Brawler Concept: Barbara

A lone rancher who doesn’t take kindly to trespassers, not a single rustler has ever even come near her cattle

Barbara Brawler Concept Art

Tier: Epic

Health: 4500

Speed: 2.5 tiles/second (average)

Attack: Electric O-Fence

Barbara throws a coiled up ball of electrified barbed wire! It makes a great deFENCE!

You can choose how far to throw this attack. It stops at foes, and upon landing on the ground it will sit there for 3 seconds and zap anyone within 2 tiles of it for 320 damage per second.

Range: 6.5 tiles.

Reload: 2.0 seconds.

Super: Barbed Barricade

Barbara keeps her teammates safe with a wall of the strongest wire around!

Barbara lays down a 1×5 wall of barbed wire that blocks enemy attacks, and hurts and slows foes that walk through it! It blocks normal and piercing attacks. The only exception is overhead attacks.

Health: 6400.

Damage: 640 per second.

Deployment range: 4.5 tiles.

Star Power: Extra Grip

Barbara’s main attack now also sticks to foes and clings for extra damage!


Barbara is a strong woman, with a thick southern accent. She’s kind to allies but gruff to foes.


Barbara is a heavy defense brawler, specializing in Smash and Grab, Heist (defense) and Brawl Ball, being passable in Showdown and Bounty, and being poor in Heist (offense), Boss Brawl and Robo Rumble.

Concept and stats by Lanko and Striker, artwork by FreeGP.

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