2018 TWB Update

3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!

Wether you’re from Canada or from London, from Brazil to the UK, you’re already living in 2018. We at the Weekly Brawler are all extremely hyped for this new year; we believe this will be the year of Brawl Stars. We also thought, “New Year, New Blog!” Thus, we present to you… the 2018 TWB Update!


There were some changes to the staff. We have new Directors, other members were kicked, and we received some new members.

Directors: Arius, Puzzles, Striker, SomeSillyName, MattiMan

Writers: Death’s Shadow,

Artists: FreeGP, Jana, Proerdo, Fun177, Binary Skywalk,

Editors: Natriks, Alpha

Creators: DeathBoo (Striker, SomeSillyName)

To join the team, fill out this form. Once you fill it, then DM Puzzles or Arius on Discord: Puzzles YT#6588 – Arius#4534. We will review your application and get back to you soon.


We will finally live up to our name, or that’s the idea. The Weekly Brawler’s New Year’s Resolution Goal is to give its readers a new post once a week (at the very least).The content will vary from the following:

  • Brawler Guides
  • Brawler Concepts
  • Game Mode Concepts
  • Game Mode Guides
  • Balance Changes
  • In Game Updates
  • Podcast Episodes
  • Newsletter


Speaking of the newsletter, we will be bringing it back. This time, however, it will be bi-weekly, meaning that it will be released once every two weeks. In the newsletter, we will post highlights of the game, perhaps some art that our precious artists made, a segment called Brawler Of The Week and another called Blogger Of The Week.


As you might have noticed above, we will be rebooting the podcast, and hopefully this time it will survive after the first episode. Each episode will feature around half of the team discussing the game. New episodes will release every two weeks.

Community Server Update

The Weekly Brawler is not only the website. It’s the community, the Discord server, the Reddit account, the social media, and its team. Thus, the almost-as-dead-as-blog community server will undergo a series of changes to help make it an active chat.

  • We will now have daily QOTDs (Question Of The Day). Hopefully with the implementation of this the server will host more game discussion.
  • We will create a new role, @lfg, for those who are looking for game rooms. We decided to do this as people would use the @here or @everyone tags and, being admin exclusives, would not notify anyone.

If you have any suggestions for the server, please let us know via Discord

Let’s make 2018 a great year, Brawlers!

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