Town Sheriff and resident hair model, Colt enforces the law with long range accuracy and a mighty fine smile.


Health – 600 HP
Attack – 80 damage per bullet
Super – 80 damage per bullet
Rarity – Common
Skins – Default, Rockstar


Colt is a great sheriff but needs a lot of skill to use. His attacks are linear and therefore positioning the attack is really difficult. But once the bullets hit the enemies, it does massive damage to them. Colt is best used in Heist and Smash and Grab modes, all thanks to his long range and powerful attack.



Colt isn’t that great in Showdown as many people believe. Sure, he can take down enemies like Brock, but he can be easily defeated by El Primo, Bull, and Shelly. Now, I know that Colt can take down Shelly from a distance, but up close and personal Shelly destroys Colt.


Honestly, I haven’t seen any Colt players on Heist matches, but if they did I don’t think they would do too hot unless they are on the defensive side. Mainly because if they were on the offense Colt would have a hard time getting to the safe. Colt could really only get to the safe once he destroys the walls, and he needs to be behind a tank and with another Colt or a Ricochet for double the trouble.


Bounty is where Colt shines. His attack can be used to defeat almost every Brawler going up against his team, and he can dodge attacks pretty easily. Once he has his Super available, he can obliterate his opponents. He can get easy kills, earning him and his team a lot of Bounty points.

Smash and Grab

In Smash and Grab, Colt can be used for defense. He can hide in the bushes and take down enemies heading for the mine. Meanwhile, his teammates can grab all the gems. He smashes, and his team grabs. The perfect Smash and Grab team with Colt would be if he was teamed up with Mortis and Poco.

Brawl Ball

Colt is decently good at Brawl Ball. His long range allows him to utilize the open area of the midfield in order to snipe down attacking enemies looking for a goal. You can’t utilize narrow walkways to get a guaranteed hit, but if you can aim well, you can deal a lot of damage to enemies outside of cover. Don’t forget that your super can destroy walls, which can open up opportunities to score, but make sure you save some damage for any big pushes made by the enemy.

How To Use

Most of the time, Colt should be used defensively and as the support. He can hide behind tanks and deal massive damage like Ricochet or Shelly, and he can hide in bushes to take down enemies trying to get to the mines. In Showdown he should hide until there are at least 6 Brawlers remaining, then he can try to take them down while still hiding. One his Super is unlocked in any game-mode, motion prediction is key. If you shoot where your enemies are then they’ll probably run away and dodge the Super, so the most efficient way to use Colt’s Super is to trap your enemies in a corner or something of the sort and then fire away.