New Brawler Concept: Gila

Howdy Brawlers!

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing another amazing Brawler idea with you all. The image of was Gila was drawn by the awesome u/TaintedMeatball. He helped me with the idea as well. Thanks a lot man!



Following his idol Crow, Gila appeared in the town as well. Using his dangerous whips, Gila found his way to the top of Colt’s wanted list pretty quickly.



1. Gila is a whiptail lizard, who carriers two whips with him.
2. Enemies getting hit by the whips take more damage from Gila and his allies for a limited amount of time.
3. Gila attacks twice per ammo, as a he carries two whips and attacks with both in succession.
4. The effect of a whip lasts for 3 seconds. Upgrading ATTACK using elixir will increase the duration by 0.1 second per upgrade.
5. Gila’s whips damage the enemy as well, but the damage is pretty low at the start.
6. The effect of two whip strikes don’t stack, i.e., repeatedly hitting your enemy with your whips won’t increase the extra damage taken by them.
7. Once the effect of one whip strike is over, your next strike will then increase the damage again.
8. Gila’s Super ability is to spin around the map like a top, also moving in a straight line decided by the user (like Bull’s Super). His whips are extended a little and thus he has a bigger range and deals more damage. The fast spinning of whips protects him from enemy attacks (excluding Supers) as well.
9. The rarity of Gila is Epic, which costs 60 chips to unlock.

Attack: Enchanted Whips

With his magical whips, capable of dealing extra damage to the enemy, Gila makes sure no one escapes his fury.

Gila’s whips make the enemies hit by it take more damage by all the team mates of him. The effect is temporary and lasts for 3 seconds at level 1. The effect of whips does not stack.

Super: Spinning Rampage

Being a quick and small creature, Gila spins around with high speeds pretty easily. And so do his whips.

Gila spins around and goes straight in a single line, damaging all the enemy units and obstacles nearby. Due to the rotation, the whips are extended and give him bigger range. The whips also protect him from enemy attacks.



*Please multiply all the statistics (except damage boost) here by 4.

Damage Boost increases the damage done by Gila or an ally to the enemy targeted by him by the given percent.

The effect of one whip strike (damage increase) lasts for 3 seconds at level 1. It can be increased by 0.2 seconds whenever you upgrade his attack.

Range of Gila is about Shelly’s range. During his Super, the range becomes 1.5 times of it.



Gila can’t be used at his full potential in Showdown, since there aren’t any ‘official’ teams here. But still, he’s a force to be reckoned with. His whips can be used to dish out some quick damage from a distance and help him charge his super easily. His Super can allow him to damage enemies while protecting himself, something that Bull’s super lacks. Hiding in bushes will be very necessary for a Gila player, as he has comparatively less health than others.


Gila can be used efficaciously on both defense and offense in the Heist mode. His ability to make the enemies take more damage from his team makes his a formidable foe. During defense, Gila player should hide in the bushes near the Safe, and attack the enemy as soon as he walks up close. With your increasing damage and some help from your team, you’ll be able to kill the enemy very easily. On offense, try to stick with your team, but not to close as Barley or Dynamike will able to wipe out your entire team together. Try to distract the enemies and let your other team mates reach the Safe. You won’t have much health to stay alive for long. Use your Super to break the walls around the Safe, as it’ll allow your team to reach the Safe easily.


Gila is pretty good in Bounty game mode. His main role in the team is to make enemies more vulnerable to damage and that’s exactly what is needed in Bounty. Hide in bushes and approach enemies one by one with your team. Not even the toughest of enemy brawlers will be able to escape if you execute the attack perfectly. Your ability to make enemies take more damage is very effective and should be used to its full extent. Try to target enemies with high health like El Primo or Bull so that your team will be able to take them out easily. Your Super can be used to escape when you’re low on health or attack enemy brawlers that are low on health.

Smash and Grab

Just like Bounty, SnG is a pretty good game mode for Gila. Don’t be the gem carrier unless it’s absolutely necessary. Your main aim should be to take out the enemies and gain the possession of the gem mine early on. Leave the task of collecting gems to your team mates. If you find an enemy brawler with many gems, target him as much as possible. Gila’s attacks will help you take him out relatively easily. Your Super is very important in this game mode. It can help you escape, attack and pick up spilled gems at a distance.

Brawl Ball

It is difficult to use Gila in Brawl Ball, but it isn’t impossible. The main objective of Brawl Ball is to score a goal and not kill enemies. Gila’s Super can be used to clear the area around the goal post. As a Gila player, you should try to defend your goal post and attack enemies. Break the obstacles on enemy’s side whenever you get a chance. Of course, if every enemy is busy fighting your team mates, grab the opportunity and run to the goal post.

Trivia and FAQ

1. Gila will be the third epic brawler if implemented in game.
2. Gila’s base movement speed is 650, that is equal to speed of all brawlers except Crow.
3. If implemented, Gila will become the first brawler to affect the damage to ally brawlers.


Thanks for reading everyone. I hope y’all liked the concept of Gila. Please share your views and help me make it even better. 🙂

If you liked the concept, please up vote it on reddit here.

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