Howdy Brawlers, Arigh here from The Weekly Brawler, bringing you a brand new Brawl Stars FanFic (not related to Puzzles’s!) Hope you enjoy!

Part One: An Elixir Like No Other

He woke up late that day. Colt struggled to get up from his sleep and yawned as he looked at the clock…

9:57 AM

He was late.

Colt jumped out of bed upon the realization and stormed out his room. He quickly made himself a cup of coffee though soon noticed the absence of his housemates, Jessie and Pam.

“Jessie!? Auntie Pam?!” He yelled, but got no response. This was odd, they weren’t usually gone in the morning time.

Due to the utter silence and the fact that they lived in an abandoned part of town, Colt began to worry. He took a moment to search around his home for any notes regarding their whereabouts but found nothing. Not wanting to be late for work, he quickly drank his coffee and rushed towards his office. On the way, he noticed Bull breaking into the town bank. Colt took out his gun and ran towards him.


He tried to stop Bull but had no luck, Bull knocked him out of the way with ease and continued his path. It wasn’t until then when Jessie’s robots- Ricochet, Barley and Darryl swooped in to help take the criminal down. The four of them succeeded together in taking down Bull, as they outnumbered him and cornered him from all directions. Bull’s shotgun couldn’t keep up with the constant rain of bullet and poisonous bottles flying at him.

“Do you really want to do this? You know I’ll just break out in a matter of days again, right?” Bull yelled. Colt approached him and locked his arms inside tight handcuffs.

“What’s this idiot talking about..? This is the law and we have to take him in whether he’ll escape or not.” Colt pondered as he shoved Bull into his prison cell.

The robots disappeared right after Bull’s imprisonment, as if the only purpose for their arrival was to stop Bull. This left The Sheriff confused, but soon shrugged it off.

He went to his office only to see a note from Jessie lying on his desk.

“Me and Mama J are going out of town to get some more materials for our machines, be back tomorrow!” Colt read to himself. “Aren’t they Junkers?” He muttered.

“Why do they need to do go out of town to collect resources if they can just get them here…?” He thought to himself, “Why is everyone acting so strange today?”

He continued his day as usual afterwards, though felt forced to stay until his shift was over, feeling sick and tired of his job. He glanced over his watch and saw that it was getting late outside. He began heading back home as soon as his shift ended, but was interrupted by a distressed Dynamike who suddenly rushed to his door.

“Come with me, I need your help!” the poor man exclaimed, panting.

“I.. Sure.” Colt didn’t know what was going on at this point, but decided to help the retired miner.

Without hesitation, Mike led Colt to the underground mines, where he saw Pam, Jessie, Bo and Mortis.

“Jessie! Auntie Pam, what have you been doing down here? I thought you were out of town?” shouted Colt. He was at least relieved to see his housemates were okay…

“We couldn’t tell you until we knew for sure!” Jessie yelled back, “Our sensors found an object that’s extremely valuable, selling it could make us millions! All that money could be used to get reinforcements to make our town a safer place.”

Colt was disappointed, yet nodded to Jessie “What is this object anyway?”

“Well you see it’s a- “, said Jessie before being interrupted by Pam,“If you really want to know what it is, the object is an ancient elixir, crafted by people hundreds of years ago”.

Hundreds of years ago? Was Pam serious? “And what does this…Elixir do?” Colt questioned.

“Unfortunately, none of us know what the elixir actually does…” shrugged Mortis.

“I have an elixir myself that I use for hunting, it increases your strength and durability” Bo chimed in, “I’ve heard this one is a far more powerful version of mine”.

Colt raised a brow. “An object like that wouldn’t really be safe now, would it?”

The others exchanged looks. “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.” replied Mortis, “Now grab a shovel and help us dig.”

Colt didn’t question Mortis, but reluctantly grabbed some tools to dig with the others. A couple hours later, an area opened up with what seemed to be a crate of some kind, Mike used some TNT to break open the lock, the crate didn’t even get scratched from the explosion, but the lock was nowhere to be seen, this shocked the entire group, including Mike himself who made the TNT. Dynamike rushed towards it. Once opened, the Box revealed what seemed to be exactly what Bo had said, a bottle filled with elixir.

