“A former Pool Bot made obsolete by a newer model, Ricochet is banking on his amazing angle-calculation skills to become a great Brawler.”


Ricochet is a very versatile brawler with very long range, he fits well in each gamemode. His recent health nerf appeased him a bit and he’s now considered “squishy” again, but he’s still thriving on each gamemode. His bouncy bullets allow him to hit enemies behind cover while staying in cover yourself. You can easily deplete someone’s health if you find them in a narrow path, specially if you have your super ready and your star power. Thanks to your long range and quick reload time, you can outrange and beat some lower range brawlers in open space. But don’t get greedy, as not all your bullets travel in a straight line like his human counterpart Colt, but thanks to that you are almost always ensured to hit at least one bullet and deprive them from healing. Just try not to get ambushed or get too close to brawlers since your health is pretty low. Ricochet is probably the only long ranger who benefits from walls, practicing your shots and angle calculation is crucial for mastering him.

Star Power – Super Bouncy

“Ricochet’s bullets, from attack and Super alike, get supercharged by their first bounce and deal +80 damage!”

Ricochet can now deal extra damage from his main mechanic and advantage, his bouncing bullets! It may not be a lot but it can deal a lot of damage the more powered bullets you hit.

Stats and Upgrades

Health: 2400 – 3240

Damage per Bullet: 320 – 432

Attack Range: 12 Tiles

Super’s damage per Bullet: 320 – 432

Super’s Range: 18 tiles

Speed: 650 (2.5 tiles per second)

Reload Time: 1 second.

Rarity: Super Rare

Skins: Default, Gold Medalist, —

  • Each Health Pin increases his health by 60
  • Each Health Badge increases his health by 120
  • The Health Medal increases his health by 180
  • The Health Crest (available once all his medals are unlocked) increases his health by 240
  • Each Attack Pin increases his damage per bullet by 8
  • Each Attack Badge increases his damage per bullet attack by 16
  • The Attack Medal increases his damage per bullet attack by 24
  • The Attack Crest (available once all his pins are unlocked) increases his damage per bullet attack by 32
  • Each Super Pin increases his damage per bullet by 8
  • Each Super Badge increases his damage per bullet by 40
  • The Super Medal increases his damage per bullet by 60
  • The Super Crest (available once all his badges are unlocked) increases his damage per bullet by 80


Game Modes


Ricochet is a good option for Showdown, since with his fast reload speed and above average total damage he can destroy crates quickly- in four seconds without upgrades. Thanks to his range he can kill people by outranging them as long as they stay in your range and don’t get too close. Ricochet is also very “teamable” which means that people are unlikely to say no when offering to team, unless they like to play solo, however have in mind that squishies are also very “betrayable” since teaming often requires to get close and your low health is very tempting for backstabbing.

Smash & Grab

Ricochet is an average option in Smash & Grab, specially since his recent nerf (Yes I will mention this a lot). There are worse options, but there are also better ones. As always your range is good at depleting someone’s health with the time, but unless you get to a relatively close distance that can be bad, as if you kill a gem carrier it will take you, not too long, but some time to grab the gems (unless you leave it to a teammate who’s closer), and in that time an enemy can grab those gems and carry even more gems than the last gem carrier, making the late game a bit more difficult. However his long range can also at the same time make the late game easier when the enemy team is winning and has gathered 10 or more gems, as you can start reducing bits of the enemy’s health.


Ricochet is a bit of a below average Brawler. His DPS is good yes, but the fact that he can’t break walls and his low health makes him a bit underpowered.

Offense: Once your teammates have destroyed the walls, you can try to get close enough to start shooting the safe or kill the enemies so your teammates can shoot the safe more safely. Since your super can pierce, it is a good choice for trying to kill somebody and at the same time hitting the safe. Remember, always have somebody that can break walls in your team.

Defense: He is a bit better in defense since your super’s piercing effect can help you kill more than one enemy, or killing one and damaging others. Your bouncing effect also comes in handy. Since most maps are open, you can easily hit your enemies from the distance.


Probably Ricochet’s best gamemode. Many maps are open and the ones that aren’t are still good for him. With the new changes on Cabbage Patch, his bouncy shots, if maxed, can be deadly, and it still deals quite an amount of damage when not maxed. Open maps like Star Gulch and Shooting Star are also good for him as he can use his bouncy shots to hit people behind the walls in the center. Snake Prairie. He does extremely well there as long as there is a maxed bo in his team. Without him, ricochet is quite vulnerable, especially since now that tanks are more powerful and Ricochet is less powerful. He’s a great option for bounty.

Brawl Ball

Ricochet isn’t exactly bad, but he doesn’t excel here either, probably for the same reasons as in Heist, being low health and inability for breaking walls. He has decent damage output and in some maps like, Triple Dribble he can be good, but if he’s left alone he can get destroyed quickly. He can be good at stopping people from scoring as long as he’s not let alone. Same goes for trying to score. He’s not bad, but there are other options.

Boss Fight

He’s somewhat good in this game, his extremely long range and quick reload speed helps him to attack the boss while staying safe, but he’s not as good as the boss, as he is attacking it. Since you have a ⅕ chance of being the boss, you will almost always be on the side that favours you.

As an Attacker: Try to keep your distance, as you’re health is pretty low and taking damage from the boss might take you down in around three hits. Try to never lose sight of the Boss but at the same time always staying in range. You’re almost always going to be an attacker.

As a Boss: Your health is bad, but with your quick reload speed and the reload buff the boss gets you’ll be a machine gun. Try to keep your distance and not letting anybody get close enough.

Robo Rumble

As a member of the current best strategy at Robo Rumble, Rico is an excellent choice for this mode, especially since you can hit bots behind walls, and walls are indestructible. Even after his recent nerf and the map changes in Robo Rumble, he is still very powerful in it. Since the robots don’t dodge bullets, your super will almost always hit with all your bullets, but remember that your super charges slower so don’t waste it on trying to defeat a single bot, specially if you’re close to the next boss wave (every seven waves there’s a boss wave).

Best Team Comps

Hyper Offense

*Don’t use this on Heist or Robo Rumble.

Ricochet, a tank (Shelly, Bull, El Primo, or Darryl) and a mid ranger (Tara, Spike, a thrower, or Colt): Ricochet will act as a long distance damager, the tank will protect his team, and the mid ranger will try to disrupt any enemy formation or provide aid to either Ricochet or a tank. Never go on your own, try to always stay together and attack in a group, but don’t get too close of each other as there are many attacks that can deal damage to multiple enemies.

Rumble Royals

(Due to the recent changes in the maps, this strategy only applies to Steel Junction, at least for now)

Ricochet, Barley, and Dynamike: Barley and Dynamike take on the sides and Ricochet the center. Ricochet can provide aid to a teammate if needed thanks to his bouncy bullets. If Dynamike has his star power he can jump from one side to another to also provide aid.

In-Bush Prey

(For Outlaw Camp and Snake Prairie only)

Ricochet, Maxed Bo, and a tank (Shelly, Bull, El Primo, or Darryl): Bo is the main focus on this strategy, as his increased vision allows him to see a lot of things inside bushes, use this to ambush people. Ricochet and the tank should always be around Bo, Ricochet providing help at long range and the tank ambushing people.

Universal Combo

Ricochet, Colt, and a thrower (Barley, Dynamike): This team can work on any gamemode as each member’s role can change across gamemodes and maps.


Literally everything by DeathBoo
Edited by Natriks