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Hello there, Puzzles here. I love writing, I love video games, and I love writing about video games. I’ve played all Supercell games that have been released thus far, and I immediately fell in love with Brawl Stars. My main Brawler is Poco, and my highest is Spike.

Season’s greasons! I’m Jana (aka Dual-Masked or Dreamin-8-bit on Reddit), an Artist, Podcast host, makeshift editor, and now Director for The Weekly Brawler. I draw fanart, brawler concepts, and banners sometimes for TWB. In-game I main Shelly and Poco and currently at 3.3k trophies. At TWB, I make sure everyone does their part and crack jokes to lighten up the workplace when everyone needs it ( or not! ).

Hey! Stop scrolling down and hear me out! I’m DeathBoo, and I don’t have a specific role, I consider myself a Jack of all trades, master of none. I play Brawl Stars so much that one would say I’m addicted to it because I am! Main Brawler? I don’t have one, I try to play all Brawlers to keep some variety, but I do play Piper a lot (Not anymore because the controls got f*cked up), Crow as well. Main Game mode? Bounty, I just like killing people. My biggest dream is to become an expert programmer and getting a fricking Mythic. You can scroll down now.

I’m Toster, I like chicken wings, my dog, the number 8 and burritos. I enjoy making guides but never manage to make them. My main Brawler is Mortis, and my highest is Spike.

Hello, random person I will never meet. Sorry, let me rephrase myself. Howdy fellow brawler, my name is Arigh, I love video games, more notably, Brawl Stars. I also love writing and making concepts for anything really, so I just make as many concepts, guides and fan fiction for The Weekly Brawler Blog! I mainly play showdown and my favorite brawler is Crow, Crow is also my highest brawler and I currently have 4.7k trophies in Brawl Stars.

Heylo, random Brawler who’s scrolling down this page to read about us. I’m Futuristick, a storyteller/writer for The Weekly Brawler. I loove Brawl Stars! My highest brawler is Mortis, who’s also my favourite. Still waiting on that legendary, though.. Nintendo ftw, quiz me on anything Zelda or Mario related, I got em all. I love coding in Python, HTML, and JavaScript. I also do graphic design, from banners to overlays to logos. I chose to write for TWB because I enjoy writing (excluding essays). That’s all, see ya around!

They call me EBB. I write fan fictions and stories at this wonderful blog posting website, The Weekly Brawler! I love video games (Brawl Stars is my favorite, OFC), and I like to program in Python and C#. I am also a graphic designer and I make logos free for people! I’m a helping hand, and you may see me at lots of Brawl Stars Discords! I guess you could say, I am all computers!

Hey, guys, I’m FreeGP also known as… Free Grandpa… ( I honestly have no idea why they call me grandpa…) I’m one of the artists of TWB, I usually draw character concepts, covers, skins, those kinds of things :eyes: I don’t really have a main brawler, I try to play with all 19 of them but my highest is crow so… I guess he’s my main? I’m a dirty p2w that’s at 7.1k (yes I succ I know) Oh and I also have no feelings and I’m a robot.

Hello my duds, my name is Pierre. I draw, play games and do a bit of editing. I like watching YouTube and play games such as Brawl Stars. My highest Brawler is Tara and I have all the Brawlers.

Hello! Hope you are doing great! My name is Natriks, and I am an editor here at TWB, my job is to look at all the awesome posts that the just-as-awesome writers, and even artists, have put together, checking for stuff to improve, to give you guys the best content possible. I do not have the game because I have an Android device, but I will be the first one to download the game when it’s released globally. I have played all the other Supercell games, although Clash Royale is the one that got to me the most. Other than gaming, I am a 14-year-old drummer and guitarist from Sweden who also loves sports. I will gladly be helping you guys if you have any questions, I will see you soon!


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