Howdy Brawlers!

Welcome to the latest post of The Weekly Brawler. Today, Arius will explain all the mechanisms of Brawl Stars with brawling tips, game modes, etc., in depth.


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Brawling Tips
    1. Brawl Mechanics
    2. Joystick or Tap to Move
    3. Attacking and Defending fundamentals
  • Upgrading Brawlers
  • Game Modes
  • Currencies and Brawl Box
  • Miscellaneous


Round up your friends and get ready for an epic multiplayer slugfest! Unlock a variety of rowdy game modes and dozens of rough and tumble characters with punishing super abilities. Shoot ’em up, blow ’em up, punch ’em out and win the fight in five different game modes!

Basically, Brawl Stars is a moba (short for multiplayer online battle arena). You compete with players in real-time for glory in five different game modes. The first thing you will be doing when starting the game is completing the tutorial, which will teach you how to move and attack using your Brawler in the battlefield. Unfortunately, it does not get more into detail of how to advantageously move your brawler, attack and dodge in strategic way. So that’s what I’ll be doing in this guide, introduce you to the many battling strategies and ultimately win!

Brawling Tips

Brawl Mechanism:

In Brawl Stars, you assume control of a brawler, a tiny, very powerful creature, ailing from the Brawl Star. The default Brawler every player gets is Shelly, a badass Shotgun shooter. Using your Brawler, you’ve to fight and defeat other Brawlers. But this is not the only thing you’ve to do. Each one of the five different game modes has its own main objective which you’ve to fulfill in order to win. I’ll go in more detail about this in game modes section.

Every brawler has different mechanism, stats and appearance. The health of your Brawler regenerates every time you stop attacking (provided that enemy isn’t attacking you too). Once your Brawler dies, it respawns in 5 seconds (except in Showdown – more about it later) at one of your team’s spawn point. There are various obstacles and bushes throughout the battlefield (called Map). Behind an obstacle, you can not be attacked by enemies (except by Dynamike and Barley – more about this later too). When you stand inside a bush, you are invisible to the enemies. Your teammates can see you even in the bushes. But if you attack when inside a bush, then enemy brawlers will be able to see you.


Each brawler has a unique special ability called Super. You have to charge up your Super by hitting enemies. Once charged, you’ll be able to activate the Super. Upon activating it, you will need to tap/drag (depending on your control mode preference and Brawler) to a point on the map. Check this awesome guide on Supers by /u/Okapilips on reddit.

Joystick or Tap to Move:

It is very important to choose your preferred control mode. There are three different modes available to choose from, namely Joystick Move (right handed), Joystick Move (left handed) and Move to Tap. Choosing the correct control mode will help you control your brawler better and ultimately, help you win.

Joystick Move: Move your Brawler with a virtual joystick in the bottom left (right handed)/right (left handed) corner. Tap at a target to shoot.

The in-game description of Joystick Move reads that. In this control mode, you control your Brawler using a joystick, and to attack, you tap in the direction you want to attack.




Tap to Move: You’ve to tap on the screen to move your Brawler to the place you want to move it. To attack, you’ve to drag (slide your finger on the screen) in the direction you wish to attack and then release (lift off your finger).

Choose the mode that suits you the best. None of the option is bad, you have to choose the one you like. You can easily try and find your perfect soulmate in Bot Brawl.

Attacking and Defending fundamentals:

By now, you must’ve have found your perfect control mode and are now ready to smash enemy brawlers, and to protect yourself from enemy shots too.

You have to make sure you understand each Brawler’s attack mechanism before brawling with it. A good way to learn how to use a brawler is by playing it in Bot Brawl. You’ll not lose any trophies and also learn how to use your brawler and counter others.  Once you know about your Brawler’s mechanism, you’ll be able to follow this guide better. Broadly, Brawlers can be classified into 3 types on the basis on their range: Long range, Medium range and small range.

Long Range: If you’re using a long range brawler, then you’ve aim at enemies far away from you. You will need to predict your opponent’s movement to hit them with great accuracy. This is very easy against players that move their brawlers in a fixed pattern, but it gets difficult against good players, who move their brawlers randomly.

