“What’s in the cards for you? This mystic from a far away land has come to read your fortune. It simply says: DEFEAT!”


Health: 700

Attack: 100 damage per card / three cards (Triple Tarrot)

Super: 100 damage when explosion occurs / sucks in opponents for around three seconds (Gravity)

Speed: 650

Rarity: Mythic


Overall, Tara may seem like an easy Brawler to use, but knowing all the tips and tricks is the one thing that’s not easy about her. Tara’s main attack is very simple and it’s also very similar to Bo’s. Tara throws three spread-out fortune cards, and upon impact, each card does 100 damage.

Tara’s Super is where things get a little tricky. She throws a card that creates a black hole, sucking in all opponents in a small radius, and when the black hole goes away, each opponent caught in it will suffer 100 damage.



Before her nerf, Tara used to be one of the most popular choices in Showdown. This is because her main attack was very similar to Bull’s, and Shelly’s, who have always been great choices in said gamemode.

Although, Bull is getting weaker and weaker in Showdown because of all the long range people playing. Due to this nerf, Tara is being played much more rarely in Showdown, but when it comes to it, she’s not the worst choice either.

Tara’s range is mediocre, so she can outrange both Bull and El Primo, but when it comes to Brawlers like Colt and Dynamike, she will have a lot of trouble defeating them. It takes her five shots to destroy a box of elixir, and with her two second reload time, it takes considerable time to destroy said boxes.

Even though Tara’s Super is better used on more than one opponent, on Showdown it’s not a bad way to finish of an opponent nor to gain the advantage in a brawl.

The best way that you can use Tara’s Super for is if an opponent just rounded a corner and is trying to escape from you. Throw your Super where it just reaches them, so you can come up and finish the job. If you’re placement is perfect, it’s possible to suck the opponent back around the wall.


Offense: When playing offense, using Tara may be hard, but not impossible as it is for Pam. The only correct way to use Tara though is to always play aggressively with her. This is because in Heist, you will always be playing with and against Brawlers with a long range attack, so the only way for Tara to kill them is to get up close and personal. The main thing that Tara can do to give you team a huge advantage is using her Super and clumping all three of the opponents together.

Especially if your Dynamike or Barley has their Super ready, you can kill these three opponents in the blink of an eye. This will give your entire team the advantage, because you will be able to rush to the safe and demolish it. But really, the only way you’ll be able to pull this off is if you are in a Discord server, or if you have impeccable timing, because this strategy needs to be done in a quick succession.

Defense: When playing defense, using Tara is also not too easy, but it’s easier than using her in offense. This is mainly because in offense, you are trying to get close to other Brawlers, but in defense, other brawlers will go for the safe, hence, coming for you. This brings me to my next point, that you should try and avoid planting too offensively here. Try and strafe and dodge all shots, and when you’re about to die, retreat. There isn’t really a reason to play over the top offensively in heist with Tara. You should mainly play in a spot where if the opponent gets too close to the safe, you can finish him or her off quickly. When using her super, everything should be pretty self explanatory. Like in offense, try and clump up two or three brawlers, and then get a Barley or a Dynamike to finish them off.

In a nutshell, Tara can be used in offense, but there are better game modes to use her in. Also, always try and clump up opponents with your super, so your Dynamike or your Barley can finish them off.


Bounty is one of the game modes that using Tara is the easiest in. You could say that Tara is pretty similar to shelly, at least her main attack is. So, when using Tara, try and always do quick in and outs, finishing opponents off, and damaging them for others to finish them off. Tara is decently good on 1v1s, so when stuck in a 1v1, it should be easy enough to win it. But when attacking more than one opponent, I don’t recommend trying to kill them both, because after all, unlike Bull, Tara only has 700 health. So, using Tara too offensively is not a good idea, just like in heist, really, this should go for any game mode, I can’t stress enough that you should always use Tara’s super to clump up more than one opponent. This will let your Barley, Dynamike, Shelly, Crow, Spike, really almost any character, including yourself, finish them off. So, a quick recap of all I just wrote is that you shouldn’t play too offensive with Tara, only if on 1v1, due to decently low health. Also, always use her super to clump up opponents.

Smash and Grab

In my opinion, smash and grab is the best event to use Tara in. This is because Tara can always put pressure on the opponent, forcing them away from the mine. I recommend using Tara as the team’s gem gatherer. This is because, like I already said in my advanced brawler guide with Pam, you need a character that can defend himself or herself to pick up the gems. This is because there will always be a situation where your two teammates are dead, and you need to keep moderate control of the mine. By this I mean, you can retreat, but not runaway completely. So, using a Tara or a Shelly to pick up your gems is a good idea. Also, when using Tara’s super, try to use it to clump up opponents, like I’ve stated constantly in this article. In my opinion, the 100 damage that the super does when it goes away to every opponent caught in it, is very underrated. So, if there ever is a situation where there is one or even two opponents camping behind the wall, with less than 100 health, it is a valid option to finish them off using Tara’s super. This is basically all there is to say about Tara in smash and grab. Just note that it’s not necessary to use Tara this way. If it doesn’t fit your play style, you don’t have to use her in this fashion.

Brawl Ball

Using Tara in brawl ball is very possible, but it’s not the easiest thing either. Due to Tara’s decently low health it’s hard for her to carry the ball a long distance. But like I already said, since Tara is pretty similar to Shelly, it’s not a bad idea to use her as a support character. Try and stay in front of your team’s carrier, who will probably be a Mortis, Bull or El Primo. Your main job will be to clear a path for your teammate to shoot the ball into the goal. Really, using your super should be pretty self explanatory, try and pull the opponents away from the goal with it, even if it’s only for a couple seconds, because these seconds can be game changing. There really isn’t much to say about Tara in brawl ball, because using her in brawl ball should be self-explanatory.

How To Use

Here is everything I just wrote about in a nutshell. In almost all game modes, Tara should be used like a shelly is used. This is because they have some very similar characteristics, for example their main attack. Tara is a decently well rounded character, but I’d be expecting a buff soon, because she is hard to use in the meta. This is mainly because Shelly is almost always a better choice than Tara is. But this doesn’t mean that Shelly is a direct replacement for Tara. The main reason why Tara stands out is because her super is very unique. In any game mode, except for showdown, you want to use Tara’s super a certain way. The way that you want to use this super is that you want to try and clump up hopefully two opponents, and with another character, preferably a Barley or Dynmaike, you can finish them of very quickly. That’s basically all there is to say about Tara, since her main attack is very self-explanatory.