Balance Changes May 29
Courtesy of KairosTime

Hello Brawlers, today we’ll be going over the new set of balance changes and the new meta they have brought!


Crow, Colt, and Ricochet received a 7% decrease in both main attack and Super damage, from 300 to 280 each.

    • Although this is Crow’s second nerf in the past few weeks, he will no doubt still be an aggressive and powerful Brawler. He still will be able to keep enemies at bay, but this nerf will make him at least slightly less aggravating to deal with. He won’t be completely overpowered anymore.


  • Colt and Ricochet have both been on top of the meta with their high damage output. In fact, their high DPS was enough to make them better in closer range than El Primo, who received a damage buff this time around. The nerf to their damage will make these long-range Brawlers less of a nuisance but still dangerous nonetheless.




El Primo received a 6% increase in main attack damage from 320 to 340.

  • As most of us might agree, Primo hasn’t really had his chance to shine lately, but this damage buff should help amend for that. El Primo previously was simply not a good choice due to his inability to counter longer range and his low DPS making him weak against fellow close-range Brawlers. After this buff, he will be a tad more deadly up close. This buff goes really well with the nerfs previously mentioned because they’re dialing down the long-range meta once more and giving short-range Brawlers a chance, while still keeping the long-range Brawlers viable.


Piper received an 8% decrease in reload time from 2.5s to 2.3s.

  • Piper’s biggest drawback is her intensely long reload time, encouraging careful aim and punishing each missed shot. A decrease to her reload will make her slightly easier to use and even more dangerous to be caught in an open space around her. While it is still not a good idea to pop off shots randomly, she can afford to be less conservative when sniping.


Shelly received a 10% increased main attack range from 6.67 to 7.33.

  • Just like with Primo, we haven’t seen too much Shelly love because of Darryl and Bull, who are almost better than her because of their higher health. This buff makes Shelly’s range almost, if not, the same than Tara’s and, like with Piper, will make her more of a threat. The longer range will help Shelly fit her niche as a mid-ranged shotgunner and bring her out of the shadows of other Brawlers.


Poco received an 11% decrease in reload time from 1.8s to 1.6s.

  • As with Piper and Shelly, this buff to Poco makes him more of a threat, and will help him be a better gem carrier. Poco has always been lackluster in offense, as is the nature of a support role, but the ability to attack quicker will at least give him a chance to fight back and he may find himself a spot among comps in more game modes besides Gem Grab.



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