Take down the other four teams. If you are defeated, you will respawn in a while if your teammate is still alive!

Duo Showdown is just like regular Showdown, except you have a teammate battling with you. When an Elixir is gained from a box, it is shared between the two of you, meaning that if you gain 1 Elixir, your teammate will gain 1 Elixir as well. There are four other pairs of Brawlers. Your goal is to take them out and be the last one standing. If your teammate would die, they will have a 15 second timer until they respawn again. Fallen teammates do not carry the Elixir that they previously had before death, so all respawned teammates start at 0 Elixir. If both teammates die, the game ends.

Useful Brawlers

  • Bo (with Star Power): With his Star Power, Bo and his teammate can see enemies from a large distance, giving them an upper hand over the enemies.
  • Tanks (Bull, Darryl and El Primo): With their high health and damage, they can defeat any Brawler in a close ranged, one-on-one Brawl. With support from a long ranger, they can be monstrous.
  • Frank: What makes Frank different from other tanks is his stun ability. With his stun, he and his teammate can cripple any foe.
  • Lobbers (Dynamike and Barley): Their attacks go over the walls, allowing them to pressurise the strongest of teams.
  • Colt and Ricochet: They can take care of any foe with their long range and high damage.

Quick Tips

  • You and your teammate should not choose similar Brawlers. If one chooses a tank, then other should go for a lobber or ranged attacker. You’ll be able to deal with a lot of diverse teams this way.
  • You should play Duo Showdown with a friend/bandmate. If you play with randoms, you might end up having a similar Brawler on your team (like two tanks, lobbers, etc., together).
  • If you’re playing on a map with lots of elixir crates at a particular place, then one of your team (preferably a tank) should go for that elixir while the other one should be cautious and hide. Once they’ve got some elixir, team up and BRAWL!
  • If your teammate is killed then immediately retreat from a battle. If you also die, your team loses.