Note: This Guide follows a different format than our Advanced Brawler Guides, and it is shorter too, but it should give you as much info as the other ones have!


General Info

Mortis is, without a doubt, the game’s most unique brawler. A trait completely unique to him is his normal attack. It deals 160 (base) damage in an area, and propels Mortis a good distance foreword, with a slightly below average (slower) reload time. Mortis is the only character in the game to have a movement ability on a normal attack, making him much harder to hit. In this sense, he becomes almost a mini-tank, despite his mediocre HP of 700 (base). Your opponents will be wasting ammo missing you, meaning your team has less to worry about. He excels at jumping on squishier targets, but finds difficulty dealing with tanks and shotguns.

For reference, in a 1v1, here is a hypothetical matchup chart for Mortis compared to every other character in the game, from worst to best:

Bull– By far your worst matchup. Difficult to kill without help, can one-two shot you, and hard to play around. Avoid at all costs.

Shelly– High enough health to survive three attacks plus a super, Shelly becomes more of a threat the closer you are to her. Unfortunately, Mortis doesn’t do much at long range, so a good Shelly becomes a pretty big issue. Try to fake her out by staggering your dashes (don’t burn all of them at once), and use your super if possible. Winnable, but difficult.

El Primo– Primo is in the same category as Bull in almost all regards. High health, high damage, high threat. However, a good Mortis can win this matchup by waiting until Primo is about to attack, then dashing through him on an angle. Because his attack locks him facing a certain direction for a second or so, you can wait behind him for your attack to recharge a bit, then rinse and repeat. If worse comes to worse, just run away and let your attacks recharge. Overall, difficult, but winnable.

Barley– A Barley with a super is nothing to be scoffed at, and due to how Barley’s attacks work, throwing them at his feet results in instant damage. Beware of dashing straight into him, thinking he’ll be a pushover. At the same time, 600 health is prime for assassination, which Mortis excels at. Overall, annoying at worst.

Spike– Spike does a good job at taking away Mortis’s biggest strength, his mobility. If you’re caught without a dash or two in a Spike super, you’re not going to survive. His normal attack also deals very good damage, and is fairly easy to land close-range. However, again, 600 hp. Overall, about the same as Barley.

Nita– Attack is easy to land, Bear is hard to deal with as Mortis. However, she lacks high damage (unless you stand in front of the bear), and can be killed in a rotation or two. Overall, same as the precious two.

Piper– Piper on her own isn’t a massive threat to Mortis, unless she catches you at long range with her sniper. However, a Piper with a Bull, Shelly, or Primo protecting her is a force to be reckoned with. On top of this, if you ever do catch her without her bodyguards, she will likely have her super up, and just drift away, leaving you an unpleasant surprise in her wake. Overall, easily winnable if you catch her alone without her super, challenging otherwise.

Colt– Colt seems like a fairly easy kill for Mortis, sitting at 600 hp. However, his damage is colossal if you happen to get caught point-blank with a full round, and he can pick you off easily at long range. Overall, winnable if you’re cautious.

Jessie– Alone, Jessie is one of the easiest brawlers in the game to deal with. Low damage, mediocre health, and no escapes. However, her turret can prove problematic if you don’t have a ranged teammate to deal with it. Overall, just don’t engage her while her turret’s up, and she’s an easy kill.

Crow– While his damage is often scoffed at, Crow actually does hurt quite a bit if all three of his daggers land. On top of this, his super charges quite fast, allowing for easy getaways if Mortis gets too close. However, as with most of Mortis’s good matchups, he has 600 health, and lacks the tools to truly threaten Mortis at range. Overall, definitely winnable.

Bo– Bo is one of Mortis’s strongest matchups. Despite having a good amount of HP, his attacks are easy to dodge, he has no escapes, and Mortis is probably the best brawler in the game at setting off his mines without actually getting hit by them. Overall, pretty easy if played right.

Ricochet– Low health, mediocre reload, and no escapes make Rico a breeze for Mortis to deal with. Can deal good damage if caught unaware however, so don’t go too easy. Overall, easy kill in most cases.

Brock– Very slow reload, low health, easy to dodge attacks, and no escapes make Brock a quick and painless kill for Mortis. Be careful if he saves his attacks for close-range combat, however. Overall, very easy in almost every scenario.

Poco– Low damage, mediocre health, and no escapes, even Poco’s heal can’t save him from an advancing Mortis. Overall, a free kill 99% of the time.

Dynamike– Slow reload, low health, no escapes, and laughably easy to dodge attacks make Dynamike my pick for Mortis’s best matchup. Overall, not much more to say than that. Free kills all game.

Game Modes

Heist– Avoid at all costs. Low damage output, slow reload, and lack of wall-breaking abilities (or range of any kind, for that matter) make Mortis probably the last character you want to pick for a game of Heist.

Bounty– Squishies are abundant in Bounty, and if you’re lucky, they won’t have a Bull/Shelly/Primo guarding them, and you’ll have 7 stars in no time. Worst case scenario, jump in, hit everyone 2 times, use your super, jump out, let your team finish them off. Also getting that first star almost guaranteed is pretty nice.

Showdown– Mortis is incredibly underrated in Showdown. He can easily survive into at least the top 5 just by hiding and running away from people. Occasionally you’ll even get lucky, and an unsuspecting Barley, Colt, or Dynamike will walk past the bush you’re in and give you a free power up! Speaking of power ups, stealing them is quite easy if you know what you’re doing. After surviving the beginning, just keep avoiding everyone until a big end-game fight breaks out, then try to mop up and take the game afterwards. Quite simple really.

Smash & Grab – And now we get to Mortis’s most renowned game mode, where most of the hate for him stems from, and for good reason. He’s nearly impossible to kill if you don’t mess up pretty bad, and great at snatching Gems at opportune moments. Definitely a top pick for this game mode.