Name: Scorpio

Description: This strange mechanical marvel that resembles a scorpion was found in the desert. It’s origins are unknown, and possibly otherworldly…

Tier: Mythic

Health: 3600

Speed: Average

Attack: ViceGrip

“Scorpio extends his left claw for a grab, and comes forward with a flying slash!”

Scorpio launches his claw forward 6 tiles, and upon grabbing a foe he will pull himself over, and pinch them with his spare claw for high damage once he makes contact. Upon missing the launched claw will return on a cord. He cannot grapple on terrain, just Brawlers.

Grapple range: 5.25 tiles

Slash range: 1 tile

Slash damage: 1000

Reload: 2.0 seconds

Super: Triple Sting

“Scorpio opens his stinger shoots 3 barbs laced with toxins that cut a foe’s strength in half!”

Foes who have been stung turn purple, deal half damage, and it lasts for 5 seconds. The barbs also pierce foes.

Range: 10 tiles

Damage per barb: 400

Damage to charge: 5000

Star power: Razor Sharp

Scorpio’s barbs are now so sharp that they pierce walls, and deal an extra 200 damage each!

Scorpio talks like a hunter, with a slight robotic filter on his voice. He also has a hiss to it.


“The Hunt is on!”

“Grab em and slash em!”

“Careful, this may sting…”

“you can run… But you can’t hide…” “Steel and Stingers!”


“My claws hunger…”


Scorpio is a close range brawler with mid ranger elements. He is a good ambusher, and his super can make getting near you opponents much easier. He has good mobility, but Mortis can still beat him on that account, as he has far more freedom with with his shovel swing. If there are any changes I should make, please let me know in the comments!

Brawler Concept and stats by Striker, Artwork by Jana (IGN Dual Mask, and Mohawk by Freegp.

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