“This is it!” cheered Bo, “We’re rich!”

Colt’s suspicion only lingered. “And how are we supposed to believe this is what you said it is? What was the name of the person who made your hunting potions things again? She might know what this actually does.”

“Colt’s right, knowing what it actually does can make it easier for us to know its true value,” replied Pam.

Bo sighed in defeat. “Fine, fine. Her name is Tara.”

“Tara?” Now that’s a name Colt hasn’t heard before. The man was fairly familiar with his townspeople, it’s not that hard to miss any new names

“She’s not originally from here and she also doesn’t trust many people, so I think I’ll just give this to her myself-”

Colt grabbed his wrist. “No way I’m letting you go alone! we did all this work and I’m going to make sure nothing dangerous happens while you’re there. We don’t know each other much, so there’s no way I’m going to trust you to go alone.”

A couple days later, both of them went to Tara’s place, the first thing Colt noticed when going into the shack was a small sign inside with the words “Black Market” written on it.

“You never told me this was a black market, I have the legal rights to shut this place down right now!” Colt furiously whispered to Bo.

“You’re right I didn’t tell you, and you’re also right when you say you have the rights to shut this place down, but you can’t now. If you’re going to do it then do it at least after we get this thing checked”, Bo replied. Maybe bringing the Town Sheriff was a bad idea. “ I didn’t tell you for that very reason, I knew you would’ve shut me down if I told you earlier.”

Colt rolled his eyes. “Ugh, let’s just get this over with. Then we’ll get our money and just leave. Can you tell me how long this’ll take?”

“About three days” A new voice interrupts. The two jolted in fear.

“…Are you aware I can hear you?”

Colt cleared his throat. “Oh, Miss,Tara was it? We have an extremely rare item we want you to check, but you’ve probably already heard about it, haven’t you?” Colt nervously replied.

“Correct, may I have the bottle please?”

Bo handed her the bottle, followed by giving Colt one of his hunting elixirs.

“What’s this for?” Colt asked, carefully scanning this mysterious substance.

“I heard you were having trouble chasing criminals like Bull, so I thought you could use a little boost.”

Colt took it as an insult to his skill, and went off at Bo. “Is this supposed to be a joke?! I can take care of Bull myself. Keep this dumb drink to yourself.” He shoved the elixir back to his feathered acquaintance. Classic Colt, stubborn as always.

Bo shrugged and moved on. Once they left Tara’s place, Bo went into the woods, apparently where he lived, and Colt went to his aunt’s house where he lived. It was late, so Colt immediately went to bed without greeting Jessie nor Pam.

Jessie noticed the lack of a greeting. “Where are you going, dummy?”

Colt sighed. “Just going to bed. Today’s been a long day, I’m tired, and I know you are too.”

And with that he passed out in bed.

Part Two: A Huge Predicament

The next day was no better.

Colt opened his eyes to total annihilation. He quickly got up and ran outside, only to be greeted with the town in shambles. Flames were everywhere and corpses littered the area. He was in shock and disbelief. This all happened in the span of one night! He could see one shadowy person moving in the distance, though seemed rather large in size compared to Colt. Upon being spotted, the shadowy figure ran out of town.

“What is this? Hell?!” Colt murmured, “What did we do to deserve this?!”

Colt realized that he hadn’t seen Jessie nor Pam while exploring through the apocalyptic town.

“There’s only one place they could be!” Colt thought, “the Mines!”

Colt noticed an entrance to the mines, not where he remembered it though, as if some sort of explosion created an opening in the ground leading to the mines. Colt navigated into the same spot in the mines where they had originally found the elixir, and saw Jessie lying unconscious under a huge pile of rubble. Colt ran up to her and attempted to pull her out.

