This strange desert dweller is the last of his kind. Or is he…?


Health – 600

Attack – 120 per spike

Super – 100 per second

Rarity – Legendary

Skins – Default, Pinky


Although extremely rare to get, Spike is one of the easiest Brawlers to use. He is also one of the most powerful Brawlers, alongside with the now King of Showdown Dynamike and his precedent Shelly. His attack is pretty good and can take down most Brawlers with 4 shots, and even though he has low health he will usually be avoided.



In my opinion, Spike is one of the best Brawlers to use in Showdown. Unfortunately, there’s many that disagree. Well, let me teach you how to play Spike at a Showdown match. The first thing you want to do is to get as much Elixir as possible if you see other Brawlers attack them as much as possible, but make sure to flee if the enemy is a Shelly, Piper, Bull, or El Primo. You can defeat every single other Brawler, but these four are a special case. These Brawlers can help fill your Super and then they can be easily trapped by Spike’s Super which deals 100 damage per second, so you will just need to take care of what remains of your enemy’s hit points.

When playing Spike, you shouldn’t team up because you can be easily backstabbed by them. The only reason why you should team up is so that they ignore you and you can escape. If you have low health, it is most likely they will try to finish you, so hide in the bushes and avoid any Brawler, no matter their health and the damage they deal. When playing Spike, you will usually end up in Rank 5 or above. The odds of you defeating Bull or El Primo if they are the last Brawler remaining are pretty slim since they will probably have 7+ Elixir which means that two hits, if not one, will probably destroy you. In conclusion, Spike should be used carefully against bulky Brawlers, but otherwise is a good Brawler for Showdown.


Offense: Spike can be pretty efficient when playing offense at a Heist match. Hide behind a tank like usual, and just let Bull or El Primo take the hits while you attack the safe. When hitting the safe, you want to also assist your teammates, so try hit both the safe and opposing Brawlers. With the help of your teammates, you can destroy the safe very easily. When struggling to get to the safe, or when going against Barley or Dynamike, try to sneak up on them and obliterate them with your spikes. If you have your Super, you want to try to hit all three enemies and then quickly deal damage to the safe while your enemies are dead. While they are respawning, ignore them as much as you can, but also try to avoid their attacks – if they are targeting you. Try to have your teammates serve as a distraction for the defense so that you can take care of the safe.

Defense: Spike can be deadly for defense as well. You should play him just like you do on offense, except that instead of attacking the safe, you want to attack opposing Brawlers. Try to trap all of them with your Super and remember to hide behind walls or in the bushes as you deal damage. If they manage to get to the safe, you want to avoid their shots and try to hit them yourself and since your Super fills up quickly, you can easily counter them with Stick Around.


Bounty is the hardest mode to play Spike, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It is actually not a good idea to use Spike on Bounty since he can be killed easily and means easy stars for your enemies. The most effective way to use him is as support, because of his low health. You don’t want to be carrying all the Stars as Spike since he can be easily defeated and the opposing team can make a comeback if you were winning. Instead, always be with another Brawler, preferably more bulky than Spike and help them get the kills, just by assisting them. In case that you do end up with a huge bounty on your head, just try to hide as most as you can, so that the enemies can’t easily make a comeback. Don’t worry though, you have your teammates in case of emergency.

Smash and Grab

In Smash and Grab, Spike serves best as the hunter. What I mean by that is that Spike can hide in the bushes close to the mine and attack whoever goes to get them. Once his Super is available, you can use it to trap Mortis or any other Brawler. Just like Bo, Spike’s Super can be used as a trap. Just like in Bounty, you don’t want to be the one carrying the gems if you are playing as Spike unless you are sure that your allies are defending you.

How To Use

Spike’s main advantages are that he has extended reach (due to the nature of his spikes) and his ability to control areas and damage all targets in a large area. He is very effective in taking out low health brawlers while they are retreating. A trick with Spike is that since every spike originates from a given point (unlike Crow whose knives originate around him) it is possible to deal a whopping 720 damage with one attack, though this is very unlikely. Spike should always try to land his attacks near the target for the chance of two or more spikes hitting the target at the same time.