New Brawler Concept: Reed

Howdy Brawlers! Today, we will take a look at an awesome Brawler concept. Without further ado, let’s go!


After his father took out the leader of a whole clan of bandits, Reed has had to spend the rest of his life sneaking through his farms to keep them out.


Rarity: Epic

Health: 3500

Damage: 800

Super Damage: 200 per seed

Speed: 2.5 tiles per second (average)

Attack: Stealth Sickle

“Reed has spent enough time in the fields to strike twice as hard from them”

Reed throws his sickle at his foes for 800 damage. Remain hidden for 3.0 seconds (no attacking or taking damage), and Reed will perform a sneak attack, that deals TRIPLE damage! When Reed has a sneak attack ready he takes a readied stance and a shadowy effect surrounds him.

Range: 6 tiles. Reload: 1.5 seconds

Super: Am-Bush!

“Reed brings some special grass seeds to the battle for instant cover. Bad guys, keep off the grass!”

Reed throws a bag of seeds forward 7 tiles, that sprinkles seeds as it flies. Bushes will then sprout up in a one tile radius around where the seed bag flies (regular grass will be replaced). Now, these bushes function exactly like regular dried grass, except enemies who touch them take 200 damage, and destroy them on contact.

Star Power: Camouflage

Reed will remain hidden for up to 2.5 seconds after leaving grass.


Reed is a serious and  very experienced warrior who speaks very dramatically.

Dialogue ideas:

“I’m the best at what I do.”

“You reap what you sow”

“Time to harvest…”

“Just try to find me!”

“Your time has come”


Smash and Grab:

Reed will be good at sneaking behind the enemy lines, and picking enemies off. His super would also be helpful for playing defence by hiding their positions. Also, as he is good at hiding, he could be an excellent Gem holder.


Reed would be effective in maps with a lot of grass, especially Snake Prairie. Just like in smash and grab, he could sneak around to pick foes off, and play defence with his super.


Reed would be good at ambushing his victims, and his super could be quite helpful toward the end. His star power would also be very helpful for quick escapes.

Brawl Ball:

Reed’s super could be quite helpful at defending the goal. There wouldn’t be too much else he could bring though.


Reed would be excellent player on defence, providing ambushes and hiding places for his team. As for offence, he would just be Average.

Robo Rumble:

Pretty much the same thing as heist, on defence.

Monster Hunt:

Reed would unfortunate not be very good here. As the monster, hiding would be near impossible, and as an attacker, he would just be Average. It would be pretty easy for the monster to trample all of his grass very quickly.

Thanks for reading the concept! I hope you like it. 🙂

Brawler concept by Striker, artwork by Jana (dreamin-8-bit)

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