bOLTA man who shows no face, with possibly a fake name. Who’s this strange dweller with no identity?

  • Health: 2800
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Speed: 2.8 tiles/second | 750

Attack: Pew Pew
Bolt has just stolen a space robot’s gun. Time to have some fun.

  • Damage: 800
  • Reload Time: 1.7 secs
  • Range: 9 tiles.

Super: Shock Wave
Bolt has stolen Jessie’s new creation: a device that will stun enemies with an electric wave. They might still be able to move, but they sure can’t attack!

  • Damage: 400
  • Stun: 2 seconds; can’t move but can still attack.
  • Range: 7 tiles

Star Power: Empowered Scavenger

Bolt has stolen Jessie’s second model of the Shock Wave: those stunned won’t be able to do a darn thing anymore!

Game Mode Ratings

Here’s how good I feel Bolt would be in the game modes.

Showdown – Good overall, but in maps that benefit throwers… not recommended.

Smash and Grab – Great for the most part.

Brawl Ball – Not recommended

Bounty – Great in all maps.


  • As defense: Not recommended
  • As offense: Better… but still not recommended.

Robo Rumble – Good at the beginning, but might need help from allies as the waves increase.

Boss Fight

  • As attacker: Good for the most part.

As Boss: Not recommended… would turn out like Piper.

Created by Puzzles – first concept ever!

Art by FreeGP

Special thanks to Striker, DeathBoo, and Arigh for the help!

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