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Hello everyone, Puzzles here. If you couldn’t tell by the title of the post, I have finally finished Feast or Famine: The Final Showdown. This is the last chapter of the Showdown series, and although it was due a month ago, it’s barely being released. That’s because I found myself in a troubled mental state, without mentioning loads of schoolwork I’ve been receiving lately and the fact that I just downright hit what writers refer to as the writer’s block, a term used to describe whenever a writer doesn’t have inspiration and can’t seem to write at all.

A thing that you must know before reading this is that the story isn’t set in the Feast or Famine map but in the Death Valley map.

Anyways, a few things you might notice are the references to the Avengers’ biggest villain: Thanos. Being an MCU aficionado, I thought it would be cool to add Thanos’s lines from the trailer. Fun fact: when I was writing this, I listened to the MCU soundtrack and I pictured Bull as Thanos. Now, I don’t believe I made Bull feel like such a threat, but I did enjoy picturing it and what the story turned out like.

As I just mentioned, I listened to the MCU soundtrack while writing this story, and I recommend listening to this particular song while reading.

But enough of this; half of you may not even read this part, and maybe I already lost the other half of my audience. Without further ado, I give to you the final chapter of the Showdown series – Feast or Famine.


Nita Littlefoot summoned Big Baby Bear, but it was no use – Bull shot the bear spirit once and it vanished. He made his way towards the young girl, but stopped when he heard his ally scream. He turned around and saw the bandit laying in front of a turret. No sight of the Junker girl, Bull observed, but she took Shelly down.

He looked around him: the Valley had become an apocalyptic landscape. Now it was only him, the Junker, and the Bear girl.

“Fine,” he said. “I’ll do it myself.”



“Jessie, hurry up!” Tara screamed as she threw her cards to the barrel bot. “Darryl’s heading our way!”

“Almost there!” Jessie called. “Hold them for a minute!”

“We don’t have a minute!”

Tara continued to attack the robot, but the cards seemed to do no harm to him as if he had a shield protecting him. Meanwhile, Jessie was setting up her turret. I hope you know what you’re doing, Jessie.

Darryl pulled his shotguns out, loaded them, and dashed towards them. Jessie quickly got up and loaded her shock rifle and shot the bot three times, each sending him a few steps back, stunning him for a second, but the bot didn’t seem to care. He just kept going.

Scrappy’s bullets bounced off Darryl, doing no harm to him. Tara’s cards didn’t pierce through him either. In an act of desperation, Tara closed her eyes and sat down.

She’s summoning her shadow. Jessie observed as she fought back. But it usually takes her a few seconds for her shadow to come! She won’t make it!

Tara concentrated on summoning her shadow, but she couldn’t get ahold of it. Meanwhile, Jessie and her turret struggled against Darryl. He had almost reached them.

Come on, where are you!?

Darryl reached the turret, and took it down in two blows, catching Jessie awestruck. She retreated back a few more steps, shooting as fast as she could. One, two, three.

Darryl was stunned. For a few more seconds or so, Jessie calculated. “Tara, hurry up!”

“Run,” Tara whispered, still searching for her shadow.

Jessie looked at her carefully, then retreated as Darryl rebooted. As she ran away, she kept shooting him, but the shock orbs weren’t stunning him anymore. She turned around and didn’t look back anymore until she heard screams and growls. As she looked back from a safer place, Jessie could not see Tara nor Darryl anymore.


“What’s the game plan, boss?” Shelly asked Bull.

The two were hiding behind the few remaining walls, waiting for anyone to come by to be obliterated by them in a matter of seconds.

“I’ll take the cactus.” Bull replied. “Doesn’t seem tough from the outside, but trust me, he is. Barley is going for the Bear girl, and Crow is hunting the old man. And as for Darryl…”

As he said this, Bull and Shelly heard screaming and growling coming from behind – where Darryl was. “It seems as if he failed to take down Tara, but no matter: you take the Junker girl.”

Shelly nodded, got up, and left to the source of the screams. A few seconds later, Bull got up and dashed into the walls, obliterating them once and for all. Now there won’t be any more hiding spots.


He had been dashing away for a while now, but Crow was able to keep up with the undertaker.

“You can run, old man, despite your apparent age,” Crow said as he chased him. “But you can’t hide anymore!”

Crow threw several daggers at the man but missed all of them. Mortis took no notice of them and kept dashing away.

He’s right, Mortis thought as he dashed (and dodged two more daggers), there are no more walls, no more hiding spots. The soil’s hard – I can’t dig!

From a distance, he could make out Spike and Nita struggling against Barley. As he dashed their way, three daggers hit his leg. He tripped. His vision was blurring; he could feel his life being drained from him. Crow was now walking instead of running, and even with a blurry vision, Mortis could make out a grin from the enigmatic creature.

He’s gone…the poison got to him… and soon, I’ll be gone too…

“At least you tried, old man,” Crow whispered as he reached Mortis. “And for that, you deserve a quick death.”

Mortis closed his eyes, and let Crow finish him.


The valley, once full of walls and bushes, was now an apocalyptic landscape of debris, gas, and darkness. The sun was rising, marking the beginning of the fifth day in this mysterious struggle for survival. Bull couldn’t help but smile. He pulled out his shotgun, loaded, and shot the air. Everybody close to him turned to see him – Barley, Shelly, Spike, Nita. He began making his way to Spike, and everyone around him froze, carefully studying Bull. He didn’t care, he didn’t mind.

Spike began to retreat, as did everyone else.

“What!?” Bull growled. “Are y’all scared of me!?”

No one spoke. He laughed. A maniac laugh.

“YOU SHOULD BE!” he roared and dashed towards Spike. Upon contact, the walking cactus was sent flying but landed safely a few steps back.

