Gamemode Collections Vol. 3


Howdy Brawlers, Arigh here from The Weekly Brawler here bringing you a brand new volume of my Gamemode Collections!


Gold Rush:


Gold Rush is a 2 vs 2 mode similar to both Gem Grab and Heist. Outside of the map on the side background there are visible cannons, similar to Penny’s cannon. Every 15 seconds, these cannons shoot 3 bag of coins randomly on different locations on the map. These bags explode with an Area of Effect of 0.75 tiles, and do not break obstacles. These bags do more damage as the match progresses, a match lasts for two minutes and thirty seconds. Till the 1:00 mark, the bags deal 1000 damage each, after 1:00 and till 2:00 they deal 1500 damage each, and after 2:00 till 2:30 they deal 2000 damage each. The bags do not have knockback or stun.


There is one safe in your base, and one in the opponent’s ‘ base, the safes are can’t be destroyed. The goal of the mode is to get as many  coins into your team’s safe before the match ends. The twist is, one second after these bags of coins explode, they’ll drop one coin on the exact tile they exploded on. Your goal is to collect those coins and bring them safely to your safe. If you have coins and you die, you don’t drop them. Same goes for your opponents. The thing that makes it hard is that once you collect a coin, you lose -75 speed, with a maximum cap of -300 at when you have 4 coins, if you have more that 4 coins on you at once, your speed reduction will remain capped at -300.


Once you get near a safe with coins, you’ll slowly start depositing your coins in the safe, 1 coin per second. Once the two minutes thirty seconds timer ends, whichever team has collected more coins wins. Trophies can be lost.




Juggernaut is a Free for All mode, similar to showdown, but it’s completely different. Juggernaut is a 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1, consisting of five people. The yellow stars indicate where regular players spawn, and the blue star indicates where the Juggernaut spawns. The TNT boxes each have 10000 health and do not deal any damage to the player. The Juggernaut spawns 15 seconds after the regular players spawn.


A match lasts for 5 minutes. The Juggernaut has 4 times as much health as a regular player and 2 times as much damage, though the Juggernaut can not regenerate health. When the Juggernaut dies, they drop a blue star, whoever picks up the blue star will become the Juggernaut. The winner is determined by how long each player is the Juggernaut, for example one person was the Juggernaut for 58 seconds, but another was Juggernaut for 2 minutes. The person who got 2 minutes time will place above that who got 58 seconds time. Once a Juggernaut dies, they’ll respawn in 15 seconds


This will be a ticketed event. Every player respawns after 7.5 seconds. Note that after the original Juggernaut dies, they respawn at the center of the map as a normal brawler. A marker will be on the map to show the location of the Juggernaut, unless they are hiding in a bush. The players can all kill each other, making it different from Boss fight. The higher you place at the end, the more keys you get.


Smoke Screen:


Smoke Screen is a mode where your team has limited vision in the map, the same goes for the opposing team. The enemies half will be covered in smoke almost entirely from your perspective, the same goes for your team’s half from the enemies’ perspective. The map will be symmetrical like all team-based gamemode maps.


The goal of the gamemode is to fill your vision with smoke. You can do this by standing still right next to the two central stations for 3 seconds, once both stations are activated by your team, your vision slowly starts to fill with smoke, to be exact, one tile per 5 seconds. While the smoke is increasing from your perspective, it disappears from the opponents’ perspective. My reasoning for this is that it makes the mode more fair, as you can’t exactly just activate both stations and then proceed to camp right next to them for the rest of the match, as your vision will slowly fill up with smoke and it’ll be harder to see enemies, so overall you can’t just camp right next to the stations.


It is possible that one station can be activated by your team and one by the opposing team, this will not do anything as smoke only starts to appear after both  stations are activated. To activate an opponent’s station for your side, you must stand right next to it for 6 seconds, 3 to neutralize it, and 3 more to claim it onto your side.


An important thing to note, as stated above is that as your team gains smoke, the opponents’ team loses it. A match lasts 5 minutes by default, once the timer is up whichever team has more smoke occupying their vision wins, or the game end quicker once a team fills their vision up completely with smoke.




Concepts and Maps by Arigh. Special thanks to Deathboo for helping out.


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