The Lesser Names in Brawl Stars Content

Brawl Stars on Youtube?


When you think of Brawl Stars content, you think of the big names on YouTube, like Clash with Ash, or Powerbang. The lesser channels never get any credit though, so that’s what today’s post is about.


Chiken, among other things, is a Brawl Stars YouTuber. He plays some other games on his channel, but at the moment, Brawl Stars is his main source of content.

His still small channel has around 14,300 subscribers at the time of writing, but the quality of content surpasses the following he currently maintains.

Check out Chiken’s channel here!

Rob Stark

Rob Stark is a very small YouTuber, currently holding a 1,600 subscriber count. He posts strategy guides and is on the Brawl Stars Top 200 player leaderboard.

Rob puts Top 200 gameplay in the background for you to watch while he talks about important topics that are definitely worth a listen and a subscribe.

Check out Rob’s channel here!

Lex – Mobile Gaming

Lex is a both a good YouTuber and a good player. He puts out high-quality content every few days, and never fails to entertain.

He plays Brawl Stars and Clash Royale, with a few random games in between, never disappointing his 6,600 loyal subscribers.

Check out Lex’s channel here!


Now, we have an outlier. ChildishPlays isn’t exactly the “smallest” of Brawl Stars YouTubers out there, but he made the list for the quality of his content.

He brings gameplay, strategy, and challenge videos to his viewers every couple of days. In the interim, he also uploads Summoner’s War videos if you’re into that.


Check out ChildishPlays on YouTube here!

What do you think?

That’s our list of 4 amazing under the radar Brawl Stars YouTubers/Streamers. Let us know what you think and be sure to let these fine gentlemen know that the Weekly Brawler sent you, and tell them what the Weekly Brawler is if they don’t know. Good attention is never bad after all.


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