“Finally, someone worth my time.” Bull laughed. He loaded his shotgun once more and began to shoot Spike.

He missed all three shots, and Spike landed all of his. Bull pulled out the spikes from his body, loaded again, and instead of shooting Spike, he shot the Brawler next to him.


Jessie was frozen with a deadly fear. Bull’s a madman! He killed one of his own! Jessie witnessed all of this from a safer distance than the rest, behind a few walls that had fallen close to each other, providing somewhat of a hiding place. Jessie was a small girl – just the right size to hide.

She would have stayed in that spot, but she felt a dagger hit her leg.


“An alliance.” Bull offered, smiling malignly. “The gas, it’ll trap us in a matter of minutes now. Less than half an hour, my estimate.”

Nita was ready to summon her Bear if she needed too. Spike had his cacti bombs ready to go as well.

“If we work together, we can get out of here.” Bull offered, then added, “Maybe we can find answers; find out why and how we’re here.”

Nita was tempted to accept his offer. He sounded believable, reasonable. Sane. But she could feel her spirit bear growling against it, and if there was one thing Nita had learned over the course of her life, it was to go with Big Baby Bear’s gut. And so, she sent forth a shockwave, rupturing the ground, and sending Barley’s obsolete body back a few tiles. It didn’t work as good with Bull.

Bull smiled, loaded his gun, and began to shoot.


“Hi there, little girl.”


“Don’t be afraid,” Crow said. “Soon you’ll see your mama.”

Junker Jessie had gone through a lot in the past few days. Heck, everyone had. But at the mention of her mama, Jessie lost it. She deployed Scrappy and began to shoot with her shock rifle. Crow was able to dodge the first two, but not the third orb. This hit his wing, just as he was about to fly, knocking him down to the floor.

As he fell, he threw six more daggers, all of them hitting Jessie. She let out a scream and dropped her shock rifle.

“It’s okay, Jessie,” Crow whispered. “You fought with bravery and honor.”

Jessie whimpered, and for the first time in this five day war, she let out a tear. Crow went back a few steps, then ran towards her and jumped.

As he landed, he was sent flying by a dashing Bull.

Jessie crawled away, and as she looked back and tried looking for them, she could only see the gas. It was almost everywhere.


“SPIKE!” Nita cried, as she ran towards Spike, who laid on the ground, severely wounded by Bull. “Are you okay!?”

Spike didn’t speak, but he nodded. He pulled out a bag from his pocket. A bag of seeds.

“Dd-duh-don’t die,” Spike whispered, then closed his eyes. Nita took the bag of seeds and stood up. She looked around her – no sign of Bull. Was she the sole survivor? Then, she remembered there was at least one Brawler left. Shotgun Shelly.

She turned around quickly, and from the gas saw a female shadow. The bandit was still alive. Just like Bull, Shelly loaded her gun and shot the air. Then loaded again, and sprinted towards Nita.


Bull was also alive. Crow? Not so much. Was Junker Jessie still alive? She’s weak. Yet she has survived this long. If I don’t kill her, the gas will. It’s all around us now. He dashed towards the only area where there was no gas – where Nita and Shelly were.


Nita sent forth several shockwaves towards Shelly, each sending her back a few steps. Nita could tell this was working, for Shelly was moving slower and slower each time. Soon, she would fall and be defeated. Then Bull arrived and sent both flying opposite ways.


Jessie seized this opportunity and deployed Scrappy once more and hid in the gas. She would soon turn insane like the rest, but for now, she had to endure it. She could not see clearly anymore, but she heard her turret shoot, followed by a scream. Then she saw Shelly’s shadow fall.


No sight of the Junker girl, Bull observed, but she took Shelly down. Now it was only him, the Junker, and the Bear girl.

“Fine,” he said. “I’ll do it myself.”

Neither Nita nor Bull nor Jessie could see anymore. It was all a shade of dark green. They could make out each other’s shadows though, and for Bull, that was good enough.

“I’M SURPRISED YOU MADE IT THIS LONG, GIRLS!” Bull roared. “Kudos to you.”

Neither of the girls responded.

“Soon you will know what it’s like to lose.” Bull chuckled. “Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.”

He headed towards Jessie – the route made easier by her shock orbs. From the background, he could hear Nita growl. The orbs bounced off of him to the Bear girl.

Soon, he reached Jessie, and with only one simple shell, Bull took the Junker girl down.


Nita could no longer summon her bear. Perfect timing. She saw Bull’s shadow moving her way. She could hear the turret shooting him.

He might be strong, but he’s not invincible, Nita thought. If I can keep dodging him, attacking him, and letting Scrappy help…

Bull began shooting, but Nita figured something must be wrong with him, for he was shooting neither her nor the turret, he was shooting the gas.

“The madman’s gone even madder.” Nita chuckled out loud. “You hear me!?”

Bull growled and dashed her way, but missed by a foot or two. It would take him a while to reach her, and by then she would be ready, right?

Nita began to cough and fell down.

The gas… it’s finally having an effect on me, Nita observed. Just a bit more…

She waited for Bull to reach her, and when he was at range, she began to rupture the ground, pushing him back. It went on like this for a while, ten seconds or so, give or take. Eventually, they both fell. They started to cough chronically, and Nita’s vision was becoming blurry.


I was defeated… by a little kid, Bull thought. He couldn’t help but smile, before closing his eyes. Nita wasn’t shy to join him and closed her eyes too.

Destiny always arrives.

Written by Puzzles

Edited by Natriks & Arigh

Special thanks to u/MuggaWump, u/IceTech11, and u/ZSC1323 for giving me the motivation to finish this story.



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