New Brawler Concept: The Shadow

Howdy Brawlers!

Welcome to the latest post on The Weekly Brawler. Today, I’ll be sharing an amazing brawler idea with you all! