Brawler Concept: Vibora

Víbora the Snake Charmer is an enchanting, yet venomous woman. Her poison… has quite a shock


Rarity: Mythic

Speed: 700


  • Each Health Pin increases her health by 95
  • Each HealthBadge increases her health by 190
  • The Health Medal increases her health by 285
  • The HealthCrest (available once all her pins are unlocked) increases her health by 380
  • Each AttackPin increases her attack by 16
  • Each AttackBadge increases her attack by 32
  • The AttackMedal increases her attack by 48
  • The AttackCrest (available once all her badges are unlocked) increases her attack by 64
  • Each SuperPin increases her healing per second by 5
  • Each SuperBadge increases her healing per second damage by 10
  • The SuperMedal increases her healing per second damage by 15
  • The SuperCrest (available once all her medals are unlocked) increases her healing per second damage by 20

Víbora starts out with 3800 health, dealing 640 damage and 960 damage when her target is in front of her. Her Super boosts many stats and heals 200 healthpoints per second for 5 seconds. When she becomes fully maxed out, she has 5130 health, dealing 640 damage and 960 damage when her target is in front of her and her super heals 270 health points per second.

Attack: Tail Slap

Víbora dislikes people, and she gives them a special gift when they in front of her: She spins and tail slaps them!

Reload: 1.0 secs

Range: 5.5 tiles (cone shaped, 2 tiles wide)

She deals damage in a circle pattern but everybody inside the cone shape will suffer an additional damage of 50% (ex1: 640 + 320=960. Ex2 864 + 432P=1296)

Super: Adrenaline

She injects a boosting poison in her allies and herself, driving them wild!

Reload: 12 main hits without additional damage, 8 with additional damageRange: 8 tiles (cone shaped, 6 tiles wide)She boosts herself and affected allies’ damage by 30% (rounded up), speed by +150 and reload time by -50% (rounded down) for 5 seconds, it also heals 200 each second while the effect is active. If there are two Víboras in the same team, and one uses her super while the other Víbora’s is still active, its effects won’t stack, but the duration of the attack will (It will last for +5 more seconds, effectively lasting 10 seconds)

Star Power: Blood LustWhenever Víbora kills an enemy, she goes on the rampage, dealing +25% bonus damage and running faster for a while!

After she kills a brawler, she deals 25% more damage for and runs at a speed of 750 (+50) 5 seconds (Super’s bonus damage and speed overrides Star power’s bonus damage and speed)


Smash and Grab

Her spin attack makes her good in late game where she needs to defend herself and her team if winning, being able to attack all the three opponents if they gather up in a small area. Her super can help speeding things up, either defending or attacking. Her Star Power makes her a great kill-n-runner (those who kill a gem carrier and run away right after).


Thanks to how her attack works, surrounding her can be detrimental, making her good in maps like Snake Prairie and Terracotta Square. Her Super can really help her team and herself to kill the other team faster. She is a great revenge killer. However, open maps like Shooting Star, Star Gulch and Cabbage Patch are harsh for her.


Like most characters, she’s great at defending in heist. And like most Brawlers, offense is hard, as all heist maps are open.


She’s rather good in Showdown. Her crate farming speed is average. While her damage is average, her reload speed is quick, allowing her to deal with other brawlers like Tara, Bo and Nita. However, other enemies like Colt, Ricochet and Shelly are hard to counter, but she can beat them; fighting against tanks is a risky decision. She is good in late game where she can hit multiple enemies, since they all gather up due to the poison gas.

Brawl Ball

She’s average in early game, but once she uses her super (or has killed someone if maxed), she can be dangerous. If she has a Crow in her team, using her super on him makes him extremely fast, allowing him to make goals easier.

Boss Fight

She’s not a good Boss, but if she’s not the boss, her super can be devastating for the boss if she manages to hit her entire team.

Robo Rumble

While her super can be a great add to the team, she’s not good at Robo Rumble, and like the other tanks, she should not be used entirely in this gamemode.


Concept, Stats, Attacks by DeathBoo

Amazing Artwork by Jana (Dual-Masked)

Emotional Help & Support by Striker, Puzzles and the entire TWB team

Name by: Somebody very special to DeathBoo •‿•

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