Jessie is without a doubt, a rather weak and difficult Brawler to play, mainly because of her attack mechanisms. This is not to say she is terribly bad at the game, but if you want to play Jessie, you must play with her smartly so she can be effective. This means prioritizing foes, and thinking of the perfect place to plant Scrappy, your turret. Unless they have Barley or Dynamike, place your turret on the side of a wall closer to your team.

Star Power: Energize

Jessie’s Star Power is named Energize. She modifies her shock rifle (her main attack) to recharge. Hitting a turret restores 600 of its missing health.

Stats and Upgrades

Health: 2800

Damage: 720

Reload Time: 2 seconds

Super Damage: 240

Super Health: 2800

Speed: 2.5 tiles /second (650)

Rarity: Rare

Skins: Default, Summer, Knight

Game Modes

Smash and Grab

Jessie is a great choice in SnG. Her Super, Scrappy, can deal devastating damage to opponents if placed at with precise timing and placement. In addition, when multiple enemies are at the mine, you can hit all three of them using your shock rifle main attack. Below is the perfect placement for Scrappy (ONLY when your team has already claimed and taken over the mine. Of course, you can place it on the other side on the same spot. Using this tactic, all opposing Brawlers will have to get hit (minus Barley and Dynamike).


Jessie is a good choice in bounty; she can do a bit of damage, and, once her turret is spawned, she can deal even more damage. When in Snake Prairie, place your turret as shown below when up against a Ricochet, as he will not be able to hit it without getting hit himself. Other than that, you might want to hide in bushes and wait for enemies to be close enough for you to attack with the help of your teammates. Playing Jessie in Bounty is a bit risky as she has low health, but she can be a game changer if played carefully and smartly. Try avoiding as much as possible and if you can, attack back, behind a tank.


Jessie is next to useless in Showdown with her low damage capability, requiring her to do around 10 hits just to destroy a single crate. When playing Jessie in Showdown, you should try to stay away from the main fight and should just try to destroy the crates towards the outskirts of the map. Her advantage is that since her shots bounce to the nearest target, she can find nearby enemies and crates by tracking where her shots bounce toward. Her turret can do a bit of damage, but it is still recommended not to use Jessie in Showdown.


Just like in Showdown, Jessie is next to useless in Heist, mainly due to her low health and low attack damage, paired with the vulnerability of her turret.

When attacking, she should try to be sneaky, poking enemies from afar. Once she can use her turret, she should try to secretly get past the enemy line of defense (which is extremely hard and unlikely) and drop her turret near the safe for a few seconds of damage. Even if the enemy somehow doesn’t notice you drop your turret, they will once the safe’s health starts dropping and would quickly destroy the turret.

Jessie fares a little better on defense, with the terrain advantage she can effectively utilize her turret to most of its potential. Though it may be hard to keep it alive since Heist is riddled with Dynamikes and Barleys, who can safely destroy it from behind a wall. Jessie should not be used in Heist, unless looking to lose trophies.

Brawl Ball

Jessie is not the greatest in Brawl Ball. Her bouncing attack can be good at first when everybody’s close to each other, and her super can cover some choke points. However, her Super can literally be wasted if placed at the wrong time, since after a goal every brawler and minion automatically dies. Sometimes it is recommended to save your Super to kick the ball farther. While Jessie is not entirely bad here, there sure are better options.

Boss Fight

She excels as a boss thanks to her bouncing attack and turret. Since minions are also tremendously buffed in this gamemode, Jessie’s turret is a fearsome enemy thanks to its range and quick attack.She’s not that good at attacking the boss, though, as Jessie is more of a defensive Brawler. Place your turret where you see the boss is going more often, like a corridor, but mostly place it strategically close to the boss’s base.

Best Team Comps

Jessie | Piper | Shelly

Shelly acts as the tank in this team, Jessie as a support character, and Piper as a long-range damage-dealer. This team is exceptionally good in Bounty if played well, as they can all take out their enemies.

Pam | Nita | Jessie

This team is especially good in SnG once all three minions are in the map. Jessie’s turret Can defend Pam’s healing station, while Big Bear can help trap your enemies and can quickly let you take over the mine. This also works fine but is not the best in Bounty, where Pam’s healing station can support, Jessie’s turret can defend Pam’s turret while dealing damage to incoming opponents, and Nita’s Big Baby Bear can deal a lot of damage to enemies.

Jessie | Colt | Piper

This team excels in Bounty because of Jessie’s turret, Colt’s medium-long range, and Piper’s extremely long range. This team is even better in the Bounty map Snake Prairie, as Jessie’s shock orb can reveal other enemy brawlers or minions.

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