The Mega Tourney Finals

The Brawl Stars Mega Tourney is now over, and we have our three winners! Congrats to all of our winners and we would like to give big thanks to everyone that participated! This was our first ever tourney so yes, it was not the most organized it could be, but overall, it ran pretty smoothly. Enchatin streamed the finals on 12/28/2017, so if he saves his streams, go ahead and check it out! A video from the first place guy is also attached below.

The Finalists:
• CoffeeShopBM
• Markay
• justin
• Cole (replaced by Pig Rider)
Jaylem (

First place: ERIC_EX
Second place: Jaylem
Third place: justin

This means ERIC_EX gets $30, Jaylem gets $15, and justin gets $10. Congrats!

If you would like to participate in future tourneys, come join the Discord server with this link: We wish you all the best of luck in future events and happy New Years!


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