Guide made by DankSkillz


After losing his fans to a rival band, Poco fills every waking moment trying to find the perfect riff to win it all back.


  • Health – 800
  • Damage – 160
  • Super – Heals nearby by allies, giving them a 460 HP boost
  • Speed – 650
  • Rarity – Super Rare
  • Skins – Default


Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
HP 800 840 880 920 960 1000


Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
DMG 160 168 176 184 192 200


Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Heal 460 483 506 529 552 575

Upgrade Priority

When upgrading Poco you should upgrade in the following order:

Attack, Health, Super


We have seen a decrease in usage with Poco lately, mainly because of his nerf. What many people don’t realize though, is that Poco is still a good Brawler. That being said, Poco needs to be used correctly in order to be effective nowadays. Nonetheless, this Brawler has tons of potential. Poco is a support Brawler, with decent damage dealing capability. He is easier to use than some of the brawlers, but to be the best brawler out there, you have to use Poco very carefully.



Poco isn’t the best Brawler in Showdown, but he certainly isn’t the worst either. In other words, Poco is a decent and usable Brawler in Showdown. Using Poco, you’ve to stay out of the radar of the stronger foes like Shelly and Bull. You will usually want to stay in the outskirts. Hide in bushes a lot, because they will help you survive longer in the battlefield. Don’t be greedy and rush to power-up boxes; most of the times, you’ll find an enemy brawler nearby.

Make sure that no one is near power-up boxes by creating your melody waves nearby the box. If you find any enemy hiding, run away unless it’s weakened. With Poco, it’ll be very difficult for you to defeat enemy brawlers with long range. If the enemy is an El Primo, then run and keep on hitting him with your sound waves. Don’t let El Primo get close to you because then you’ll only have one option – die! Make sure you don’t run into dead ends because then it’ll allow the enemy Brawler to reach near you and take you out.

Using your Super effectively is very important. The awesome ability of healing, exclusive to Poco, Mortis, and, in a way, Pam, helps save the day. Do not use your Super to heal yourself when you’re away from threats. Save it and use it only when you need it the most. Fighting enemy Brawlers can become easier if you’ve your Super charged, as it is most cases.

Smash & Grab

Poco is by far the “monster” in Smash & Grab. With his area/splash damage, Poco can deal severe damage, preventing the enemy team from gaining crystals. In Smash & Grab, you prioritize defense just like offense. As the saying goes ¨A great offense is a good defense.¨

Generally, when using Poco, you want to try and pick up as many gems as possible. Poco’s main role in the event depends on the team, but most of the time, it’s supporting role. Picking up gems with Poco is good because as Poco, you have a very high chance of healing yourself in case of adversity. Try to push together with your team.

If you’re playing with Mortis, let him collect the gems. He’s arguably better than Poco at collecting the gems and quickly running away. Stay close to him though, as he might need your help often. As a general rule, stay near your teammate with the most gems.

Your Super is very important in this game mode too. You can protect yourself and your team many times from the face of death. Try to attack as many enemies as possible as it’ll allow you to charge up your Super quicker and use it more often


In Bounty, Poco is a good choice. When having max damage, Poco can rack up to a whopping 600 damage on multiple foes. Stay back though; your role is supporting. With Poco’s Super, you can clutch multiple games.

With his awesome AoE damage mechanism and the healing factor, Poco becomes a force to be reckoned with in Bounty. Poco is a support brawler and he has to protect his team from trouble with his heal. When you’re up against weak Brawlers like Ricochet, Dynamike, Piper (when near her), go ahead and start attacking them. But make sure you move in a random motion so they can’t hit you. Your classy damage and decent health will enable you to survive long enough to defeat them.

Poco’s Super is very important in Bounty. You’ve to protect your team often and therefore you should not waste your Super. Use it effectively when your team needs it the most. Stay with your team most of the times. Poco is very versatile in Bounty as he can both damage the opponents and save your allies effectively.


Heist is Poco’s worst game mode. With low DPS and low range, Poco gets destroyed by Dynamike, Barley (area damage), Brock, and Colt (long range).

On offense, the main objective is to get to the safe and damage it no matter what. The amount of damage you did doesn’t matter; all that matters is the health of the Safe. It seems that Poco’s heal will help your allies survive longer and inflict more damage to the Safe, but the main problem is Poco won’t be able to stay near his teammates.

On defense, you must protect the safe at all costs. Sadly Poco’s heal doesn’t restore health to the safe; so Poco isn’t the best choice for Heist.

Even with these disadvantages, if you decide on using Poco in Heist, then make sure you keep on moving in a random direction. Don’t stand at one point or else you’ll be bombarded with Brock’s rockets. Attack your enemies whenever you get time and stay with your team. Help them create pressure on the enemy. Remember that you won’t be able to much damage to the Safe, so help your team do it more effectively by even sacrificing yourself if you need to.

Brawl Ball

Finally to the final game mode, Brawl Ball. Poco shocked the whole Brawl Stars community on how powerful he is in this game mode. Especially since everyone gathers at the Ball, as Poco can use his splash damage and hit everyone!

When using Poco in Brawl Ball don’t pick up the ball. Wait for the enemy team to pick it up and start dealing massive damage.Attack the opposing team when they are in groups to make most out of your attack. Always stick next to your teammate since you will usually have a Bull or Primo to tank for you.

Once you got your super let your tank run the ball to the goal, at the precise moment heal them and they will score (if the wall is open).

How To Use (Tips & Strategies)

Poco is a great support-type brawler, with capabilities to both defend and attack. He has a unique Super that heals not only himself but his allies as well. Poco has an amazing AoE damage mechanism. While using Poco, you’ll want to pick up easier targets first. Try to attack enemies at every chance you get so you quickly charge your Super. You can attack multiple targets at once because of your large melodious radius.

You shall use Poco in SnG, Brawl Ball and Bounty generally, as he’s a beast in those three modes. He’s kind of weak and underpowered in Heist and Showdown, so I’d suggest you to not use Poco often in these modes. In every game mode (except Showdown, of course), try to stay with your team but watch out for AoE attackers like Barley and Dynamike as they can defeat your whole team at once if you all let your guard down. Try to stick to the bushes most of the and attack every time you get a chance. Poco is a strong brawler and can win many one-on-one battles if used cautiously.