“Pam is an iron-willed lady who keeps the extended Junker family in order.”


Health: 1000

Attack: 40 per piece of scrap metal (Scrapstorm) Super: 900 health / 80 healing per second (Mama’s Kiss)

Speed: 650

Rarity: Epic


Pam is a very versatile Brawler, especially when it comes to her healing station. This station is what makes her very unique, as she is the only Brawler with a healing Super, except for Poco. Pam can also cover a very large spread, when it comes to her main attack. Overall, Pam is a Brawler that if you learn every way that you can use her, to her full potential, she will become unstoppable.



Using Pam in Showdown is a challenge for a number of reasons. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have success with her in Showdown, but it does mean that you will have a hard time finding it.

In my opinion, the biggest problem with Pam in Showdown is that her Super offers very little value. This is because Showdown is a game mode where you always want to move around, so that you never get cornered. Also, while Pam’s Super may offer her a little bit of health, it really doesn’t make that much of a difference, especially when facing an El Primo, Shelly or Bull.

Another problem with Pam and Showdown is that even though Pam’s attack does deal significant damage to the elixir boxes, it takes a long time for her to finish them off. This is because Pam’s attack is one of the slowest in the game, so you won’t be able to accumulate a lot of elixir in Showdown. Finally, the last reason why Pam wouldn’t be the best choice for Showdown is that her 1v1 ability is basically nonexistent. Pam’s main attack has a very wide spread, as I already mentioned before, which makes it hard for her to deal damage in a certain area. Therefore, unless you’re face to face with your opponent, it’s impossible to take him or her down.



Offense – Pam is not a good choice for Heist, especially when playing offense. In defense, Pam will be virtually useless.

The first of many reasons of this is because Pam’s attack has very little range. While it offers a nice spread, the range on Pam’s attack remains very short.

Also, Pam will have a lot of trouble beating Barley or Dynamike, the two main choices in Heist, because they outrange her, and they also have the ability to shoot over walls, which makes it impossible for Pam to get close to them.

In heist Pam’s Super will be completely useless because it’s only a good idea to use it in the safe’s area, but when you manage to put it there, it will get completely destroyed by the defenders, rendering it useless.

Defense – Pam’s ability in the defending team in Heist is a little bit better than her abilities when playing offense, but Pam is still not the best choice for defense.

As I stated earlier, Pam has very little range, so it’s hard to kill any of the attackers unless you’re close to them. Pam’s attack would mainly be used here to try and stop attackers from entering a certain area because of it’s spread.

In defense, Pam’s ability will offer more value than in offense, especially if you place it in a strategic place like the wall in front of the safe, so that your Barley or Dynamike will have a little safe zone to shoot from.

Still, Pam’s ability is not the best for defense, because when facing an ability like Barley’s it will not offer enough healing value to save you.

All in all, unless you want to gamble to try and get picked for the defensive team, Pam is not a good choice in Heist.


Bounty is one of the two game modes where Pam excels in. For Bounty, you want to use Pam as a tank that pushes the opponent backward.

You can use Pam’s main attack here to chip away at your opponent’s health, stopping them from gaining health. When you get your Super, you want to use it behind a wall, so that the opponents wont be able to reach it, and because the healing aura goes through walls. So, while whatever sniper you’re using can snipe in front of the wall, the healing station will be safely protected by the wall.

You shouldn’t worry too much about dying with Pam, because you likely won’t kill many Brawlers anyway. Basically, all Pam should be used as is a constant nagging player that always chips away at your opponent’s health. Chip damage.


Smash & Grab

Smash & Grab is the second game mode Pam excels in. Just as in Bounty, you should not concentrate too much on killing any of the opponents. You should just always try and chip away at the opponent’s health.

Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of players use Pam as the gem collector, but in my opinion Pam should be used as the front line of attack. This is because Pam has a large amount of health, which let’s her take a large amount of shots, and still not die.

Like in Bounty, the best way to use Pam’s Super is that you want to place it behind a wall, or in a hard place for your opponents to reach. If you do that, you can maximize the healing power that comes from it. When it comes to it, if you are winning, there’s no reason to stay by the healing station. Retreat to your base if you are carrying the gems, and if you are not, then try and take as many hits as possible for the gem collector. That’s basically all there is to Pam and smash and grab.

Brawl Ball

Finally, the last game mode that we will be talking about is Brawl Ball. In Brawl Ball, Pam is an okay choice, but I’m still not a fan of picking her for this game mode.

I don’t like Pam in this game mode mainly because Pam doesn’t deal enough damage to really harm the other team’s carrier.

So, when in a defensive position, it’s hard for Pam to quickly kill the player with the ball. When it comes down to it, you could be the only remaining Brawler to kill the opponent with the ball, and if you were someone like a Shelly, this wouldn’t be a problem, but with Pam it is.

Pam isn’t all that bad, though. You should mainly try to always delay the team from going into attack, by always using Pam’s main attack to chip away. On certain maps, Pam’s Super work really well, especially if you need that last second healing on attack or on defense.

But really, like in Showdown or Heist, Brawl Ball is a game mode where you always move around. So, while Pam’s healing station will be not completely useless, it will still be hard to use it to it’s full healing potential.

How To Use

Here is everything I’ve yet written about in a nutshell.

The main reason why Pam is so unique is because she is one of two characters to have a stationary Super, and she is one of two characters to have a healing super.

Really, Pam’s super is the sole thing that make her very unique from every other Brawler. This is why you need to know how to use the Super to it’s full potential.

Pam is very good in Bounty and Smash & Grab because her healing station can be used to it’s full potential. Especially in Bounty, because even though it’s not the best idea, it’s possible to win a game by just staying in a certain area of the map. In Smash & Grab, try to chip away at the opponent’s health, preventing them from rushing in and stealing all your gems.

A problem with Pam is that her range is limited, so she will struggle trying to kill Colt, Ricochet, or Piper. However, since Pam has a very large spread she is perfect for maps with a lot of grass, and she is perfect for stopping opponents from entering a certain area of the map. Try to avoid using Pam in Showdown, and keep in mind that she isn’t the best option for Heist either. As for Brawl Ball, she is decent enough to a point where you can use her and manage to end victor.

All in all, Pam is one of the best brawlers in the game, if you know how to use her.