Brawl Stars December Update

After several months with no updates, Brawl Stars is finally receiving what the Developers call the biggest update yet, and we couldn’t be more excited here at The Weekly Brawler! We’ll get more things to write about, after all! From friendly battles and new game modes, to a new UI and upgrade system, Brawl Stars is certainly getting a huge and novel (unique) update, so let’s dive in!

Game Status

Unfortunately, Ryan shattered any dreams Android users had of a global release for Brawl Stars when he quickly said “No Android or Global Release.” We want to tell you guys to hang in there, but if we’re being honest, if we had Android devices we would be as pissed as you guys. The reason behind this delay, as many of you may already know (and may roll their eyes and flicker us off), is that the game “just isn’t ready”, and apparently still won’t be ready with the new update. Supercell wants to make the best mobile games possible, and so far they seem to be a doing a really good job working on Brawl Stars, with the new features that we’ll talk about below. It’s a rather slow process, sure, but it’s process nonetheless, and global release will come sooner or later. Probably later.

New Features

Game Modes

Yes, you read that right. We are getting new game modes in Brawl Stars. Notice that the word ‘game modes’ is plural? Well, that’s because we’re not only going to get one game mode, but two. Furthermore, these two new modes will both be unranked, meaning you won’t earn/lose trophies. The game modes are unranked supposedly because the Brawl Stars team wanted to try something that didn’t require perfect balancing. Something crazy. And tons of fun!

In addition, there will be no more duplicates (neither for Brawlers nor for upgrades). You will only be able to get new upgrades, new Brawlers, coins doubles/boosters, and something new called Tickets. These are new resources, and they will be (pun intended) your ticket to a brand new gamemode!

Monster Hunt

This gamemode was referred to as Boss Brawl in the Brawl Talk video, however it is now going to be called Monster Hunt. As stated above, this gamemode will be unranked. The idea is that out of the six players in the match, one of you will be an overpowered version of whatever Brawler you are playing: way more health, more damage, and a devastating Super damage. The rest of the players will try to kill you. Although the “boss” or “monster” will be overpowered, they will not be able to heal, unless they are Pam, Mortis or Poco (yet to be announced whether or not these two will be able to heal; they will probably have a different Super, and Mortis’s Super will only deal damage). Spike might be able to heal himself too, with his awesome new Super!

Robo Rumble

The idea behind this gamemode is that you are in a team of three Brawlers, but instead of enemy Brawlers, you have to fight waves of robots. Wave after wave, until the Robots destroy the safe which you are defending. The robots will target you as well as the safe, and each wave will obviously get harder. Robots will have different attacks and different styles. There will also be big, tanky Robots, like the one on the Sneak Peak from a few days ago. The Youtubers made a comment about how they only lasted four minutes, so who knows how hard it will be. Sure sounds like fun.  

The rewards for these two game modes will be tons of coins, with no set limit of coins available yet. As long as you have Tickets, you will be able to play and gain rewards.

New Brawler – Darryl


We won’t be getting two Brawlers like we will get game modes, but this new Brawler who goes by Darryl is quite interesting. One might call him Super Rare, which is in fact the Brawler’s rarity. Darryl is a robot in a barrel, with a double shotgun that shoots twice per attack, as expected. His Super makes him dash way longer but similar to Bull, but in addition, he ricochets (not the Brawler) off the walls, like a pinball. Every time he hits an opposing Brawler, like with Bull, Darryl will deal damage to them. Just imagine how great this fella will be in Smash and Grab, Brawl Ball, and Heist, just wrecking everyone who stands in his way.

Friendly Battles

You read that right as well. In addition to all the craziness stated above, Brawl Stars will be adding friendly battles into the game. Furthermore, you will be able to choose whichever game mode (including Showdown) and whichever map you and your friends wish to play in. Since it is friendly battles, this casual way of playing will also be unranked. What we probably love the most about this is that we can now play with friends, against other friends! In addition… did we say we can also have friendly Showdown matches. I can already see me teaming up with Arius and betraying SomeSillyName… or vice versa! Craziness and fun for all!

Mythic Boxes

Yes, we are getting Mythic Boxes! You’ll get a guaranteed Mythic brawler out of it, and you won’t get any duplicate! Isn’t it awesome?

A Mythic Box will cost 350 gems.

