Guide made by Gooose


Bo the Eagle Hunter is the greates bowman the Tribes have ever known. His arrows are simply explosive!


  • Health – 800
  • Damage – 100 per arrow
  • Super – 300 per trap
  • Rarity – Super Rare
  • Skins – Default


Bo is a tanky, medium-ranged support Brawler that is very underwhelming at first, but when used correctly can be devastating to the opponent. His Super can be used to shut down invading pushes against your team, or to deny an enemy retreat. Bo is a bit underused in the meta, but that doesn’t mean he is underpowered.



Bo is hard to use in Showdown, but it isn’t impossible. To have success with him there are a couple of key steps you need to do in order to survive long enough to earn trophies. First, you must charge your Super. You don’t need to be killing anybody, or farming boxes that hard. You just need to be shooting at enemy brawlers out of their range.

A very good thing to keep in mind is that almost all of the most common brawlers in Showdown don’t have a large range. If you can keep your distance during a fight, you can easily win, or at least earn trophies. Next, you need to find an area towards the middle of the map with a decently small chokepoint. Here you will place your mines, and you can begin with the real cheese.

Attack nearby enemy players, but still, remember to keep your distance. If anybody tries to chase you, run past your traps, and as they follow you, you will catch them in your traps, which will kill almost all brawlers and charge your next ultimate, meaning that you can continue this process until the end of the brawl.

Bo also has some nice abilities when fighting against a team. His arrows spread out and do small splash damage, meaning you could be hitting everybody on a team at once, and if you keep your distance, they can’t hit you back.


Offense: Bo isn’t that good when it comes to offense in Heist. He can still support his team well, but he can’t do much damage to the safe, and with his medium range he will have a hard time advancing on an enemy Dynamike or Barley. He can still connect some shots though, and if you can aim well, you can weaken the enemy to a point where your teammates can take them out, or where the enemy retreats and you can advance.

You can use your Super to deny your opponents from taking background that you had previously taken from them, which can make the chokepoint in the middle of the map a lot easier to cross.

Placing your mines on the safe is a bit of a risk, and it really depends on the skill level that you are playing at. If your opponents are very skilled, they will remember that the mines are there, and avoid them, meaning that your mines would be useless. However, if you are playing at a lower level, then your opponents will easily allow themselves to be pushed back to the wall, a run into your mines. This means you’ll deal massive damage to the safe and to the opponent.

Overall, however, Bo isn’t too great for playing offense.

Defense: Bo is very good at defense for Heist. At the beginning of a game of Heist, there is 1 chokepoint, and 2 other choke points can be opened by destroying the rocks that block the passageways along the edges of the map.

These chokepoints are your new best friends. As you are playing defense, do the simple mind game of shooting a bit in front of your opponents(with an effort to hit them, of course), so that they can’t advance forward, but since Bo shoots each shot a bit more to the right than the last, then you can easily barrage attackers with arrows and they can’t really dodge because of the spread in the shots.

This allows you to get your ultimate available very early in the game. When playing defense with Bo, you need to place your mines on a chokepoint, most likely the middle. This means that attackers can’t cross the chokepoint without tripping the mines, which will usually end in their death and your recharge for another ultimate.

This makes Bo a decent choice for defending, but because you have a 50% chance at being offense, I wouldn’t risk choosing Bo to be your main Heist Brawler.


Bo is very strong when it comes Bounty as well. Of course, you won’t be getting any solo kills with him, but you can instead weaken the opponent, force them to spread out, put them in awkward positioning due to your mines, or place the killing blow on already weakened enemies.

Playing Bo is more of a mind game compared to a real-time shooting game. Watch your flanks and areas where help could be needed on the battlefield, and where you can take your kills or help your teammates get kills. This position is very skilled based, and requires a good amount of intelligence in order to pull it off. However, with some practice I feel that most players can pull it off. Don’t get too greedy for a kill, as you don’t do that much damage by yourself. It’s also key to not get too conservative, because your teammates can’t win any engagements if you aren’t correctly supporting them.

Smash and Grab

Bo is also strong in Smash and Grab as well. This is arguably his best gamemode, at least in my opinion. This game mode is played a lot like Bounty, but killing isn’t as important as getting gems, of course. In this game mode you will want to be the guy collecting the gems, unless your team has a Mortis, then just aim to protect Mortis and hold the center.

However, if you don’t have a Mortis on your team, you should be the one collecting the gems because of your range and ability to run away by placing mines to stop a chase. If you aren’t being chased, then hold the center with your mines by placing them just after the gem mine, closer to your opponents’ spawn. This way, they don’t have much room to enter the center from the middle point, and they can’t get to the gems without tripping the mines. And while you are in the center, make sure you are supporting your teammates as well; don’t act like the only place you can be is the center.

If you don’t control the mine, then a flank from the back of your enemies will almost always end in a squad wipe as long as you can’t dodge and shoot and your teammates come in when you come out of the grass. You need to either be communicating with your teammates or they have to be skilled and aware of what you are doing. If you flank and they don’t attack, you will be overwhelmed, and vice versa. Just make sure you are always watching your teammates, and helping them as much as possible. You are a support tank, you can’t do much without your team, and your team can’t do much without you.

Brawl Ball

Bo is not a very good choice at Brawl Ball, but he does have the defensive value needed to defend an attack. It is very hard to advance on Bo because of his ability to barrage you with bullets from a safe distance, meaning you can’t dodge very well and that you’ll need a lot of health to correctly pressure him. This, added with the fact that your mines can completely shut down a chokepoint means, that you can defend very strongly. However, the current meta of Brawl Ball is not friendly to Bo.

Most Brawlers used have very high health or can outrange Bo, meaning that his attack isn’t very useful and that attacks can slowly defeat you or overwhelm you with a lot of force very quickly.

Also, a lot of the common Brawlers in Brawl Ball have the ability to destroy walls, meaning that there will not be chokepoints to defend, but rather open space, making your mines a bit less useful as brawlers will go around them with ease. I would not suggest using Bo in Brawl Ball, but if you really know how to use him effectively, and you can aim correctly, you can still be very effective.

How To Use (Tips & Strategies)

As I’ve stated many times before, Bo is a support tank. This means that although you are ranged, you will need to stick with your teammates, and soak up some of the incoming damage or distract enemy brawlers for as long as possible. You will also need to do chip damage, meaning you likely won’t be killing anybody, but softening them up for your teammates to kill. If you aim properly, you can pick up a good amount of kills, but it is more likely that you won’t if you are playing against assertive enemies rather than aggressive.

It’s not too hard to learn, but you need to master the 2 firing types for Bo: Normal, and Walk Fire. Of course, normal is just the basic attacking. When Bo shoots, each arrow will go a bit more to the right than the one before it.

However, we also have Walk Fire. If you shoot, and move to the left as you are shooting, then your shots will go straight. When you are in a small corridor, use Walk Fire, but if you are in an open area, then just use your normal attacks. Note that this isn’t a new system, just the way that the arrows will shoot when you attack. This is an important system to keep in mind when you are battling, and if you can master this, your Bo game will greatly improve.