December Update Arrived


Welcome to the biggest Update in Brawl Stars history! There’s a brand new Upgrade System, a new Brawler, two new unranked Game Modes, TONS of new items in the Brawl Boxes, Friendly Battles, and so much more!


Brawlers can upgrade their Health, Super, and Attack six times. Each of these upgrades have a chance of being found in Brawl Boxes!

Additionally, once a Brawler has been fully upgraded they can now unlock a unique special ability! These abilities are game changers and have a special effect for Brawlers.

Chips and Elixir are gone! Don’t worry, you’re not losing them! Your existing Elixir will be converted into Tokens, and your Chips will be converted into Gems.


We have a brand new Game Mode system which can be played with Tickets! These games are unranked and coin rewards are unlimited. Tickets can be found in Brawl Boxes.

Boss Fight – This game mode pits 5 Brawlers against one BOSS Brawler. The Boss Brawler has extra health, extra damage, and extra POWER!

Robo Rumble – This game mode pits you and two friends against wave after wave of killer robots. Your only goal – Survive.


  • Friendly Battles! Select any map and mode and duke it out with your friends.
  • Players can now see their collected coins and switch Modes from within the room.


Darryl is Brawl Stars’ newest Brawler! This rancorous robot wields dual shotguns and a Barrel to boot! His Super activates his Barrel to roll him through the map where he will ricochet against walls and damage enemies.


  • Rank-up rewards will grant gold after achieving Total Trophy milestones
  • Coin-cap is getting a massive increase
  • Mythic Brawl Box is now available in the shop
  • Bands now display a players’ last online time
  • All Brawlers’ damage and health stats have been increased to improve balancing accuracy
  • A single-use name change is available after XP 5
  • Many SFX improvements
  • Many visual improvements to Brawlers

Let us know what you think of the update in the comments section! Brawler Guides, Concepts, Map Guides, and more of TWB’s content will be updated. An announcement will be made when all content is updated; estimated time – a month. 

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