New Upgrade Systems

If you thought those were the biggest things coming to the game in the next update, you were wrong… in our opinion, this is the biggest thing. How do we explain this? Chips and Elixir are dead, meaning that they will no longer be a thing. Instead of Chips, we’ll have… well, nothing, really. Because you will never believe this: there won’t be anymore duplicates. Yes, that’s right. We won’t be pulling anymore Nitas or Colts. Instead of Elixir, we’ll be getting something called Tokens (earlier referred to as Bolts in the Brawl Talk video) to upgrade our Brawlers. Speaking of upgrades, all the elixir that you may have invested in your Brawlers will be removed, and the Brawlers will all go back to “level 0.” Don’t worry though, all the elixir that you invested won’t be in vain. Instead, all that elixir and the ones you may still have in your inventory will all be converted into Tokens. The chips will be converted into gems, three gems for every chip you have.


“The way you upgrade your Brawlers will be different,” said Ryan. “You still have Attack, Super, and Health to upgrade.” We will still have six different upgrades per category. Here’s the thing; you will get each of these upgrades as an individual drop in the Brawl Boxes. That being said, you can get extremely lucky and get Attack Level 6 on your first box. You will be able to upgrade your stats in order with the tokens, which will be available in Brawl Boxes as well.

The Brawler must be unlocked to get its upgrades, meaning that if you don’t have Crow, you won’t get his upgrades. Furthermore, there’s something Rum Ham referred to as Nitro and from the picture they showed us, they seem to be smaller abilities unlocked as you upgrade.

In addition, once you get to the top of these upgrades, your Brawler will unlock a special ability that it will keep forever. You do need to get all of the upgrades, so if you have Attack Level 6, but don’t have the rest, you won’t be able to unlock the ability. We didn’t learn the abilities of all of the Brawlers, but we did catch a few in the Brawl Talk video. For instance, Colt will be getting a speed boost, which will only make him that much deadlier in Showdown. Jessie will be able to heal her Turret when she shoots at it, basically bringing back the health decay, but it’s a regain. Spike will be able to use his Super as a healing station, like Pam’s (but only works for him); it will still deal damage to opponents caught in it, but it will also heal him when he’s inside of the radius. Tara summons an alien when she uses her Super, and although Shelly would also get a pet of some sort, the Developers then commented in Reddit and the video that they ran out of time and her ability will be something else. In addition, some of the abilities will benefit the whole team, like Bo’s, which will enable him and his team to see further in bushes (instead of two tiles, it will be five). Bo’s ability will make maps like Snake Prairie even more challenging when going up against teams with a max Bo.

New UI

According to the Brawl Talk video, Brawl Stars will have new music, overlay/design, and an overall greater smoothness and cleanness. “There are more colors, it’s brighter, it’s newer, and I think the artists have done an absolutely incredible job making the app look as good as it feels,” says Ryan. Looks like they are really.

Game Rooms

The thing we all complained about is finally going to be fixed this new update. You will now be able to change maps without having to leave the room and create another one, and you will be able to see how many coins you can still earn in the events. Something that was needed since the beginning, if you ask me. Better late than never, though!

Also, according to Ryan, it will be “easier to invite friends” to the game rooms, so maybe we’ll get some sort of “Share Link” option.

Name Change

If you don’t like your current name, like me, you will be happy that there’s a name change coming in the next update. Be careful what your new name will be, though, as this will probably be your last chance to change it. All the other games only had one name change, after all.

Idle Member Detector

In addition, you will now be able to see who’s active in your band. This will help moderate the bands and kick players who aren’t active at all. Thanks, Supercell!


Brawl Stars team clarified things that weren’t update din the Brawl Talk video on reddit. Here’s what they said:


  • Boss Brawl –> Monster Hunt –> Boss Fight(?) We’re still not sure on this one 😅
  • Survival –> Robot Rumble –> Robo Rumble
  • Barrel Bot –> Darryl
  • Bolts –> Upgrade Tokens
  • Nitros –> Crests

Other corrections and info

  • There will be balance changes coming alongside the update
  • Bo’s Special – Bo sees extra tiles in bushes and the rest of his team benefits from his sight only. His teammates don’t see farther themselves, they only benefit from the extra vision that Bo gets.
  • We didn’t have time to finish Shelly’s pet so her Special will be a bit different.
  • Coin Cap is being raised way up to almost 1 million. Don’t worry about spending your coins before the update.
  • Chip:Gem Ratio would be about 1:3
  • Gems will round up to the nearest 10.


That’s all we know will be added to the update, along with some Balance Changes, but we don’t know who’s getting a nerf or a buff or how the meta will change, but we can expect those Brawler that are doing hot right now to receive a nerf and those Brawlers that aren’t doing hot right now getting a buff. Are you excited for the update? We sure are! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Until next time!

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