Health – 800 HP

Attack – 160 Damage

Super – Summons a slow moving bear which deals a 100 damage per swing and stands at a 1000 HP.

Rarity – Common

Skins – Default, Panda


Nita is a well rounded common brawler who has a solid health pool and deals decent damage with her rupture. She has decent range, allowing her to poke at most close-range brawlers without fear of retaliation. Her bear is a very unique super which comes with ample health as well as the ability to deal a lot of damage at a short range. Unfortunately, it’s slow speed and short ranged melee attack makes it nearly impossible to land any hits on enemies who are paying attention. She has practically no weaknesses, this makes her a decent pick in all game modes if played correctly.



Nita is a viable choice in showdown and can survive until the late game if she is piloted by a good player. While she does have well rounded stats, her damage and health can’t stack up to most of the Showdown meta. You’ll want to take advantage of your decent range to poke at opponents like Bull and El Primo from outside of their range, forcing them to retreat or allowing you to pick up a kill. The biggest problem character for you will be Shelly, she can match your range and she can out damage you up close. If you encounter her, your best chance of survival is to run. You can not one vs one a Shelly. Her Bear is not very useful in Showdown, it will typically be taken down quickly in a couple of shots from opponents. The best way to get value from the bear is to use it when running from an opponent to be thrown down as a buffer that will draw your pursuers attention while you escape. You will also want to save your bear for when the poisonous clouds have forced you and your competition into a small area. This will give them little space to escape the bear and allow you bear to get multiple swipes in, or force them into a corner. Finally, your bear can be used to force opponents out of bushes or to pinch opponents who are stuck on the opposite side of a rock. Overall, she is servable in this gamemode but not as strong as character like Shelly.


In Heist, Nita is a decent addition it any team. Her decent damage and health allows her to be big player in team fights. On Attack she is very versatile. If your team does not have a tank, she can throw down her bear into the chokepoint to draw the opponent attention while you and your team mates slip through. If you do have a tank, she can serve as support who takes down opponents while your team damages the safe. If you have the chance, try to toss your bear next to the safe, this will force the enemy team to immediately turn their attention to the bear or take hundred of damage to their safe. The bear can also simply serve as a disrupter, especially if it is used to flush out enemy Dynamikes and Barleys who try to dish out damage from behind cover.

On Defense Nita’s decent health pool and damage gives her the ability to take on most enemies who try to rush the safe. Her range, although not extremely long, allows her to cover the chokepoint without standing in the open for enemy snipers to take you down. Her bear can be used to cover the choke while your team heals up or to force enemies who stay behind cover into the open. Overall, she is a decent pick and is servable on any team. Her versatility makes her good solo-que character because she can adapt to your team’s composition.


Bounty is another game mode where Nita is a decent pick. She can hold her own in most one vs one scenarios, allowing her to survive for a long time with a high bounty. Her bear should be used similarly to Showdown; Place it between you and your pursuers when fleeing to force them to stop their chase to kill the bear. It should be noted that on maps like Snake Prairie where there are lots of bushes, her bear will target the nearest enemy regardless of whether or not they’re concealed in bushes. You can use this to your advantage, allowing you to find out where the nearest enemy is so that you can find and kill them. In the end her health, damage and range makes her a good addition to any bounty team.

Smash and Grab

Smash and Grab, like all of the other modes, is a mode where Nita can serve viably. Her range allows her to soften up any opponents who make a play for the gems. If a character with lots of gems dies, it is a good strategy to toss your bear directly on top of where the gems dropped. This will tank for you while you pick up the gems and will deal out huge damage to any opponent who tries to run in and grab the fallen gems. Her bears low movement speed makes it poor when chasing after the enemy team if they reach ten gems before you. In this scenario you will want to use your rupture to take down the opponents. But, you can use your bear when running from your enemies after you reach the countdown phase. You can also use the bear to hold down the gem mine for your team. Overall, Nita is a good pick in Smash and Grab and can is viable on almost every map.

Brawl Ball

Nita is arguably the best character to use in Brawl Ball. This is because of her bear, which allows you to push enemy players to unwanted positions. Position is everything in Brawl Ball, and when you can move opponents around as easily as Nita can, you are easily on your way to victory. Just use your normal attack to keep players from pushing by denying them room to run around, as well as dealing small damage to get your super. Try to get your super as fast as possible, because an early push from the enemy can be very hard to stop when you lack the damage and pushing from a bear.

How to Use

Nita is best used as a flanking character. Her good one vs one stats lets her kill off any opponents who stray too far from their team. It should be noted that her rupture penetrate opponents, this allows her to hit multiple enemies with one shot, doubling or even tripling her damage output. When flanking, if you get into a sticky situation, you can always use your bear as a distraction while you escape. You will also occasionally need a tank to take damage for you while you battle, your bear can be a stand in tank while far away from any teammates. This allows her to even win some two vs ones, because the additional body that she gets from the bear combined with her raw dps allows her to take down lots of opponents without dying. On maps where flanking is not an option, use her as a support behind a tank, similar to Shelly. This strategy is powerful but requires two players, the third slot will typically be occupied by a sniper character, leaving no slots open for utility. Nita is a character designed to be played conservatively, but never be afraid to take on an opponent of you think you can take them.