Barley just wants to be a regular barkeeper. Grind his gears though – steam comes out and bottles start flying!


Barley is a thrower, meaning he has the ability to lob his shots over walls and obstacles. This makes Barley good on maps that have a lot of walls for him to hit enemies behind cover while being in cover as well. His bottles have a large splash radius giving him the ability to block of a passageway while leaving a puddle that deals damage if an enemy walks over it. He does a decent amount of damage while having a decent amount of range, however, it’s hard for him to be accurate with his shots because of how slow his attack is. He also doesn’t have a lot of health which makes him easy to kill of you’re able to hit him. His super makes Barley throw a bunch of bottles which covers an enormous part of the map, leaving even more deadly puddles. The closer you use your super, the less area it covers while dealing more damage in that area. He is a specialist in Heist and on maps that have a lot of covers, however, he is weak in most other game modes.

Star Power – Medical Use

Barley regains 200 health from each main attack.

Stats & Upgrades

Health Damage per second Super Damage per second

Health: 2400-3360 

Damage per Bottle: 560-784

Damage per Super Bottle: 480-672

Reload: 2 seconds

Movement Speed: 650

Rarity: Rare

Skins: Default, Golden

  • Every upgrade increases his health by 120
  • Every upgrade increases his damage per bottle by 28
  • Every upgrade increases his super damage per bullet by 24

Game Modes


Barley is good on a couple maps, but besides that, I would avoid using him there. Bounty has a lot of maps that favor long-range brawlers with very little cover, which makes Barley weak. What makes it worse is that for you to hit the long-range brawlers, you gotta walk close to them without any cover which makes Barley a very easy target to kill. If you wanna use Barley in Bounty, I recommend playing him in maps like Cabbage Patch and Groundhog Burrow which has a lot of covers for Barley to hide behind.

Gem Grab

Like Bounty, Barley is good on a couple of maps but is weak overall. Barley struggles against many brawlers in Gem Grab because they either have a much further range or they have too much health, and even if you do get them low on health, they will most likely have a healer to heal their teammates. Having a Barley be gem carrier is a bad idea since he has such little health he can be killed easily.


Barley is pretty good in Showdown since there is so much cover in most of the maps. Barley is pretty good on a team since he has a hard time fighting up close, your teammates won’t worry about being backstabbed by you. His super is great here since the map gets smaller and smaller, he can do a massive amount of damage and cover a huge part of the area.


To be updated.

Brawl Ball

Barley is great in Triple Dribble because of the huge amount of cover there, but he is terrible everywhere else. Most brawlers in Brawl Ball are gonna be brawlers that are able to break walls and that can do massive amounts of damage. Barley as the ball carrier is bad since, like Gem grab, he has such little health that he can be killed easily. When the game goes into overtime, that’s when Barley struggles the most since all obstacles are gone. To me, this is his weakest game mode.

Duo Showdown

To be updated.

Boss Fight

Barley is good in Boss Fight since he is both good attacking and being the boss. He can deal a huge amount of damage with his super when attacking and can take on a large group of people since he has a big splash radius. However, if people spread out, you’re gonna have a hard time defending yourself but overall he is good.

Robo Rumble

Barley is a great Brawler for early and mid game, however, he is bad in late game because the melee bots charge at you after the third boss. Barley is gonna struggle when it gets to the later rounds and can take a huge amount of damage from the range and mouse bots. He is great for dealing a huge amount of damage to the boss with his super and can take out the first bunch of waves easily. So Barley is a good brawler when it comes to early game, but in late game he is bad.

Written by Pierre Chauvet.