Her Super allows her to kill an evenly matches opponent instantly.

Quick Tips

  • If you’re using a low health Brawler, stay hidden in bushes and attack only when an opponent comes very near and/or has low health.
  • Picking up Power Ups can give you a huge advantage. Don’t get reckless though, they Power Ups aren’t a substitute for strategic play.
  • If your opponent Brawlers are too strong, then hide as much as you can. Let them kill/weaken each other.
  • You earn trophies for getting in the top 5.