Name: Spectre


This strange being is said to be one of the souls that escaped Mortis’ reach. Be careful, as he has some spooky tricks up his sleeve!

Rarity: Mythic

Health: 4000 Base – 5400 Max

Movement Speed: 650 (Average)

Attack: Smoke Bombs

“Spectre throws two bombs, covering the map with smoke and slowing down his enemies. Spooky!”

Spectre throws two smoke bombs. These bombs travel one and a half tile away from each other in a parallel line. The bombs have medium range . The bombs slow down opponents, while dealing medium damage. The bombs also have an area of effect of 1 tile.

Damage: 600 Base – 810 Max per bomb

Range: 7 tiles.

Reload Speed: 1.8 seconds

Slow Down Effect: 15%. In comparison, Spike’s super decreases speed by 40%

Duration: 2 seconds

Super: Unseen Harm

“Spectre uses his mystical powers to turn himself invisible. Gaining the ability to walk through walls and immunity for most damage as he frightens his enemies”

Spectre become invisible, he’s look in game would be slightly transparent. He becomes immune to 50% of the damage he’s receiving for a short period of time, during this time period he also gains the ability to go through walls, but he loses speed when he’s going through them. He also gains some speed during this time period. To compensate for this, he loses 40% of his damage while invisible.

Duration: 5 base – 6.75 max seconds (upgrading increases duration)

Speed While Invisible: 700

Speed While Going through Walls: 450

Hits to Charge: 8 hits

Star Power: Paralyzing Fear

“Spectre’s presence frightens his opponents. So much in fact that they lose speed due to lack of concentration brought to them by their own fear”

Spectre gains an area of effect of two tiles around him, any opponents inside this area receive a speed reduction of 25%. For comparison Spike’s super and Shelly’s star power reduce speed by 40%, 15% more than Spectre’s star power.


“You can’t kill what you can’t see”

“I’m always watching”

“You can’t hide in the smoke!”

“I’ll be back, just  wait and see”


“You’ll just be another one of my victims!”


Spectre is a medium ranged brawler with mediocre damage and decently high health. His uniqueness as a mythic comes with his speed reduction. He’s the only brawler in the game with a main attack who reduces speed. Also his super allows him to escape sticky situations while allowing him to fully control his movements, unlike Darryl and Bull and Primo, which is also unique.

Concept by Arigh, and artwork by FreeGP.

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