Balance Changes (12.22)

Balance Changes are on the way! We’ve made a few adjustments and improvements to Brawler Balance, Servers, and early-game matchmaking.

Economy Changes

  • Increased ticket drop chance from 25% to 35%
  • Upgrade Token drops tweaked as follows:
    • 10 > 15
    • 20 > 25
    • 40 > 40
    • 80 > 70
    • 160 > 120

As a result, Token output from Brawl Boxes is increased by 12%

Matchmaking Adjustments

Newbie Matchmaking Protection – Brand new players are now matched against Bots for additional games. We made this change because they early-game can be very harsh for brand new players even at very low trophies.

High-Level Matchmaking Improvements – Increased matchmaking accuracy in high-trophy games. This may lead to slightly slower matchmaking as the algorithm attempts to find a better match.

Brawler Balance

Overall, we increased the movement speed of tankier and short ranged Brawlers. These Brawlers were underused in high-trophy games, and increased speed should make them more viable against ranged Brawlers.


  • Base movement speed increased from 650 to 700
  • Health increased from 5,000 to 5400

El Primo

  • Base movement speed increased from 650 to 700


  • Base movement speed increased from 650 to 700


  • Main attack range decreased from 10.6 tiles to 10 tiles

Event Balance

  • Robo Rumble – Enemies always spawn at the northern side of the level. Spawns are no longer dependent on players’ location.
  • G.G. Corral made more difficult for Attackers.

Our Verdict

Although not the changes we expected, these will surely change the meta and make matches much more interesting. There will be an increase in the usage of the Brawlers that were buffed, creating new possibilities for Brawl Stars.

What do you think of the Balance Changes? Are they good or not? Let us know in the comments section. See you all next time!

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