Howdy, Brawlers! Today the Developer Team hosted a Reddit AMA, in which Redditors can ask questions and the team will answer them. We picked out the best questions that were asked (and the ones we asked) for today’s post. Hopefully, this gives you some information regarding the state of the game!

Before we start with the questions, there’s a huge thing that must be noted: Supercell has released the game (iOS only) in Norway, Finland, and Sweden. Why is this huge? Well, let’s see what the Devs said to a Redditor who asked this question as well:

Great question! We wanted to improve matchmaking for brand new players, which can be helped by bringing in new regions. Additionally, we’ve been improving the tutorial and super-early game stuff so we wanted to test that out with an area that has never seen the game before.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s dive right into the questions!

Global Release?

1-10 scale is really hard. I don’t want to guess, and I think each person on the team would probably have different answers. Instead we’ll go a bit more in depth on our current thinking:
We still have not made a decision on whether Brawl Stars will go global. In order to explain why, I’d like to give a little background on how we make games at Supercell. One of our goals is to make games that people will play for years and remember forever. When we’re deciding whether to release a new game we need to ask ourselves whether we can accomplish that. As many of you know, Supercell is a relatively small company. That means that if we want to dedicate 15-20 people to a project for many years, we need to be really confident in that project. If you want to learn more about our process for new games, I highly recommend checking out Jonathan’s (Team Lead of Clash Royale) GDC talk where he talks about this in depth —>
SO what does that mean for Brawl? Right now, we’re feeling pretty optimistic about Brawl Stars! We’re not there yet, but we have some concrete ideas to improve the game and we want to roll those out before we make the big decisions.

Do you read our concepts? How many support messages do you receive daily?

Yes, we do! The best place to put new concepts is here on Reddit. Our Support team forwards us as many as they can, but the whole dev team checks reddit pretty regularly. If you have an idea, post it here for us to see! 

What are your work days?

The average workday is 9-5 but we’re pretty flexible which is nice. We can come in later/earlier as long as we don’t have anything scheduled. 

How long are your brainstorming sessions?

One of the best things about having a small team is that we can brainstorm any time. We’re all sitting together, so when somebody has an idea, they just flip their chair around and start talking about it. We’re constantly pitching new ideas to each other and chatting about improvements.

How many Brawlers (an estimate) do you plan to be added before global release?

We don’t have a definite number set, but certainly, more than we have right now.

Will there ever be a spectating feature?

Yes, we’re working on this now!

Will bands ever benefit players in any other way than game rooms and chat?

We’d love to add some features for Bands. We’ve chatted about this quite a bit but haven’t (yet) landed on a perfect idea

What do you have to say about the matchmaking?

We’re constantly working to improve matchmaking! Game Rooms can make it tough (if a 400 Trophy Brawler is in a Game Room with a 200 Trophy Brawler, then it won’t look perfect on the end-screen).

How do you plan on fixing Heist?

Heist was actually pretty balanced before we made the Melee guys speedier, now we’re working to get it optimal again.

Will all Brawlers eventually have skins?

We hope so! This takes quite a bit of time from our art team, but it’s something we’d certainly like to see more of.

What do you have to say regarding players saying the game is too p2w {play to win}?

It’s a tough balance between rewarding players who spend months (or years!) on a game and making sure that brand new players can still compete. Our aim with Brawl Stars was to make a game where new players can still be competitive and play with their friends who may have spent months already advancing. We think that somebody who has spent years playing a game should probably have made some significant progress compared to a brand new player, but again there’s no easy answer here.

Can we have an approximate date when the game will be released for Android? 

Unfortunately, releasing in soft launch on Android is somewhat complicated. I’m going to get a little bit technical so bear with me:
Due to the nature of the Android APK, if we tried to release only in one region, it’s pretty trivial for the APK to be released worldwide. We’re definitely not ready for the game to be worldwide just yet.

What is the brawl stars team working on that we can expect in the next update?

We don’t have the whole list on concrete yet. We’re still testing a lot of things to see what makes sense. That being said, one of the things we’ll focus on is making the early-game less intimidating (think the first time someone opens Brawl Stars). We’ve received feedback that the game is a little unforgiving to new players and we’d like to improve on that.

Have you considered adding a larger scale type Showdown, maybe a 30-50 people one? This would take place on a big map with different environments within it. Each environment comes with different threats eg random bears wandering around etc.

I think you just gave our server guys a heart attack.

What happened to Shelly’s pet, will it be used for brawler in the future?

We didn’t finish the artwork for Shelly’s pet, so it exists in the void of nothingness for now.

Have you considered a fourth event with user made maps?

That would be SO cool! It’s not in our pipeline right now, since we’re still focusing on improving the core game experience. Though down the road, this is something we’d love to see.

What does the dev team do for fun after a long day at work?

Two team members are training for a half-ironman, lots of us like to travel, and we’re all gamers! A few specific answers:

  • We think of ways to nerf Mortis. (J)
  • It’s winter in Finland which means it’s freezing cold and very little sun, so I’ve been catching up on Video Games. Got my first Chicken Dinner last week! Also getting really hyped for Tom Brady to take home another ring. GO PATS! (Ryan)
  • Play PUBG and Brawl in my free time. (J
  • Watch a lot of Football, Premier League.(T)


Can you describe new update in 3 words?

Not done yet.

Are you planning to add any more asymmetrical Game Modes? Like Heist, but with different objectives. I think these kind of maps really spice things up, when properly balanced ofc, and it would be fun to have some more. The dynamics between an offensive team pushing forward and a defensive team trying to hold the fort can create a lot of fun and exciting moments! What are you guys most/least satisfied with regarding Heist as it looks today?

Yes those are super cool! Though as you’ve probably noticed, they’re quite difficult to balance.
Making the short-range Brawlers speedier threw off the current Heist balance a little bit, but we think we’re getting closer and closer to 50/50 win-rates.

You can ask your questions to the Developer Team throughout the whole day (January 17th, 2018) by clicking here!

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