A strange sniper with unknown origins. Her bullets are the most accurate in all the west!

Health: 2400

Speed: 2.5 tiles/second (average)


Attack: 3, 2, 1, DRAW!

“Trace’s signature, these bullets have a pre set target system! Draw a path and unleash 3 shots that follow it!”

This attack works a bit differently. Touch Trace, then draw a path on the map up to 10 tiles long. Release and Trace will fire 3 bullets that follow that path to the end. If the path is ended prematurely, they will follow through in a straight line till they run out of range.

Range: 10 tiles

Damage per bullet: 320

Reload: 2.25 seconds

Time between bullets: 0.25 seconds

Super: Lead Storm

“Trace fires 6 shots, that have significantly improved range!”

Exact same gimmick as the main attack, but better range, speed, and a piercing effect.

Damage per bullet: 320

Range: 16 tiles

Bullets to charge: 12

Star Power: Dexterity

Trace reloads 20% faster while standing still.


“Ready? DRAW!”

“Got you in my sights”

“No escape!”

“BOOM! Headshot…”


“Right on target.”



“That’s another off my list.”


“I’ve been spotted!”

“My cover’s blown!”

“Too close for comfort!”


Trace is a long ranger offence-support brawler. She specializes in finishing blows and would excel in Bounty and Smash n grab.

Stats and concept by Striker, amazing artwork by Jana (Dual-Masked)!


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