More Brawler Concepts by SomeSillyName

Howdy, Brawlers! SomeSillyName here today, with a few new brawler concepts! Really excited about these, they’re my first fully fleshed out character designs (as opposed to just skillsets). Hope you enjoy!





Only Angela herself knows how she got her powers. Thankfully, she has vowed to use them only for good!

Appearance – Wearing a long, white robe. Medium length blonde hair, blue eyes, and smiling face. Two pure white wings extend from her shoulder blades. Doesn’t carry a weapon.

Health – 500

Attack – Wingbeat


Angela is more interested in staying away from danger than she is in putting others into it. Luckily, wings are quite helpful for that!


Description of the Attack – Angela claps her wings together in front of her, propelling herself backwards and sending a gust of wind foreword in a slim line, piercing and damaging all enemies hit. Enemies hit by her wings take extra damage.


Specific Values of the Attack – Wings deal 200 Damage with a 1 tile range. Gust travels 8 tiles, moves about the same speed as Jessie’s attack, and deals 80 damage to all enemies hit. Angela jumps backwards 1.5 tiles. Reload is 1.8 seconds.


Super – Guardian Angel

Angela takes to the skies, becoming invulnerable and creating rays of healing light for her allies.

Description of the Super – Angela flies up off the ground, making herself invulnerable, fully healing herself, and increasing her movement speed. While airborne, her attack becomes a near-instantaneous heal that lingers for a bit in a small area. Healing your teammates re-charges your super a bit.


Specific Values of the Super – Heals twice in a 2.5 tile diameter circle, for 40 HP both times. Lasts for 5 seconds, reloading takes 1 second. Movement speed increased to 850. Deal 800 damage to charge.




Making a healer, I had two main goals and one large drawback. My goals were to make her fun, and to make her fair. My drawback was making her unique. In terms of goals, I think I’ve met both. Though I can’t say for sure how fun she would be without playtesting her, she seems like a blast to play on paper. Mobile healers are a class I would like to see more of in most mobas, including brawl stars, and Angela fills that niche well.


In terms of fairness, I checked her values against other brawlers with similar mechanics, and everything seems to check out.


Probably the hardest part of her to balance was her super, because I had to make sure that it didn’t offer significantly more or less value than the other two healers’ supers.


Looking at it by the numbers, her Super can heal for a maximum of 500 HP per person at level one, as well as healing herself fully.


However, it would be difficult to hit every part of her super on both of your teammates, and the healing takes time, so Poco’s Super (for example) would be better at burst healing, and easier to use, but worse at sustained healing, and still leaves Poco himself vulnerable.


Her health being so low was another balancing factor, to make up for her mobility and invulnerability. Again, this is hard to judge without playing her, but on paper, she’s balanced. For uniqueness, her attack would be one-of-a-kind, and isn’t too similar to any other Brawler.


Her attacks share some elements with other Brawlers (for example, her main attack can be compared to Tara due to it piercing and dealing a lot of damage point-blank), but the same can be said of almost every brawler.


Overall, I feel like another healer would be a fantastic addition to the brawl stars cast, and Angela would be a great candidate for that spot.

El Segundo


Description – Despite not having the meteoric luck of his older brother, El Segundo is determined to prove that he can hold his own in a brawl, using his quick feet and strategic skills!


Appearance – El Segundo looks like a skinnier, slightly shorter El Primo. His mask is green instead of blue, and his belt is silver instead of gold.


Health – 800


Attack – Fists of Finesse


El Segundo isn’t much for getting hit. No, he’d rather just step aside and watch his opponent fly by!


Description of the Attack – Steps quickly in the direction you’re currently moving, then throws out two quick punches.


Specific Values of the Attack – Deals 100 damage per hit, with a 2.5 tile range, similarly to El Primo. Steps 1 tile in the direction you’re currently moving. 1.2 second recharge.


Super – Elbow Block


El Segundo has perfected the technique of the Elbow Block, opening up opportunities for him to defeat his opponents in style!


Description of the Super – El Segundo blocks all incoming damage briefly. If he’s hit during this time, he dashes in a predetermined direction, dealing substantial damage and charging his super quite a lot!


Specific Values of the Super – Blocks for 0.5 seconds, after selecting a direction. When (and if) hit, dashes 5 tiles foreword, breaking walls in his path, dealing 300 damage, and recharging his super by 50%. Requires 500 damage to charge.




El Segundo is meant to be the anti-Primo, the yin to his yang, if you will, while sharing many of his attributes and character traits.


I created him around the idea “what if Primo had a younger brother, who wasn’t given super strength by a meteor, and so worked hard and honed his skills to stay competitive with his brother?” and I feel like I accomplished what I set out to do.


His character is unique enough to stand out, and cater to a specific playstyle, while also being balanced and fun (at least on paper).


As an added bonus, his addition might help balance out Barley and Mike, as his Super would be great at breaking down the walls that they hide behind, and his attack would make avoiding their consistent damage a breeze.






Human form is a woman, with pointy, gray wolf ears on top of her head, and a wolf’s tail. Carries a crossbow, with a small pouch of bolts strung about her waist, and wearing torn, ratty clothing.

Wolf form is white and gray, with the crossbow now strung across her back.


In-Game Description – Lyca the werewolf is really quite passive, despite her appearance, more preferring to keep others away from herself than get up-close and personal. When the beast inside her takes over, however, she just can’t control herself!




HP: 700 (human), 900 (wolf form)

⁃ Speed: 700 moving away from enemies, 600 moving towards enemies (human form).

⁃ 600 moving away from enemies, 900 moving towards enemies (wolf form).


Attack – Silver Bolts


Lyca fires off a single bolt from her crossbow, with enough power to push opponents back a few steps!


Stats – 9 tile range, 2 tile pushback, 120 damage, 2 second reload. Travels about Piper’s shot speed.


Super – Full Moon


Lyca transforms fully into a wolf, gaining massive movement speed towards enemies, so she can close the distance and pounce! Awoooo!




Transforms for ~7 seconds. Cannot charge super while transformed, instead, super meter acts as a timer to tell the player when the transformation will end.

⁃ Attacking causes Lyca to jump foreword 1.5 tiles, and swipe twice in front of herself (1.5 tile range) in quick succession.

⁃ Each swipe deals 150 damage, and heals for half that amount.

⁃ Reload is 1.25 seconds.

⁃ Takes 600 damage to charge.




If Lyca were ever to be implemented into the game (Ha! Fat chance…) I feel like she’d make team coordination a must when playing with and also against her.


On her team, she acts as more of a support in human form. She can keep threats away from her teammates, and deal chip damage from the back lines, but she doesn’t do enough solo damage to really fit the DPS role.


After transforming, she forces the enemy team to coordinate against her to keep her away from their back line.


Having more than one dive Brawler (Mortis) would help shift the game’s meta, because it incentivizes tanks protecting their back line instead of always wandering off solo (which is what they do most of the time currently).


Overall, I think Lyca would be a fun and healthy addition to the game.

So what do you think? Do you like the concepts? Do they need work, or do they deserve to be added to the game? I’d love to hear what you have to say!

(Credit for the drawings goes to the wonderful IceCakes. He’s a fantastic artist, check him out here on the subreddit, by the username of /u/TaintedMeatball, if you get the chance!)

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