Dynamike is a retired miner who misses the favorite part of his old job – blowing stuff up!


Health – 700 HP

Attack – 180 Damage per dynamite

Super – 500 Damage

Rarity – Common

Skins – Default


Dynamike is a unique character because he can attack enemies through cover. His splash damage allows you to force enemies out of position or take up to 360 damage. Although he has the ability to deal out huge damage, he requires a lot of skill and prediction. He has a very powerful super which allows him to deal tons of damage in a massive area, destroying all terrain in the way and knocking away all enemies unlucky enough to be caught in the blast. Finally, his super charged extremely quickly, even hitting one enemy with the super will typically charge your next one most of the way. He can dominate in Heist but is relatively weak in most other modes.



Dynamike is a sup-optimal pick in Showdown. His low health and easy to dodge attack makes him weak in most one on one scenarios. He does have the advantage of being able to take down elixir boxes quickly and attack an opponent from cover but if he is caught in the close range, he is dead. Your super will be your best friend in Showdown. Try to use it whenever you can and have it charged as often as possible. You can use its huge damage to win some fights and you can use is knockback to escape from pursuers. While a good Dynamike may be able to survive for a long time in Showdown, it is not recommended.


Heist is Dynamike’s best mode by far. His powerful splash damage from his dynamite and his Super gives him strong area control and damage.

On Attack, most enemies will hide in bushes near the chokepoint. You can use your dynamite to flush them out or kill them while staying behind cover. Once you get through the chokepoint, you can hide out of the line of sight of the defender while dealing massive damage to the safe. Use your super to clear terrain and create sightlines and pathways for your team. You can also use it to damage the safe, kill defenders or both!

On Defense, Dynamike can sit behind cover while threatening huge damage on any enemy who rushes the safe. If you see an attacker running for the chokepoint, throw a few preemptive dynamites to damage them when they reach it. This will force the enemy to retreat and heal up or die to your teammates. If you can’t seem to stop the attackers with your basic attacks, toss out your super and watch as the enemies are melted by the blast. Overall, Dynamike is very powerful in Heist and can win a game for your team.


Dynamike is a poor brawler in Bounty. He can usually get a couple of kill on opponents who think that they’re safe healing up behind a rock or in bushes or with his super. Most bounty maps are open allowing lots of room for your enemies to dodge your attacks. In addition, many maps have flank routes that allow an enemy to sneak behind your cover and wreck you in close range. Due to Mikes weak one vs one strength, he is typically forced to stay with his teammates who will defend him, restricting his ability to chase kills and take flanking positions. Finally, he will be outraged by Piper, Colt, and almost every other hard hitting long range character who will drop him in a few shots. Overall, I would not suggest using Dynamike in Bounty.

Smash and Grab

In S&G, Dynamike can do well but is generally considered a weak brawler. Similarly to bounty, most Smash and Grab maps are wide open, allowing room for enemies to dodge your dynamite sticks. Dynamike is slightly stronger on Smash and Grab compared to Bounty, but he is still not an optimal or tier 1 choice. Most of my advice for Bounty stands for Smash and Grab. The advantage of playing Smash and Grab is that most opponents will beeline directly for gems, you can use their predictable movement to land damage on them. You can also use your super to knock away or kill enemies who try to kill you once your team reaches the countdown phase. Overall, I do not recommend using Dynamike in Smash and Grab except if he fits your team composition well when playing with a room.

Brawl Ball

Dynamike is one of the best brawlers for Brawl Ball. When used correctly, your TNT can be used to keep people from pushing towards you. You can safely throw your TNT from behind cover, which means your opponents get hurt and you don’t. Unless you are sure that your opponent will retreat, then throw TNT right in front of where he is, that way you can make sure he doesn’t come closer to you without eating explosives. You can throw your TNT over walls as well, so make sure that you help your teammates by fishing opponents out of cover, since your teammates cannot. Your super will mostly be used to destroy the wall guarding your opponents goal, but if there is a big push coming, you can use it to make your opponents drop the ball, and push them away as well.

How to Use

Dynamike is a passive character who is best played as a support character. He has very strong area denial, shutting down chokepoints with his dynamite. But if he is caught in the open or in close range his small health pool will deplete quickly. For this reason, I suggest you spend most of your time behind cover. Lob your attacks at your enemies while behind a rock so that they are unable to retaliate; only leave your cover to chase kills or heal up. Beware of flankers, make sure that your teammates are repeatedly checking the flank routes so that no enemies can sneak up on you. Use your super very liberally. Use it to secure any kills that you couldn’t with your basic attacks and use it to clear out any terrain which hurts your team. If you can hit two enemies with the blast, it will immediately charge up the second bomb for you to toss. Even just hitting one opponent will charge your super over half way.

The number one thing to being a good Dynamike player though is prediction. Get a feel for the amount of time it takes for your dynamite to explode. Once you can predict your opponent’s movement and the explosion timer, you can rack up kills. You will also be able to land more double shots when you hit one enemy with both sticks of dynamite and thus increase your damage output.