It is easy to defend against enemies when you’re using a long range brawler. You will be able to hit enemies from a distance and thus make you almost invincible. But defending against long range enemy brawler is difficult as they’ll be able to attack you from distance too. You’ve to hide behind obstacles most of the times and come out only to shoot. Make sure retreat back again.

Medium Range: If you are using a medium range brawler, then you’ll have to reach somewhat close to the enemies to attack. But it is easier to target enemies as the medium range brawlers attack in a bigger radius. You should make your way to enemy slowly using the bushes and obstacles to hide.

Defending using medium range Brawler is slightly difficult as you be near the enemies. Long range brawlers will be able to attack you easily. Using obstacles and bushes is very important to defend. Never move in a fixed pattern, always change you movement direction. This will confuse the enemies and they won’t be able to hit you easily.

Short Range: You have to get very close to the enemies to attack them using short range brawlers. You’ll have higher health than most of the other brawlers and your Damage will be high too. But reaching the enemies will be the main problem. You have to make your way to the enemy very slowly, hiding in the bushes and bohemians obstacles.

Defending when using short range brawlers is very difficult too. But to make the game fair, short range brawlers have high health that allows them to stay longer in the battlefield. You should move in a very random manner and lookout for snipers, as they can kill you even before you reach near to them.

Upgrading Brawlers

Brawl Stars has 4 types of currencies (Elixir, Coins, Chips and Gems). We will discuss about Elixir in this section. You can get elixir only from a Brawl Box, but don’t worry about it much. You’ll end up getting an elixir out of the box most of the times. But even though, it is very important to spend your elixir strategically.


Elixir allows you to upgrade the stats (health, damage or Super) of your brawler. The first upgrade (per stat) will cost one elixir, increasing by one per upgrade. Right now, it takes 15 elixir to max out a brawler.

The needs of every Brawler are different. Upgrade priority depends on the type of Brawler and your preference. If you like to use long range Brawlers, then you should max them first. If you like healing brawlers, then max out Poco or Pam. But which stat should you first max out per Brawler? Let’s see this list below:

  • Barley: Super > Attack > Health
  • Bo: Health > Super > Damage  
  • Brock: Damage > Super > Health
  • Bull: Health > Damage > Super
  • Colt: Damage > Super > Health
  • Crow: Damage = Health > Super
  • Dynamike: Damage > Super > Health  
  • El Primo: Health > Damage > Super
  • Jessie: Super > Health > Damage
  • Mortis: Health > Damage > Super
  • Nita: Super > Health > Damage
  • Pam: Super > Damage > Health
  • Piper: Damage > Health > Super
  • Poco: Damage > Super > Health
  • Ricochet: Damage > Super > Health
  • Shelly: Damage = Health = Super
  • Spike: Health > Super > Damage
  • Tara: Damage > Super > Health

You should upgrade each stat one/two times and then move on to next stat and continue the cycle. Having a lot of damage with the health to sustain enemy damage will make your Brawler very weak. So, all the stats shall be in proportion.

Game Modes

There are five different game modes in Brawl Stars. All the events refresh periodically and give you coins whenever a new event starts.



Hunt the other team for Stars. More Stars on heads mean bigger bounties. The team with the most Stars wins!

In Bounty, two teams of three players each compete for stars. Each brawler starts with one star, and defeating an enemy brawler rewards with another star. If a brawler is defeated, his bounty (or number of stars) is reset to zero. Defeating brawlers with bigger bounty rewards your team with more stars! At the end of this 3 minute long tussle, the team with most number of stars emerges victorious. Unlike Smash and Grab, the game can end in a draw if both the teams have equal number of stars at the end!

Quick Tips

  1. Stay hidden in bushes. Don’t get aggressive if your team has the lead.
  2. Always try to defeat the enemy brawler with most stars.
  3. Try to protect your teammate with the biggest bounty.

Top Brawlers

  • Piper
  • Brock
  • Bo
  • Crow
  • Barley

Smash and Grab:


The team that grabs and holds 10 crystals until the end of countdown wins! Losing lives will spill grabbed crystals.

