When Brock’s not lighting up the battle with rockets, he’s lighting up the dance floor with his smooth moves.


Health – 700 HP

Attack – 260 Damage

Super – 260 Damage

Rarity – Rare

Skins – Default, Beach


Brock is an easy-to-unlock Brawler who is hard to use, but with great potential, dishing out enough damage per shot to destroy most damage dealers in 3 rockets. His Super is arguably the most effective super in the game, shooting 9 rockets in quick succession into a large area.



Brock is one of the worst brawlers to use on Showdown matches, with his slow rate of fire and high skill ceiling. If he is used in Showdown, he should do his best to stay away from the fray and try to destroy crates towards the outskirts of the map. If he can hit the 4 rockets needed to get his super, he can be an extremely powerful threat to low-medium health targets. He should try to catch low health targets and try to defeat them with his Rocket Rain.


Brock is substandard in both attack and defense on Heist due to his incapability to crowd control or to deny access through a choke point for a long amount of time.

While attacking, Brock should try to hit and injure key targets such as Barley and Piper and should try to use his super directly on the safe which can potentially deal 2340 damage to the safe and enemies nearby. But be aware, unlike Barley, Brock’s super does not increase in accuracy if it is closer to him, so it is unnecessary to try to come nearer to the safe during his Super.

In defense, Brock should try to cripple dangerous attackers such as Barleys with their super ready to force them to retreat. His super can be used to keep enemies away from the safe in the case of an emergency. Brock must be careful with his super since it can destroy terrain which can be used as a cover with its large area of effect.


Brock is a very good pick in Bounty as he does massive damage to a small area of effect. A great strategy is to play with a Piper as one of her bullets and a Brock rocket can kill most long range damage dealers. Unless being flanked, Brock should always try to stay in the back of the fray, close enough to see what’s going on but far enough so it would be very hard to kill him. He should use his Rocket Rain near the end of the enemy team is clumped up or to take down a high-value target with lots of stars. He should avoid using it near him if he is being attacked on the close range since it tends to be a waste.

Smash and Grab

In the start of the match, Brock should try to shoot at least two of his rockets to the choke to keep enemies away from the first two gems. He should not try to carry gems as he is very vulnerable to flankers but should rather try to keep gem-carriers alive. His super can be game changing if he uses it on a full team to kill them or to make them retreat from the gem mine. Just like in Bounty, he should stay away from the gem mine and always near cover.

Brawl Ball

Brock is in my opinion not a great brawler for Brawl Ball. He shoots too slow for such a fast game, so only skilled players who won’t miss often can play him very well. A lot of the common brawlers in Brawl Ball have a lot of health, like El Primo and Bull, or are hard to hit due to movement speed, like Mortis. This makes it very hard for Brock to effectively deal sufficient damage to stop an attack like other brawlers. However, if you do manage to deal damage, your super is very effective for Brawl Ball if used efficiently. Because of the large area, you will be able to destroy the boxes blocking the goal line and in front of the goal, exposing the area to later be easier to score in. Also, if there is a large attack incoming, you may hold at a chokepoint, and when they push through the small spacing(as most areas on the map lead by chokepoints when the boxes aren’t destroyed) you may punish them y=with your super very efficiently. Make sure not to stay too far away from your team, but you don’t have the health to be too close as well, think as if you had Bo’s range when playing.

How to Use

Brock usually does not need a tank to stay behind and deal damage with since his range is large enough for him to outrange most enemies. His Rocket Rain is extremely effective and most enemies without a retreat ability will be obliterated if they are in the middle of the area where the missiles hit. Brock should try to avoid using their Rocket Rain on enemies with a retreat ability such as Mortis, Crow and Bull since most of his kit is centred around building his super and using it to turn the tide of the battle.