What’s in the cards for you? This mystic from a far land has come to read your fortune. It simply says “DEFEAT”.

Tara is a medium range brawler with mediocre health, relatively high damage at close range and relatively low damage at longer range. The key to playing Tara is understanding when to use your super, as it can turn the game around all by itself if used correctly. You usually want to save your super until two or more opponents get relatively close to each other, kill both of them when they are clumped up, rinse and repeat. Using this combo usually almost loads another super all by itself. You want to aim precisely in the center of your black hole. As stated above you usually want to save it for multiple opponents, not always. For example: in Gem Grab the opposing team has 10 gems and your team is losing, but you managed to get close to the opponent with 8 gems. Use your super. Even if it’s not used to bring them close to you. Getting them near a teammate can mean real trouble for the opposing team. Also your super is quite situational, don’t just blindly use it as soon as you get it. Have patience and wait for just the right time. The rest of Tara’s playstyle is pretty self explanatory. You want to play her more like a Shelly rather than a Bull as both Tara and Shelly have the same amount of health. They also have relatively similar ranges and equally high damage at close range.

You want to hide in bushes and obstacles to be able to get close to opponents and deal a lot of damage, you don’t really want to attempt to get close to them by constantly dodging in an open field, as that can backfire quite easily once their teammate joins the battle or they start noticing your doding pattern and actually start hitting shots.

Star Power: Black Portal

Tara’s Super cracks open a dimensional portal! A shadowy version of Tara appears and attacks her enemies.

After Tara’s black hole explodes, and a quick shadow version of Tara appears. This shadow is melee and deals 200 damage per hit. It has 2000 health and attacks every 1 second. The shadow moves at approximately the same speed as Crow.

Buying her star power isn’t recommended, as it has little to no impact on gameplay, it acts more like a tool to keep your from regening health. It can be useful, but isn’t most of the time.

Stats and Upgrades

Health: 3200 – 4480

Damage per Card: 400 – 560

Total Damage: 1200 – 1680

Attack Range: 8 Tiles

Reload Speed: 2 Seconds

Super Damage: 800 – 1120

Super Range: 8 Tiles

Super Radius: 3.5 Tiles

Hits to Charge Super: 11 Cards

  • Every upgrade increases her health by 160
  • Every upgrade increases her damage per card by 20
  • Every upgrade increases her super damage by 40

Game Modes

Bounty: Good

Tara is a pretty decent option for bounty, she can shine on maps like Terracotta Square and Outlaw Camp due to her massive damage at close range. She’s decent in maps like Star Gulch and Temple Ruins. I wouldn’t suggest her for Snake Prairie and Shooting Star. Playing Tara in bounty you want to be seeking cover. Walls can make it easier for you to approach enemies and shred them once you’re close enough. With Tara you never want to use your super to break some walls or grass. It’s always best saved to be used on opponents. You do not always want to save your super to use on two or more enemies at a time. Using it just on one enemy can be really rewarding, as getting opponents sucked into your super will often be a free kill. It will usually restore over half of your super back. You often don’t want to play too aggressively until you get your super, as Tara really doesn’t compete well against other brawlers. For example without your super it’s practically impossible to beat Shelly one on one. Or it can make it easier to approach long range brawlers like Brock or Ricochet. Sometimes it can be good to use your super even if the enemy isn’t being dragged towards you, sometimes it can be useful to drag an opponent into your two teammates while you take care of another opponent. But as stated above, never get too aggressive without your super.

Gem Grab: Great

Tara is great in Gem Grab mainly due to her ability to turn games around using her super, weather it’s from a last second team kill or pulling their gem carrier over, her super can turn games around. With Tara in Gem Grab you want to be playing an agro role, you want to keep going aggressive making it difficult for the opposing team to advance up the map. You often never want to pick up gems, but if you have to, do not play too aggressive. If you get 1 or 2 gems, it can be fine, but anything more than 4 gems can be a huge risk. If you have more than 4 gems, you want to stay closer to your teammates. If you’re losing the match you want to save your super for a potential team kill, as that can be an easy way of turning the entire game around. If you can’t get the entire team though, try to focus on getting their gem carrier. As always, use walls and bushes to your advantage, and do not use your super to break walls. When you have your opponents spawn trapped, you usually want to stay behind a wall, keeping them back and killing their entire team over and over again. Of course, you also rely on your teammates to get into a situation like this, but still. Never try approaching opponents in an open field.

Heist: Mediocre

Tara isn’t the best at heist. Mainly because she’s not the best at defending, and she isn’t really useful when attacking either. With her you mainly want to focus on defense, as your super can really stop opponents in their tracks.

