Nita Loading ScreenAfter those two-three somber months with incredible amounts of toxicity and negativity towards what could have been the worst update ever in the history of brawl stars, we finally got an update that lifted the spirits of every single player, even those who have left the game due to it not being as enjoyable as before.

This May update got several amazing features, some were unexpected, some were obvious, and overall very much accepted and appreciated. Ranging from quality of life features to game breaking ones (not so much but you get the idea), we’ve got what could be the best update so far.

New Brawler: Penny (Super Rare)

Penny is yet another spawner. Her shots can severely hurt those who are standing too close to each other, as well as giving some sparkling effects to the arena.

Now, her Super, the real juicy stuff. Her Super places a cannon turret that packs an incredible amount of damage, has a terrifying range and its attacks can go over walls! However, the turret’s reload speed is slow, and the cannonballs also take quite a lot to hit the floor, leading it to some inaccurate landings.

She might not be a powerhouse, but her role as a support brawler is very well appreciated by most if not all brawlers. Like other spawners, placement of her Super is crucial, and understanding your opponents is also essential to decide when and where to put your cannon.

New Brawler: Frank (Epic)

Oh boy. Frank is a true meta changer, you can clearly see how it affected how people played in less than a day!

His normal attack hammers the floor, sending a small shockwave that really hurts! No wonder why nobody wants to be close to him. Though it takes a while for him to actually hit the floor, and it can leave him vulnerable. It’s something that cannot be underestimated.

His Super, like his normal attack, hammers the floor, however, this shockwave is larger and can stun enemies, rendering them still and useless for almost two seconds! Enough time for him and his allies to finish his enemies. And just like its normal attack, it takes quite some time for him to land that superheavy tombstone

His high damage and health make him perfect for various roles, whether gem carry, aggro, ball carry or all of them at the same time! (How can you carry gems in Brawl Ball? We are yet to find out).

Heist 2.0

While not technically new, it is a huge change from the ol’ heist. Many many people suggested this change, and it really worked! Heist feels different, more fun, and more balanced.

For the uninformed, Heist now has two safes, one belongs to your team and the other one, well, to the enemy team. However, you can just go collectively to finish your enemy safe, you’ll leave yours defenseless! And they might end it quicker. Your team and you have to decide whether to go aggro or defensive. If you somehow manage to defeat all enemy brawlers at once, don’t miss the opportunity to massively damage that safe!

New Game Modes: Duo Showdown

This game mode was teased way long ago, after the first or second Reddit AMA, when many people first started complaining about teaming. The Dev Team promised a game mode specifically for teaming and a game mode that’s a true free-for-all. Almost a year later, Supercell delivers. Even though teaming is long from gone in the “Solo” Showdown, this new update brought along a brand new team Showdown game mode.

This mode is fairly simple. There are 5 teams of 2 (a total of 10 players), and the last team standing wins. Now here’s the fun stuff. Collected elixir is shared for both teammates. So if you pick up an elixir, your teammate will also receive it. If either teammate dies, they will be respawned next to the teammate that’s alive after a 15-second cooldown, and all of the dead teammate’s elixir will be gone.

This new game mode comes with only one map, Double Trouble, and can be accessed when it’s in rotation as the 4th event… or in a friendly game room.

Trophy Leagues

by Lex_Youtube

Trophy progression is now divided into multiple leagues from Wood League to the Star League, and there is now trophy milestones that will give you rewards once reached. For new players, some trophy milestones will include common Brawlers and new event slots, and the rest of the milestones are Brawl Boxes, Power Points (for whichever Brawler you choose), Big Boxes, and other rewards.


As promised months ago, Brawl Stars players will now be able to spectate others. The only thing about this is that you can spectate anyone you want in the match. What’s wrong with this? Well, not much, but this can be used by some players to cheat in matches, such as Showdown matches where someone is hiding.


You can now add friends! It’s pretty straightforward. You will also see friend suggestions in the friend’s tab filled with players you’ve played with (after the update). In addition, players can now send friend invites outside the game (works just like Clash Royale).

Play Again

If you win a game with randoms and you fancy you are a good team with them, you can now choose to play again. Your teammates must accept in order to play again. This is something grand amount of players have asked for, and although it’s a pretty small feature, it is nice to see they’re fixing the small things, perhaps getting ready for global release.

Battle Key Bar

One of the most interesting things about this update is that you can now earn all your coins by playing any of the events. For instance, if you want to collect all your keys, but you don’t want to play Heist, you can choose to only play Showdown and earn all your keys, as there is only one key bar to fill, and 20 keys are added to this bar every 144 minutes (100 max).

First Win Bonus

Furthermore, you will earn a Star Key every first win, and if you collect 10 Star Keys, you will be able to open a Big Box, which is basically 3 Brawl Boxes.

More Changes

  • Bix Box has been renamed to Mega Box
  • Big Box has been added for purchase with 30 gems
  • Reward Doubler – Players can double one of the regular Brawl Box rewards by watching a quick ad
  • Season end reward is now based on the best trophies achieved during the season, not the amount you end with
  • Key rewards from battles increased
  • Jessie received a re-skin, along with Scrappy
  • Auto-Aim now targets through breakable objects
  • And of course, some bugs have been ironed!

So what do you think of the update? Do you think it will bring back the hype that once surrounded the game? Or is the game done for? Are we closer to global release? So much was added to this update, but so much more remains to be seen. Only time will tell if Brawl Stars is ready for global release.

Written by Puzzles and DeathBoo.

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