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Hello there, Puzzles here. I love writing, I love video games, and I love writing about video games. I’ve played all Supercell games that have been released thus far, and I immediately fell in love with Brawl Stars. My main Brawler is Jessie, and my highest is Spike.

Hey! Arius here. I’ve played all Supercell games but Hay Day and Boom Beach never interested me. I now play CR and the all-new Brawl Stars. I’ve reached the local leaderboard couple of times in Brawl Stars! My main Brawler is Spike. I use Piper often too. I look forward to sharing some amazing ideas and stuff with you about Brawl Stars here!

Hello, fellow Brawler. Wait, that sounds weird, let me start again. Hello, random person that I will likely never meet, my name is MattiMan5. I write posts and make videos for TWB. I play all five Supercell games, and I even played Smash Land (May it Rest In Peace). I play Barley and Jessie at best, but I love to play all Brawlers! If this is the first time you visited this amazing site, I hope it won’t be the last!

All the directors write posts as well, so they’re also writers.


Welcome brawlers! I’m Awesome Mobs Gaming, a YouTuber, writer, artist, editor, and creator for TWB. I’m also a coach for my eSports team, Foxtrot eSports. My current favourite brawler has changed from Brock to Crow not too long ago. My main trophy push gamemodes are Bounty and Showdown. I’ve been playing Brawl Stars since right when it came out (literally right when it came out) and I have all brawlers except for Spike as of right now.


Hi, the person scrolling down on About Us page. My name is proerdo07, aka dragonTR in-game. I’m an Artist out of 4 in TWB. I’ve been a huge Supercell player from 2012 till now. I play Poco the best, and I have fun playing Piper head-shotting every single player on the range! I’m willing to be active on Reddit and help TWB with artwork!

Hello, I’m Fun177 and I’m happy to be part of the Weekly Brawler. I am an artist for the blog and exceed most in photoshop. Back when Clash Royale was new I asked myself “how could Supercell make a game better than this?” Then they released Brawl Stars, and I instantly got addicted. My favorite brawler has to be Piper because of her amazing damage. I am excited to continue to help TWB in the future!

Hello, everyone, I’m Zanter! I’m a graphic designer and really like it so far. I’ve only been doing this for 6 months and I love learning new things! I’m just a dude in high school trying to have some fun and meet new people! If you have any tips for me please tell, I’d love to listen!

I’m Jana, aka Dual-Masked, and I’m an artist for TWB. I do banners and brawler concepts. Fave brawlers? Shelly and Poco. Fave Game mode? Smash and Grab. I’ve only been playing for 2 months but I love it already.


Hi, Striker here! I specialize in new Brawler Concepts, and hope to one day have one featured In the game! For a favorite Brawler, I like Colt. I was a Colt main way back when he was considered a bad Brawler, as I liked his overall look and character, and his high skill high reward playstyle! For a favorite game mode, I like bounty a lot, as I don’t have to focus on alternative goals most of the time and have the freedom to go anywhere in the map I do choose.

Hey! Stop scrolling down and hear me out! I’m DeathBoo, and I mainly create brand new Brawler Concepts for this blog since I’m not good at anything else. I play Brawl Stars so much that one would say I’m addicted to it because I am! Main Brawler? I don’t have one, I try to play all Brawlers and become a Jack of all trades, Master of none, but I do play Piper a lot, Crow as well. Main Game mode? Bounty, I just like killing people. My biggest dream is to become an expert programmer and getting a fricking Mythic. You can scroll down now.


Hello! Hope you are doing great! My name is Natriks, and I am an editor here at TWB, my job is to look at all the awesome posts that the just-as-awesome writers, and even artists, have put together, checking for stuff to improve, to give you guys the best content possible. I do not have the game because I have an Android device, but I will be the first one to download the game when it’s released globally. I have played all the other Supercell games, although Clash Royale is the one that got to me the most. Other than gaming, I am a 14-year-old drummer and guitarist from Sweden who also loves sports. I will gladly be helping you guys if you have any questions, I will see you soon!


Hi, my name is Apocalypse and I am a YouTuber. I’m super stoked to be apart of the Weekly Brawler Team! We are gonna go places! First of all, my channel is mainly focused on gaming. I play Brawl Stars 95% of the time, but I’m open to any and all requests! I post videos every week, so make sure you go and subscribe! DM me if you have any questions. Have a wonderful day!


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