Alice dropped out from school to further investigate and create her biggest invention: The Mini Plane!

Health: 2800 – 3920

Damage per Hit: 560 – 784

Attack Range: 8 Tiles (line-shaped)

Super’s Damage per Bomb: 680 – 952

Super’s Range: 6 tiles (arc + circle shaped)

Speed: 650 (2.5 tiles per second)

Super Speed: 750

Reload Time: 1.5 seconds

Hits to Reload Super: 10 main hits, 8 super hits (5600 damage total not maxed)

Rarity: Super Rare or Epic

Skins: Default, —, —

  • Every upgrade increases her health by 140
  • Every upgrade increases her damage by 28
  • Every upgrade increases her super’s damage per bomb by 34

Main: Swoosh!

Alice throws a Propeller that can go right back at her after a while. It’s not magic, it’s science!

Alice throws a propeller that travels 8 tiles, pierces through enemies then it goes back (boomerang effect). This attack can hit a Brawler twice.

Super: Aerial Show

Alice really loves the sky and shows it with an aerial show in her Mini Plane. Hop in for a ride!

Alice jumps in her mini plane (which is barely twice as big as her), gets up high in the sky and becomes invulnerable of all damage and can go over walls. She can be controlled, and she can attack by dropping bombs. The Super finishes after dropping six bombs, or after 6 seconds in which Alice will jump out of her plane. During her flight, Alice can’t heal or get healed although she can be affected by a previously existing poison or other effects.

Star Power: Mayday!

Somebody messed up with the engine! Her plane will crash and explode onto the ground, enemies caught will take 1400 damage.

Once her Super is over, the plane will crash, creating an explosion with a 2 tiles radius.

Concept by DeathBoo

Amazing Artwork and Star Power by FreeGP

Edited by Natriks


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