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Hello there, Puzzles here. I love writing, I love video games, and I love writing about video games. I’ve played all Supercell games that have been released thus far, and I immediately fell in love with Brawl Stars. My main Brawler is Poco, and my highest is Spike.

Season’s greasons! I’m Jana (aka Dual-Masked or Dreamin-8-bit on Reddit), an Artist, Podcast host, makeshift editor, and now Director for The Weekly Brawler. I draw fanart, brawler concepts, and banners sometimes for TWB. In-game I main Shelly and Poco and currently at 3.3k trophies. At TWB, I make sure everyone does their part and crack jokes to lighten up the workplace when everyone needs it ( or not! ).

Hey! Stop scrolling down and hear me out! I’m DeathBoo, and I don’t have a specific role, I consider myself a Jack of all trades, master of none. I play Brawl Stars so much that one would say I’m addicted to it because I am! Main Brawler? I don’t have one, I try to play all Brawlers to keep some variety, but I do play Piper a lot (Not anymore because the controls got f*cked up), Crow as well. Main Game mode? Bounty, I just like killing people. My biggest dream is to become an expert programmer and getting a fricking Mythic. You can scroll down now.

I’m Toster, I like chicken wings, my dog, the number 8 and burritos. I enjoy making guides but never manage to make them. My main Brawler is Mortis, and my highest is Spike.

Hello, random Brawler who’s scrolling down this page to read about us. I’m Futuristick, a storyteller/writer for The Weekly Brawler. I loove Brawl Stars! My highest brawler is Mortis, who’s also my favourite. Still waiting on that legendary, though.. Nintendo ftw, quiz me on anything Zelda or Mario related, I got em all. I love coding in Python, HTML, and JavaScript. I also do graphic design, from banners to overlays to logos. I chose to write for TWB because I enjoy writing (excluding essays). That’s all, see ya around!

Hey, guys, I’m FreeGP also known as… Free Grandpa… ( I honestly have no idea why they call me grandpa…) I’m one of the artists of TWB, I usually draw character concepts, covers, skins, those kinds of things :eyes: I don’t really have a main brawler, I try to play with all 19 of them but my highest is crow so… I guess he’s my main? I’m a dirty p2w that’s at 7.1k (yes I succ I know) Oh and I also have no feelings and I’m a robot.

Hello my duds, my name is Pierre. I draw, play games and do a bit of editing. I like watching YouTube and play games such as Brawl Stars. My highest Brawler is Tara and I have all the Brawlers.

Hello! Hope you are doing great! My name is Natriks, and I am an editor here at TWB, my job is to look at all the awesome posts that the just-as-awesome writers, and even artists, have put together, checking for stuff to improve, to give you guys the best content possible. I do not have the game because I have an Android device, but I will be the first one to download the game when it’s released globally. I have played all the other Supercell games, although Clash Royale is the one that got to me the most. Other than gaming, I am a 14-year-old drummer and guitarist from Sweden who also loves sports. I will gladly be helping you guys if you have any questions, I will see you soon!


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