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Howdy! I’m Bryan. I’m a writer for The Weekly Brawler, that means that some of guides you read were written by me. I have played Brawl Stars since its release in Canada (not Canadian). I have 9200 cups, my favorite brawler is Panda Nita and favorite gamemode is Heist (don’t judge me). My hobby is being lazy (wait your saying being lazy is not hobby oh well) and watching anime (yeah I like anime so).

Hey! Stop scrolling down and hear me out! I’m OctoCat and I do Brawler Concepts, as well as other stuff that no one cares about. I’ve been playing since day 1 and my main is Piper. Favourite gamemode is Bounty and everybody hate me because of that. Alright! I think I’ve bored you enough, you can scroll down now.

Heylo! My name’s Futuristick. I’m a writer and editor for The Weekly Brawler. I’ve written An Old Foe, which I hope you read if you haven’t already read it! I’ve been playing Brawl Stars since a few days after it was released, and now I’m at 7,000 trophies. I enjoy the game a lot, and I like all the Brawlers for their diverse playstyles. However, I absolutely loathe playing Ricochet, but I’m God when I’m playing as Tara or Crow! (Still waiting on Spike, though) I have many hobbies, including but not limited to: graphic designing, coding in multiple languages and, of course, writing! Thanks a lot for reading this. Brawl on!

Heyo, I’m Toasty! I call myself that cause I ate toast for breakfast once. Right now I’m an editor for the blog, but who knows what I may do next….

Hey, guys, I’m FreeGP also known as… Free Grandpa… ( I honestly have no idea why they call me grandpa…) I’m one of the artists of TWB, I usually draw character concepts, covers, skins, those kinds of things :eyes: I don’t really have a main brawler, I try to play with all 19 of them but my highest is crow so… I guess he’s my main? I’m a dirty p2w that’s at 7.1k (yes I succ I know) Oh and I also have no feelings and I’m a robot.

Hello! Hope you are doing great! My name is Natriks, and I am an editor here at TWB, my job is to look at all the awesome posts that the just-as-awesome writers, and even artists, have put together, checking for stuff to improve, to give you guys the best content possible. I do not have the game because I have an Android device, but I will be the first one to download the game when it’s released globally. I have played all the other Supercell games, although Clash Royale is the one that got to me the most. Other than gaming, I am a 14-year-old drummer and guitarist from Sweden who also loves sports. I will gladly be helping you guys if you have any questions, I will see you soon!

Hey. I am Spužva Bob (means Sponge Bob), in this team I am writer for the Weekly Brawler. I have played all of Supercell’s games, Brawl Stars is my favorite. I am playing BS since lunch on iOS in Canada, favorite brawler is Brock and my favorite game mode is Showdown. Beside Brawl Stars, I spent time on tennis court and Nintendo consoles. Hope you will enjoy my posts on this site.

Hey! I’m Gravity Monkey! My job here create some(times) brawler concepts for The Weekly Brawler. I play a lot of video games, but Brawl Stars is sure one of my favorite! Well at least before the march update. I’m sitting comfortably at almost 5k, and my main is nita, though I like to play Jessie a lot too. Summoners ftw!

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