Brawl Cast is pretty much Nor, Pierre, DeathBoo, and Jana from the Weekly Brawler, as well as other blog members every now and then, rambling about Brawl Stars and asking for donations, but in podcast form! Hear our not so beautiful voices! Here you will find all podcast episodes to date, ordered from newest to oldest!

03: Landscape

A few days after the Update, Puzzles, Jana, Pierre, and DeathBoo ramble and share their thoughts regarding the new UI, controls, landscape mode, the state of the game, and the balance changes. Our hosts also attempt to play a variation of the hit children’s game Fuck, Marry, Kill but with Brawl Stars characters.

02: Before The Storm

And we’re back for the second episode of the Brawl Cast! In this week’s episode, we bring DeathBoo and Pierre, along Puzzles and Jana, to discuss Piper, Alolan Spike, and F2P/P2W, before the storm (new update) arrives…

01: Pilot

At long last! The first episode of The Brawl Cast has arrived! Featuring your wonderful TWB members: Puzzles, Jana, and Ice wizard. Feel free to tab out and listen to the three hosts talk and yell about Ricochet, Barley’s beverages, and many more Brawl Stars related content.

There’s no 00… or is there? No, there isn’t.