Tips for Trophy Pushing (ft. Brawl Stars Rey)

Today, we’ll be giving you guys some tips, based on Rey’s video, that will hopefully help you improve your gameplay in Brawl Stars. Disclaimer: Thumbnail was made for Rey’s video and was used for this post because it’s a written version of his video. Credit goes to Rey for most of the info and for the thumbnail.


Setting goals for yourself makes everything, somehow, easier. Setting goals up makes things more structured and organized as well. Completing these goals, especially difficult, long-term ones, can give one a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. This is no different in Brawl Stars, or any other game. Setting goals when trophy-pushing can make the whole grind easier. For instance, your first goal could be to get all of your Brawlers to 100 or more trophies. After this, you might wanna get all your Brawlers to 200 or more trophies, then 250 or more trophies, and so on. This will make the game that much more entertaining for you, and you will increase in total trophies.

Brawlers and Maps

Some maps are good for some Brawlers, and others… not so much. For example, make sure you use Piper in a map she is good or decent. If the map in rotation is not one where Piper is good at, then you might want to play someone else who is. Like Rey said on his video, “Before jumping in a map, you should be asking yourself a couple of questions: what Brawler really shines, and who am I good with?” To help you decide who’s good in which map, I will be making a separate post in the near future.


If you’re a low-trophy player, or if you’ve just unlocked a new Brawler, and want to grind, Showdown is the event you’re looking for. When a Brawler is at a low rank, it will not lose as much trophies as he would at a higher rank. It will also earn more trophies easily than at a higher rank. Likewise, if you’re a high-trophy player, you might not want to play as much Showdown. You won’t earn as many trophies as you would if you were lower, and you will lose more trophies. In other words, it’s not worth your time.

Game Modes, Practice Mode

In order to grow as a player in Brawl Stars, you might want to play all of the different game modes and not only one. If you only play Showdown and you want to try another mode, it might prove difficult as you have only played Showdown. All of the game modes are different to each other, and each have their own little meta. Be sure to experiment, practice, and grow as an all-gamemode player. Of course, if you just can’t play in a gamemode, perhaps Heist, you might want to use the Practice Mode in Heist events so you can collect the coins and not lose trophies.

Strategize, Communication

If you really want to push trophies and don’t want to go on a losing streak, you might want to join a Band (if you haven’t) and join the band’s Discord server (if they have one). If you’re able to, join a Voice Chat with your teammates and strategize before and during the match. If you can’t call, then strategize before the match. Create a good, balanced team, and play smart. Make sure to discuss a way to spread on the map; who is in the middle, who will be in the left or right, or whether all three of you will be together.

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