Name: Kreed



“Kreed enjoys simple things :  Eating, sleeping, and robbing you so fast that you won’t even see him coming! Literally!”


Rarity: Epic

Health: 2200 Base — 2970 Max

Movement Speed: 1000 (~3.55 Tiles per second)


Attack: Sharp Darts


“Kreed throws four darts one by one, each flying slightly away from each other. Be careful, this’ll hurt.”


Kreed throws four darts which fly in a spread similar to Shelly’s. The darts all aren’t thrown at once though, he throws one dart every 0.2 seconds, making it really hard to hit all four of them. The darts fly at a very fast speed.


Damage: 300 Base — 405 Max (Per Dart)


Range: 7 Tiles


Reload Speed: 1.5 Seconds


Attack Duration: 0.8 Seconds


Super: Speed Boost


“Kreed uses his powers to increase the speed of both himself and his teammates. Bet they won’t see that coming!”


Kreed’s super makes it so him and all teammates nearby in a 6 tile radius get a speed boost. His teammates’ though get a weaker boost, the boost also lasts shorter for them.


Hits to Charge: 10


Speed Increase to Self: 450 (Total 4.9 Tiles per second)


Speed Increase to Teammates: 150 (Total +.45 tiles per second)


Duration to Self: 5 Seconds Base — 6.75 Max (upgrading increases the duration)


Duration to Allie: 3.5 Seconds Base — 4.75 Max (upgrading increases the duration)


Star Power: Paralyzed


“Kreed runs so fast it just leaves his opponents standing in shock!”


When you run close to an opponent during your super, his opponents become stunned for a short amount of time. By run close I mean a radius of 3.5 tiles. The stun only happens once, if you run past them again it doesn’t stun again.


Stun Duration: 0.75 Seconds


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