With her you almost never want to be attacking the safe, even if your team has a huge push in the opponent’s base. Her low DPS really makes it hard to deal a lot of damage, if you get a push in their base you want to focus on killing opponents instead, don’t let them get close to your teammates. For example let’s take your team composition is Tara, Colt and Mike. You as a Tara want to focus on killing the opponents, with a little help from your teammates of course. You do all that while Colt and Mike devastate the opponent’s safe. When going on defense with her it can be a good idea prioritizing squishy brawlers like Colt and Barley, as Tara doesn’t match up well against tanks like Darryl. Getting rid of their DPS brawlers like a Colt can make defending much easier. Often times when alone in the enemy base it can be a good idea to prioritize killing the opponents instead of going all out on the safe, as Tara will really deal a maximum of 6000 damage before dying. Killing opponents or spawn trapping them can make it easier for your teammates to move up and deal devastating damage to the safe.

Brawl Ball: Good

Tara can be really useful in Brawl Ball, as her ability to quickly get rid of opponents with her super can make it easier to advance up the map. With Tara in Brawl Ball you never want to keep the ball, as Tara’s main role here should be to deal damage. It can be smart to bring someone else like a Mortis or El Primo to be your team’s ball carrier.

Here you will in the majority of times want to use your super to kill at least two opponents at once. Sometimes when you have a clear shot at their goal it can be useful to use your super to kick the ball farther, her super isn’t something you always want to save in a mode like this. Often times when both teams are dead and you’re right next to the ball, it can be useful to stay hidden around the ball and wait for your teammates to come back. You’re really not going to be able to score a goal on your own, but sometimes this tactic can result in kills on unsuspecting opponents. Even though breaking the walls in front of the goal are quite essential in this mode, I still wouldn’t advise using your super to break those walls.

Solo/Duo Showdown: Good

Tara is really good in showdown. Her ability to penetrate through targets can make getting multiple boxes at once easier, and her super can be very useful in taking out big teams. With Tara in showdown often times you want to save your super until you make it into the top three, as a lot of the kills you can get with Tara in showdown is by pushing opponents into other opponents. If you can’t find a teammate, it’s smart to hide for the majority of the match, until the map becomes small enough so that Tara can get and hit a lot of shots easily. Once you get a couple powerups, it’s good to go find someone to team with. If you end up in a big team never use your super on opponents, save it to demolish the entire team when the team is all that’s left. You want to be careful, as not many people trust Tara as a teammate due to it being easy for her to betray pretty much anyone with or without her super.

Boss Fight: Great

Tara shines in Boss Fight because she’s just great at both being the Boss and playing against it. As the Boss you want to keep hiding and saving your super to use on more than two opponents at once, you want to be careful not to destroy your own cover, as that can be a crucial mistake on a lot of occasions. Against the Boss it’s smart to save your super until a couple of teammates are with you. Then you use it on the Boss and drag it to a spot where all of you can hit it, a single successful push like this can potentially get rid of over 20% of the Boss’s health. It’s also a good tactic to use your super to try and corner the Boss, as that can make it difficult for them to escape. Allowing you to potentially deal a lot of damage.

Robo Rumble: Bad

Tara isn’t that good in Robo Rumble. Mainly because it’s difficult to kill all the robots during the later waves thanks to her low DPS. She can be useful for the beginning waves, until about the second Boss. Then the robots just start having too much health for her to be useful. As Tara in Robo Rumble you want to be staying with one of your teammates, preferably a thrower, while another teammate like Colt or Ricochet stays on the other lane. The reason for this is that your super can be very powerful in combination with the thrower. Since both Tara and throwers have relatively low DPS but high burst damage, the two of them paired up together can be very useful. All the while Colt or Ricochet should be able to hold off the other lane with their insanely high DPS. You want to be saving your supers for the Boss up until the second one, then it’s smart to use your super on clusters of robots. The reasoning for this is that after the second Boss the robots just have too much health, so killing them all at once with AoE is way better and faster than killing them one by one. With Tara you typically won’t last very long, just because having a third DPS brawler can be more useful than clustering the bots up in the later waves.

Best Team Comps 

Hyper Offense: Tara, Tank, Ricochet/Colt

*Don’t use this on Heist or Robo Rumble.

Tara will try to disrupt any enemy formation or provide aid to either Ricochet/Colt or a tank. Ricochet/Colt will act as a long distance damager, the tank will protect his team. Never go on your own, try to always stay together and attack in a group, but don’t get too close of each other as there are many attacks that can deal damage to multiple enemies.

In-Bush Prey: Ricochet, Maxed Bo, and Tara

Bo is the main focus on this strategy, as his increased vision allows him to see a lot of things inside bushes, use this to ambush people. Ricochet and Tara should always be around Bo, Ricochet providing help at long range and Tara ambushing people.