The Weekly Brawler is looking for awesome content creators to join the team. Whether you’re a writer, an artist, or just want to help out, read this post and apply to join! Apply by filling this Google Form!

NOTE: We don’t pay our team. They joined for their love for Brawl Stars.

img_6939Writers: These are the people that write the articles for the blog, such as Brawler guides, Map guides, tips, strategies, and game news.

img_7729.jpgEditors: These are the people that go over the writers’ final drafts and polish them so that they’re ready to be published.


Artists: These are the people who make the thumbnails for our articles, draw the Brawler Concepts we create, and add some color to the team. There are different types of artists, and all of them are welcome to the team. If you’re good with Photoshop, you are also welcome.

Creators: These are the people who come up with new Brawler ideas. Although we don’t really need any more Creators, you are certainly welcome if you’re one.

Assistants: Running the blog is hard work, so we are looking for people who might want to help run the blog. These “assistants” would edit the to-do list, would remind us when something needs to be published, and will just prevent the Directors from forgetting important deadlines.

Apprentices: These people are the ones who are not yet confident with their skills but want to help the team out. If you want to grow and write your own posts, this role is perfect for you.

Partners: Whether you’re a Youtuber or another blog, we would love to be partners. Let us know if you would like to become a partner via Discord!


  • Must join TWB Office Discord Server – an invitation will be provided to you once we decide if you’ll join the team. Will be sent via Discord or Reddit.
  • Must join The Weekly Brawler Discord Server – this is the community’s server. A link is on the About Us page.
  • Must have Brawl Stars – if you’re an Editor, then you don’t need to have the game. Other than that, you must share a screenshot of your player profile for verification.
  • Be nice, calm, and helpful to others. We do like to play on the server while we work or just chat and have fun, but if the jokes start to get offensive and/or you harass someone, you will be warned the first time, kicked the second time, and banned the third time.
  • Language is PG-13 – we do cuss, but not excessively. If you have a problem with that, we can work it out. If the cussing becomes excessive… well, read the previous bullet point.
  • Must be active: Those who haven’t been active for more than two weeks will be given a warning. Three strikes and you’re out.
  • Must have Google Docs – to work on posts. We recommend using a new Gmail with a username that’s not your personal name… for safety reasons.
  • NOTE: Just because you choose one role doesn’t mean that that’s the only one you can be. For instance, if you choose to be a Writer, you can still be an Artist or a Creator!

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