After numerous attempts, Colt’s heart dropped upon the realization there was nothing he could do. His cousin wouldn’t budge out of the rubble no matter what he tried.

“Help! Help! Anyone help!?” Colt screamed, but he got no response. He was desperate for anyone to help.

Jessie coughed, catching the poor sheriff’s attention…

“You… Could’ve.. Helped us…”

Colt suddenly woke up screaming and jumped out of his bed within seconds of waking up. His screaming woke up both Jessie and Pam.

“What happened to you?” Jessie asked.

“I..” Colt frantically looked around and found himself back in his own room.

Wait…Was it all just a dream?

“No need to be nervous..” Jessie replied groggily, “Just make sure it doesn’t happen again..” She yawned. “ I’m pretty sure that you woke a lot of people up, including Mama J, both us and I’m also positive you also woke our neighbor up.”

Colt felt embarrassed and sighed to himself. “Was I screaming that loud?” Colt asked.

Jessie laughed a bit. “Yeah, you were. Good luck though. That wrestler next door doesn’t like getting woken up mid-sleep”

Colt quickly calmed down, went downstairs, made himself a quick cup of coffee and started to heading towards to the door when he heard his Aunt’s voice.

“Where you going so early?” Pam asked confused, “Isn’t it too early to start heading to work?”

“Maybe it is” replied Colt, “ But I’m not directly going to the office, there’s some stops I need to go to first”.

“And what are those?” Pam asked.

“Nothing really, I’d rather just keep it to myself.” Colt said nervously as he started at his watch.

Colt headed towards the door and just as he expected, he saw El Primo angrily standing right in front of him.

“I’m sorry for waking you up sir, I promise it won’t happen again next time.” Colt apologized.

Primo could see the fear in Colt’s eyes, but still kindly replied saying “It’s okay, but that is not why I’m here. I think you have something rightfully mine, it is very expensive”.

As far as Colt was concerned, he didn’t take anything from the wrestler.

Pam heard them talking and chimed in. “We don’t have anything that’s yours sir, please leave us alone.” Colt sighed in relief. Times like these make him glad he lives with his aunt. “And before you say anything else please just leave, as you won’t receive any answers”. Pam wasn’t talking crap from Primo today it seemed.

“I’m sorry, but please, listen to me-” Primo tried to continue the conversation before they just closed the door on him.

El Primo, disappointed, started walking back towards his house, opened the door and entered his basement, where Bull and The three Bots were sitting around a table.

Bull saw that Primo was empty handed and he angrily shouted, “You idiot! I told you just going there and asking them wouldn’t give you any results! Even worse, they might even know what we’re looking for now!”

“Not my fault” Primo exclaimed, “My goal wasn’t to get the drink, my goal was to get information on it’s location”

“And did you get any information?!” Bull yelled.

“No, but you see the plan would’ve-” Primo started talking before Bull interrupted.

“No? No?! That’s what you have to say?! This plan couldn’t have succeeded in the first place! I don’t know why I trusted you in the first place, get out of here!”

“This is my house so if anyone should be leaving it’s you!” Primo started yelling back at Bull.

“We’ll see”, Bull said with a grin as he loaded up his shotgun threatening Primo. The wrestler hesitated at first, but was set on his decision.

“Fine, I don’t need you! I’ll do it myself” He left the basement and eventually his own house.

“Heh, good luck doing it yourself” Bull said with a chuckle.

The three bots only watched as Primo left…

“Sir, do you not believe you were a bit harsh with Mr. Primo?” Barley said in his robotic voice.

“Barley is correct.” exclaimed Ricochet, “His actions were wrong but it is too harsh to kick him out of his own house.”

Bull glared at the two. “You both zip it, I’m the boss here and I decide what goes! Trust me getting rid of that whiny idiot was the best thing I’ve ever done”

“But-” Barley tried talking but was stopped by Bull.

“No buts, you’re either with me or you’re out! Ugh, now how do we continue this if we don’t even know where the elixir is….?”

“Well, we kind of do” continued Barley, “We overheard Mortis and Bo talking at the Bar, I believe they knows where the drink is”.