In Smash and Grab event, just like Bounty, there are two teams of three competing for gems. There is a crystal mine in middle of the map which produces a gem every few seconds. If a brawler having gems is defeated, all his gems are spilled on the ground. Any other brawler can pick up those gems by walking over them.

The aim of this event for each team is to hold up 10 gems for at least 16 seconds (at once). The team that holds 10 gems for 16 seconds is declared victorious. If a team has 10 gems, a 16 second countdown starts. If a gem carrier is defeated, the gems are spilled on the ground and the countdown stops and resets.

If both teams have gems more than 10 gems, then the one with more number of gems is the one winning. Smash and Grab match can not end in a draw and continues until a team reaches majority and holds the gems for 16 seconds.

Quick Tips

  1. Stay hidden in bushes. Don’t get aggressive if your team has the lead.
  2. Always try to defeat the enemy brawler with most gems.
  3. Try to protect your teammate with the most gems.
  4. Always stay near your teammates. Even if you die, you teammates can grab the spilled gems.

Top Brawlers

  • Shelly
  • Ricochet
  • Colt
  • Spike
  • Pam
  • Poco


One team defends the safe. The other tries to break it open. Surprise! You won’t know which team you’ll be on!

In Heist event, teams of three clash for a safe full of gems. One team has to defend the safe while the other has to break it open. If the attacking team isn’t able to break the safe in 3 minutes, the defending team wins!

There can be no draws in Heist mode as one of the following is bound to happen: 1) The safe is broken. 2) The safe isn’t broken. Attackers lose if safe isn’t broken.

Quick Tips

  1. When playing defense, make sure to shut down enemies as fast as possible. You don’t want to give them a chance.
  2. When playing offense make sure that when you are hitting the crate also make sure to attack the enemies.
  3. If you play Jessie or Nita, use their spawners by the crate so they lock down to it. If you are the defense, use them to protect the crate.

Top Brawlers

  • Dynamike
  • Brock
  • Barley
  • Colt
  • Jessie


Take down the other nine and be the last one standing. You have no teams and you only have one life. Game on!

Showdown is just a free-for-all match. No teams and no way of coordination. Every man for himself. In order to not lose any trophies you need to place in the top 5. If you are the first or second to die you lose 6-7 trophies. This is the only game mode in which you don’t respawn once you die. Death means the end.

In Showdown, an interesting mechanic can be seen. If a Brawler spins around when near you, then it means he wants to form a team with you. You can make this unofficial team by spinning around yourself. Although, never trust any one blindly. This isn’t an official team, so your new friend can easily betray and backstab you.

Quick Tips

  1. If you want to score in the top 5, make sure you hide in bushes for a while, if you are too scared to go out and fight.
  2. Destroy and collect as much elixir as possible, as it will make your stats increase.
  3. Try to lure opponents to use their abilities against themselves. For example, make Bull run towards the toxic gas by standing between the gas and Bull, then pull out at the last minute. Or making El Primo jump towards you, but instead jumps towards the toxic gas.

Top Brawlers

  • Barley
  • Dynamike
  • El Primo
  • Shelly
  • Bull

Brawl Ball:

Score two goals to win!

Just like your regular soccer match, you have to pass the ball through the goal post two times to win in this epic 3v3  game. There is a ball in the middle of the map which you can control by going near it. If enemy Brawler has it, then you can’t take the ball unless the enemy dies, or kicks it away. Once you get the ball, you can’t attack. Attacking with the ball will kick it away (in the direction where you tap/drag).

If the time runs out and both the teams have equal goals, then all the obstacles on the map are destroyed and a 30 second overtime starts. The first team to score a goal wins. If no team is able to score a goal, then the game ends in a draw.

Quick Tips

  1. Wait for a few seconds before rushing to the ball. Your enemy team will most likely waste your ammo at the start by attacking near the ball.
  2. Just like in regular soccer, play a passing game.
  3. Use your Super to break the obstacles in front of the enemy goal post.  Then, use your Super to shoot the ball as it’ll help you kick it faster and further.

