Guide made by Nor and Death’s Shadow


Jessie Junker is a hillbilly girl genius who fashions dangerous gun turrets from scrap.


Health – 700 HP

Attack – 140 damage per shot

Super – Builds a turret with 700 HP and 60 damage per shot.

Rarity – Common

Skins – Default


Jessie is another easy-to-unlock Brawler who does low damage per shot. Her main advantages are that her attacks ricochet (NOT THE BRAWLER), bouncing from one enemy to another and the second advantage is her turret, which can effectively deny access to a certain point without extreme effort.



Jessie is next to useless in Showdown with her low damage capability, requiring her to do around 10 hits just to destroy a single crate. A Jessie should try to stay away from the main fight and should just try to destroy the crates towards the outskirts of the map. Her advantage is that since her shots bounce to the nearest target, she can find nearby enemies and crates by tracking where her shots bounce toward.


Just like in Showdown, she is next to useless in Heist, mainly due to her low health and low attack damage, paired with the vulnerability of her turret.

While attacking, she should try to be sneaky, poking enemies from afar, once she can use her turret, she should try to secretly get past the enemy line of defense (which is extremely hard and unlikely) and drop her turret near the safe for a few seconds of damage. Even if the enemy somehow doesn’t notice you drop your turret, they will once the safe’s health starts dropping and would quickly destroy the turret.

Jessie fares a little better in defense, with the terrain advantage she can effectively utilize her turret to most of its potential. Though it may be hard to keep it alive since Heist is riddled with Dynamikes and Barleys, who can safely destroy it from behind a wall. Jessie should not be used in Heist.


Jessie is extremely effective in most of the Bounty maps, such as terracotta square where she can place her turret behind a wall, effectively holding the choke point to the center from entry. Her normal attack can be very effective towards the start of the enemy players are clumped up near each other, as her shots can freely bounce from one target to another. If the enemy team has a Barley or Dynamike it is recommended that the turret is placed as far away from the center as possible, near your long range Brawlers. She is not effective at all in grassy maps like Snake Prairie or Outlaw Camp where she will be shredded by short range brawlers.

Smash and Grab

Smash and Grab is doubtlessly the best game mode for Jessie, her turret and normal attack are all centered around denying access to a certain point or keeping enemies away from one. Unlike most inexperienced Jessie players who place their turret on the gem mine, where it can be easily destroyed from range, the turret should be placed towards the sides, preferably in the grass and behind cover where it can shoot enemies who try to come near the gem mine.

As a bonus, her turret hard counters Mortis, the most effective and hard to defeat brawler in Smash and Grab, since Mortis will constantly get shot by the turret while being ineffective against it with his normal attack (which makes him come near his target) as he will be shot during his strike towards it, making him extremely vulnerable to heavy hitters.

How to Use

Jessie is most effective in going against large clumps of low range enemies as her shots can ricochet from one target to another. She can synergize with almost every brawler in the roster but works especially well with heavy hitters such as Shelly and Piper, who can protect her mere 700 HP while she forces enemies to fall back, dealing damage to multiple at once. All in all, Jessie is not easy to use since her shots need to be more precise than the other two support brawlers (Nita, Poco) and since she has less HP and Damage than them.


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