“And you didn’t say anything until now?!” yelled Bull, “That doesn’t matter, we need a plan to get the elixir quickly, at least faster than that lousy Sheriff can get his hands on it.”

Bull quickly loaded everyone’s weapons, and started marching towards where he thinks Bo might be hiding.

“Sir, we need a plan of attack.” exclaimed Darryl.

“I have a plan. Attack.”, Bull responded.“You stay here. Me, Darryl, and Ricochet will go out hunting for this Bo guy.”

While Bull was searching for Bo, Colt had already gone to talk to him, and fortunately he knew where Bo lived, he lived in a strange hut built in the middle of the woods. He tried knocking on the door but no one answered, then all of a sudden the floor beneath him cracked and he fell into a room, where Bo had been waiting.

“So this is your grand entrance?” Colt said, “Wouldn’t it be easier to just open the door instead of setting up a trap every time you get a visitor?”

“You never know who could be visiting, it’s better safe than sorry.” Bo replied, “You see, I’m glad you came because-”, all of a sudden Bull blew up the walls of Bo’s hideout, knocking both Bo and Colt back. Colt tried to get up and shoot, but Darryl and Ricochet kept him off his feet. Bo looked at the situation and knew it was time, he activated all his mines, knocking Ricochet off his feet, where he was buried under the rubble caused by the explosions. The explosion also knocked Darryl back, he was tougher than Ricochet though, and managed to get right back up where he was finished off by Colt, Ricochet walked out of the rubble a short while later with a lot of damage inflicted onto his body.

“So you’re on his side now?” Colt asked Ricochet.

Ricochet’s eye turned red, he quickly ran right at Colt only to step onto another mine and explode.

Bull was infuriated by what was going on and started marching towards Bo, Colt tried standing up again Bull he took out his revolvers ad shot a full round of bullets directly at Bull, but Bull’s Armor just deflected the Bullets right off. Colt got nervous and tried challenging Bull to a fistfight, but Bull easily just knocked him out of the way and approached Bo instead. He grabbed Bo by the neck and started yelling.

“Where is it?!” Bull growled.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Bo replied in a low voice.

“Yes, you do!” Bull continued to shout as the ceiling continued to fall.

Bo just stared at Bull, without saying a single word, knowing Bull’s motives, he knew how dangerous giving him the elixir would be. So he just continued to stare at him, engaging Bull even more.

Bull stabbed Bo in the stomach and threw him into the falling debris, knowing that Bo wasn’t going to give him any answers, Bo quickly got up and shot an arrow directly at Bull, Bull caught it mid-air, then shot his shotgun to finish off Bo. Then just left like nothing happened.

Colt emerged out of the rubble only to see the entire place fallen to the ground, he saw Bo’s dead body lying in the rubble. He approached Bo, he apparently wasn’t quite dead yet. Bo opened his eyes and whispered to Colt.

“I don’t have much time left, leave me, and go, don’t let the elixir get into the wrong hands, you must stop them”, Bo closed his eyes, and it was clear now that he was officially gone.

“This elixir has caused enough harm already” Colt thought to himself, his first instinct was to go to Tara’s place, as he thought that might be Bull’s next location.

Colt ran to Tara’s Black Market as fast as he could, only to see that El Primo had already broken into the market and stolen the elixir and had already consumed it.

El Primo wasn’t that powerful yet, as if the effects of the elixir weren’t instantaneous.

Bull was standing right there, staring at Primo, he loaded his shotgun and immediately charged towards Primo enraged that he wasn’t able to get the elixir, Primo just stood there, staring at Bull as he was charging.

Primo waited until Bull was right in front of him charging, right as Bull was about to hit Primo, Primo punched him right as he hit him with his charge.

Bull knocked out cold and fell on the floor face first, his shotgun landing next to him, while Primo was stood there grinning at Bull’s unconscious body.

“Buenos noches, amigo.”

To be continued in, Boss Fight: The Final Chapter

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