Shotgun Shelly loves to run and gun! Her trusty boomstick makes sure no one gets in her way.

Shelly is the first Brawler unlocked in the game, making her first appearance at the tutorial stage. She is able to give new players a head start, as she is powerful enough without upgrades. With her shotgun ability, Shelly is an all-time popular choice for players to use.

Star Power: Shell Shock

Shelly’s Super shells slow down enemies for 2.5 seconds!

People caught in the range of Shelly’s Super Shell are slowed down by a considerable amount. Shelly can dish out some heavy damage (kill most of the Brawlers) in that time.


Health; 3600 – 5040

Damage per shell: 300 – 420

Reload Time: 1.5 seconds

Attack Range: 7.33 tiles

Super damage per shell: 320 – 448

Super Range: 7 tiles

Speed: 720

Rarity: Starting Brawler

Skins: Default, Bandita (30 gems)

  • Every upgrade increases her health by 180
  • Every upgrade increases her damage per shell by 15
  • Every upgrade increases her super damage per shell by 16



Shelly used to dominate the Showdown mode. With her shotgun ability, she is able to get rid of low health Brawlers. With her Special, she is able to push enemies into the gas or knock them out. But with the recent outbreak of Dynamike and Barley, Shelly is becoming less popular at Showdown. Recenlty, her range was decreased and that made her less effective. But with enough skill, she’s still very powerful and a big threat.

While using Shelly in Showdown, try to stick by the bushes. But don’t stay at one place for more than few seconds. Keep running (if the area around you is clear) and smashing the power-up boxes. The power ups are very useful and with enough elixir, you’ll be able to two-shot most of the opponents when you’re close to them. Even from far, you’ll be able to take them out in a few hits.

Keep an eye for Dynamike and Barley. Both are super strong is the current meta and can easily wreck Shelly. Save your Super so that you can clear the obstacles between Dynamike/Barley and take them out easily once the obstacles are gone as they won’t be able to hide behind anything anymore. Check the Brawler to see if they’ve their Super ready. You’ve to protect yourself from their Super, so hide if you’re low on health and can’t take them out in a single hit.


When using Shelly for Heist, she has to be used with extreme caution. Shelly isn’t very good at Heist but she can still be used in the game mode. Let’s take a look at using Shelly on offense and defense individually at Heist.

Offense: On offense, Shelly’s biggest disadvantage is her range. She lacks long range and can’t damage the Safe from a distance. You’ve to make your way to the Safe slowly by hiding in bushes and moving in to attack with your team. Enemy brawlers like Dynamike and Barley can be a big threat to Shelly. Use your Super once you’re on the Safe’s side of the map and try to either distract the enemies while your teammates go to the Safe, or go to the Safe yourself. You’ll have to analyse it based on the situation and your enemies.

On defense, using Shelly is comparatively easier. You just have to keep players from getting near the Safe. Although it isn’t very easy, but it’s easier than breaking the Safe open. Try to pressurise the enemy time by going to their side of the map. Don’t let any brawler cross you. On defense, you’ve another advantage: enemies will try to reach the Safe and in turn, they’ll get closer to you.And the closer your enemy gets, the more deadly you’ll become.


Shelly is a good choice for Bounty since her attack damage is huge, especially if she gets close to her enemies. An effective strategy when using her for this mode is to have her hide behind a tank like Bull or El Primo and attack. This allows for an easier retreat and more shots. If the tank dies, have Shelly hide in bushes and reload, then go out to the battlefield once again.

If your team doesn’t have a tank, then you’ll have to use the obstacles as tanks. Once again, Dynamike and Barley will be a big problem for you. But if you are able to get near them, then you can easily kill them and earn stars for your team. Your decent health will allow you to last on the field longer and it’ll be very difficult for enemies to take you out.

Smash and Grab

Shelly is very effective in Smash and Grab. With her damage increasing as the opponents come close, Shelly can very easily dominate the gem mine. While using Shelly, try to hide in a bush near the mine, in a way which doesn’t allow ranged units to attack you. Dynamike and Barley will once again be big threat as they’ll be able to attack you easily. SO you’ve to save your Super and use it to take out Dynamike and Barley. But be careful when you use your Super, as it will break the obstacles and allow enemy units like Colt and Ricochet to attack you easily.

Brawl Ball

Shelly is very good at Brawl Ball. Because of her shotgun mechanic of doing more damage when she is closer, she is able to hold people back from her. When opponents try to attack, just get close to them and shotgun away, your 3 attacks will kill almost everything that gets close, if aimed correctly. Now don’t forget that you are fragile, so don’t try to be a hero. Wait for a team push before going in on 2 or 3 enemies, but as a group you are a great addition to the fight. Don’t forget that your super will stun players, making them lose the ball, or if used so that the widest spread touches the enemy’s wall guarding the goal, you can take out almost all of the wall.

How To Use

Shelly should be used behind a tank like Bull or El Primo. This enables her to get more hits on her opponents before she and her tank die. Having almost no weaknesses, Shelly can and has dominated the game, but that doesn’t mean she can win all by herself. Communicate with teammates and do not waste your third shot, you always want to have your last shot available, so if you shoot twice, wait and reload, but do not waste the last shot. A perfect and beautiful Shelly team is to have Shelly, Poco, and El Primo on your team. El Primo serves as the defense, Poco serves as support, and Shelly serves as the win condition.