Top Brawlers

  • Bull
  • Jessie
  • El Primo
  • Mortis
  • Bo

To know more about a particular Brawler in a particular game mode, read our Brawler guides on The Weekly Brawler.

Currencies and Brawl Box


Spending Coins and Chips strategically is very important in Brawl Stars. They help a lot in the overall progress of the game.


Coins can be earned from battles and are used to open Brawl Boxes. Each battle gives different amount of coins, and it also depends on whether you win, lose or defeat. Even winning in Bot Brawl gives you coins if coins are available in that particular event.

Chips are earned when you get a duplicate Brawler in the Brawl Box. The amount of chips earned depends on the rarity of the Brawler you get.

  • Common: 1 chip
  • Rare: 2 chips
  • Super Rare: 4 chips
  • Epic: 10 chips
  • Mythic: 25 chips
  • Legendary: 60 chips


Chips can be used to buy Brawlers that you don’t own from the Brawlers tab.

So, you might ask, how should I spend my coins and chips? You should always save your coins and chips. Don’t just open Brawl Box as soon as you get 100 coins. Save the coins to 1000 and then open 10 boxes at once. This increases the chances of getting rarer items. And with your chips, you should only buy Epic, Mythic or Legendary Brawlers. Chances of getting Common, Rare and Super Rare brawlers out of the Brawl Box are high. Although saving up for Legendaries and Mythics is very difficult, as they cost very much. Here’s the cost of all Brawlers –

  • Common: 3 chips
  • Rare: 10 chips
  • Super Rare: 20 chips
  • Epic: 60 chips
  • Mythic: 200 chips
  • Legendary: 500 chips

Gems are the fourth currency available in the game. Gems can be earned only by buying them using real money. You can use gems to unlock Brawl Box, special Boxes from the shop, Coun Boosters and Brawler skins!

Band Box:


Brawl Boxes are the main way of obtaining Brawlers and other items. One Brawl Box can be bought for 10 Gems or 100 Coins. Possible contents include Elixir (in packs of 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, or 10), Coin Boosters, or a Brawler of any rarity. If you already have the Brawler, it will be converted to Chips. The amount depends on the Brawler’s rarity. Chips can then be used to buy Brawlers that you do not already own.

Big Boxes can also be bought from the Shop for 80 Gems. A Big Box contains 10 regular Brawl Boxes, so it is a much better value to buy these with Gems rather than individual boxes. Additionally, Rare, Super Rare, and Epic Brawler Boxes are available. These cost 30, 80, and 170 Gems respectively and are guaranteed to contain a Brawler of their corresponding rarity. However, that Brawler can be one that the player already owns.


Trophies and Leaderboard:


The trophy system in Brawl Stars is somewhat different than other Supercell games. Like other games, you gain trophies by winning in Brawl matches. And you lose trophies if you lose the match. The difference is that each Brawler has its own trophies. They all add up to your total trophies.

If your Brawler is below 20 trophies, then you won’t lose any cups even if you lose. Also, playing Bot Brawl or Co-op Brawl doesn’t give you any trophies for winning. Or subtract any trophies for losing.

There are multiple leaderboards in Brawl Stars. Each Brawler has its own leaderboard. There is one main leaderboard that is based on total trophies. Also, there is a Band leaderboard.


Bands are social groups within the game that players can join to chat and join rooms to Brawl together. Bands can be created or joined from the game’s Social tab. Bands also have their own leaderboards based on Bands’ Trophy scores. A Band’s Trophy score is calculated using the individual Trophy counts of the Band’s members. Each Band can have up to 100 members.

You can advertise your game room to your band members directly from the game room.

Season Reset:

Brawl Stars has seasons 14 days long. At the end of every season, you get coins as reward based on your trophies and the trophies of your Brawler with most trophies. Check this post to learn the math behind it.

So, that’s it for this guide! I hope it helped you get started with Brawl Stars. If you want me to add anything up here, please let me know via comments.

Thanks a lot for reading! 🙂

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