Piper de la Prim is always the Belle of the Brawl. All class to begin with, she was also top of her class at sharpshooting.


Health – 600

Attack – 130 | 420

Super – 200 per grenade

Rarity – Epic

Skins – Default


Piper is one of the best brawlers. She can be very annoying to counter for some people because of the current meta. Her attack mechanism allows her to do more damage the further she is and it’s exactly what the current meta favours. Ranged units have a massive advantage over the melee El Primo and low range brawlers like Bull and Nita.



Piper is actually very weak in Showdown which is dominated by Dynamike and Barley. The main problem with Piper in Showdown is that there is no team to support her. Also, enemies often get very close to each other in Showdown matches, and thus Piper can’t deal much damage to the enemies and is killed easily. Even then if you decide to use Piper in Showdown, then you’ve to make sure you stay away from your enemies and target them every time you get a chance. Don’t form teams with others because they can betray you easily. Use your Super very efficiently, because it can help you get away from enemies in a lot of tough situations.


Offense: Contrary to popular belief, Piper is pretty strong in Heist. She has long range, can deal massive damage and has an awesome Super to save her in bad situations. With her large range, she can cover the crowd pretty easily and her massive damage can defeat enemies quickly. The only downside of Piper in Heist is that she can break open the walls protecting the Safe until she gets pretty close to it, which is kinda difficult. But with the perfect team, she can shine brightly in Heist on offense.

Defense: She is somewhat bad when it comes to defense in Heist because of her low health and low damage when enemies are nearby. Her range and massive damage inflicting capabilities can be very useful only if she has a good team to support her. Her team should have brawlers like Barley who can continue exerting pressure on the enemies and forcing them to stay away from the Safe. Spike, Barley and Piper is a pretty strong combination in Heist.

In a nutshell, although Piper is usable in Heist, you’ll see her very rarely because there are better options like Barley and Colt to use in Heist.


Piper can be rightly crowned as the Queen of Bounty. She’s very powerful foe in Bounty game mode as her main ability is to deal massive damage and kill opponents which she does awesomely with her huge damage and range. While using Piper, try to hide in bushes where you have a lot of places to hide and can even target enemy brawlers easily. Try to position your shots accurately because that’s the key to using her.

But make sure you defend good in Bounty. You’ll be getting a lot of kills in Bounty with Piper if you play her right and you definitely don’t want others to kill you and gain a huge number of stars. Try to hide behind obstacles, position you shots correctly and don’t waste you super. If you do this all right, then no one can defeat you in Bounty. 🙂

Smash and Grab

Piper is a beast in SnG as well. Her high damage and range makes it easy for her to target the enemies. She can kill most of the brawlers in three shots or less and thus you can control the gem mine area pretty easily. Along with Jessie’s turret and Mortis’ quick gem grabbing skills, you can become invincible in SnG while using Piper.

While using Piper is SnG, try to stay away from gems as much as possible. Let a tankier unit like Mortis or El Primo to grab the gems as they are comparatively difficult to kill. But if none of your teammates are nearby, then you gotta grab the gems. Just like in Bounty, you should hide and shoot your enemies with accuracy.

Brawl Ball

Umm, I’ll be honest here and say that I’ve no idea how good Piper is in Brawl Ball. I haven’t played with Piper in the game mode yet and I don’t wanna lie to you. But I’ll try to update this post as soon as possible with the tips to use Piper in this game mode. Maybe we may post a collective post with all the brawlers and tips to use them in Brawl Ball.

How To Use

Despite her popularity, using Piper isn’t very easy. You need to have a great aim and accuracy to get kills with Piper. Piper’s shot goes very fast and you should remember this. When enemies are running, then shoot somewhere near them (in the direction they are running) because her shot is pretty fast. Also remember to not waste your Super. Even if you have a fully charged Super and are getting more kills, then also control yourself and don’t be greedy. Use her Super only when you’re near the enemies and need to escape or damage the enemies if they are in the grenade range.