Fully Set Up Patreon and WordPress Premium!

If you’ve been here awhile you may remember us posting about a Patreon…Well it was unfinished, horrible, and forgotten.

Our Patreon is now new and improved! We now have actual rewards!

In other Weekly Brawler news, we have (finally) purchased the WordPress premium plan! We can monetize our site, have an audio RSS feed, and a lot of other amazing things! This year of premium is paid for, but we still need to improve our blog a lot and the money you contribute can and will be used to give you better, and more frequent content from your favorite Brawl Stars Blog on the whole wide web.

Check out the Patreon here. And also please note that the link to our site is now theweeklybrawler.com

Have a good night, and keep brawling!

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