“Pam is an iron-willed lady who keeps the extended Junker family in order.”


Pam, formerly known as Mama J, is a versatile Brawler that fits in almost any team comp, even with randoms, although close to useless in modes like Brawl Ball. If placed behind a wall, Mama’s Kiss (her turret) can provide excessive value, making her and her teammates close to being immortals. She is dangerous to squishy Brawlers and annoying to all of her enemies, especially with the help of her teammates. She is the best support Brawler in the game, even those she supports become her support.

That being said, Pam’s a great support character because she can apply a lot of pressure to her opponents and this will often help your teammates do what they must to end the game victorious. Being one of my favorite characters, I believe that if you play her this way, she’ll be your favorite as well.

Star Power – Mama’s Hug

Whenever Pam hits enemies with Scrapstorm, she heals herself and nearby friendly Brawlers for 30 health.

Stats and Upgrades

Health: 4200 – 5670

Damage per Bullet: 160 – 216

Bullets per attack: 9

Super’s healing per second: 320 – 432

Heal Station’s health: 2800 – 3870

Speed: 650 (2.5 tiles per second)

Reload Time: 1.2 second.

Rarity: Epic

Skins: Default, —, —

  • Each Health Pinincreases her health by 105.
  • Each Health Badge increases her health by 210.
  • The Health Medal increases her health by 315.
  • The Health Crest (available once all pins are unlocked) increases her health by 420.
  • Each Attack Pin increases her attack damage by 4 per bullet.
  • Each Attack Badge increases her attack damage by 8 per bullet.
  • The Attack Medal increases her attack damage by 12 per bullet.
  • The Attack Crest (available once all medals are unlocked) increases her attack damage by 16 per bullet.
  • Each Super Pin increases her turret’s health by 70 and increases the turret’s healing per second by 8.
  • Each Super Badge increases her turret’s health by 140 and increases the turret’s healing per second by 16.
  • The Super Medal increases her turret’s health by 210 and increases the turret’s healing per second by 24.
  • The Super Crest (available once all badges are unlocked) increases her turret’s health by 280 and increases the healing per second by 32.

Upgrade Priority

Health -> Super -> Attack

Game Modes

Showdown – Great

Pam is extremely good in Showdown because of her high hit points, especially if she’s maxed, as she can heal herself by attacking enemies. This way, Pam can attack and heal at the same time without having to fully retreat. Her attack as a maxed Brawler is high enough for her to destroy boxes quickly, and as her stats will increase when obtaining the elixir, each time she destroys another box it will be faster and faster. Pam is really good against Brawlers like Bull, Darryl, Shelly and El Primo. Of course, like with almost any other Brawler, you want to be at a reasonable distance from them so they can’t fight back. You might also want to avoid playing against throwers, as they can deal chip damage and defeat you over time if hiding behind walls.

Smash and Grab – Great

Pam was built for SnG. She’s a natural gem carrier because of her high hit points, and she can use her healing turret to take over the middle area and heal herself and her teammates while they defend. When playing Pam, you usually want to get your healing turret in the field as fast as possible, usually behind a wall from your side of the map, so it won’t get hurt. Don’t be afraid to take some hits. Don’t play too aggressively to the point where you are going to your enemies’ side of the map, unless truly necessary like an enemy countdown or something.

Heist – Bad

The thing about Pam in Heist is that… she isn’t that good. In a game mode dominated by throwers and filled with walls, there really isn’t a whole lot Pam can do… not even use her healing turret as it can quickly be destroyed by Dynamike or Barley. The only way I see Pam being good as in Heist is if she’s as a distraction, tanking for her allies as they wreck the safe, but even then she can be killed very easily. Avoid using her in this gamemode; she isn’t’ good as an Attacker or as Defender.

Bounty – Good

Pam isn’t great at Bounty, but she can certainly be used in this game mode. She’s a tank, so that’s a plus. She has a healing turret, that’s another advantage. If you can find a perfect placement for the turret, and tank for your teammates while they kill, you can end the match victorious. A good strategy is to allow your teammates to deal damage and then have Pam kill the weakened Brawlers so that she can have the stars. Being a tank, she will be harder to kill than a Colt or a Ricochet.

Brawl Ball – Good

Pam’s turret will not help you at all during the fast-paced match, as you will be running all over the map. You might want to place the turret somewhere in the middle. Her regular attack will help, but she isn’t that fast and  will usually not score a goal. The best you can do in this mode is to serve as a tank for your teammates and be somewhat of a goalie when the opponents have the ball. You can also try applying pressure to enemies and helping allies get the ball to the goal.

Boss Fight

Pam is really strong in Boss Fight, as she can actually heal with her turret and if she’s maxed. She can just run all over the map, hitting the Attackers and healing herself and see how long she can last. As an Attacker, she can heal her teammates so you can take down the boss a bit quicker. Overall, a really good choice as either the Boss or the Attackers.

Robo Rumble

Despite what many say, Pam is a really good Brawler to play in Robo Rumble. The best place to place her turret would be right in front of the safe, so it can serve as both a healing station for you and your allies, and an extra shield for the safe. If she’s maxed, she can play extremely aggressively towards the robots, and while she will take damage, she will also heal herself and her teammates. The downside of playing Pam in this mode is her attack damage. It’s not that great so she will have to rely on her allies, and the longer the match, the more robots will spawn, and the harder it will be for Pam to depend on her teammates. She’s a decent choice for Robo Rumble, and if your main Brawler is Pam (like me), then you will last a good time in this brand new mode, like in Boss Fight.

Team Comps

We will talk about some awesome team compositions with Pam in brief. Detailed guides on individual team compositions will be posted later on the blog.

Poco | Pam | Spike

Having two healers in your team is always a good option, especially in SnG. Spike serves as your distraction while you or Poco take the gems and retreat.

Jessie | Pam | Rico/Colt

Jessie’s turret is able to quickly take over the mine in SnG, as you might have already know. Pam, as stated earlier, is also a beast in Smash and Grab, and Scrappy can be used to protect Mama J’s turret. Colt or Rico… or a long range Brawler, can obliterate those  who are trying to get to the mine from afar. This comp can also work in Bounty.

Pam | Tara | Dynamike/Barley

Especially effective in SnG, this comp can also work in Brawl Ball. What makes the comp so devastating is the Tara/Dyna (or Barley) combo. Pam’s turret always helps, and if you can get it on the map fast enough, you can quickly take over the mine or any other choke point in the other game modes.