The team that grabs and holds 10 crystals to the end of countdown wins. Don’t spill your crystals!

In the Gem Grab Event, there are two teams, each of which consists of 3 players. In the middle of the arena, there is a crystal mine which produces crystals every few seconds. The objective of the game mode is for your team to have 10 crystals. When a player dies, they will drop all of the crystals that they have picked up. Once a team has 10 crystals, a countdown will appear on screen which lasts 16 seconds. When the counter gets to 0, the team with the most crystals over 10 will win.

Useful Brawlers

  • Pam and Poco: Both of them can deal AoE damage and heal their allies. While Pam is more tanky, Poco’s heal isn’t confined to a fix area and he has higher damage.
  • Tara: Her Super can group enemy units and allow her team to take them all out at once. She’s also an effective crystal carrier due to her moderate health and dps.
  • Jessie and Bo: Jessie’s turret and Bo’s mine can help a lot in dominating the crystal mine.
  • Mortis: He is an effective crystal carrier as he can dash in, grab the crystals and run away easily. He can also reach an enemy with lot of crystals quickly.

Quick Tips

  • Controlling the area around the crystal mine is important early in the game. Keep enemy Brawlers away while your team collects the crystals as they appear.
  • If you hold many of your team’s crystals, do not push forward without back-up from your allied Brawlers.
  • Always protect your teammate with the most crystals.
  • If you’re a part of the losing team during countdown, then go for the player with most crystals.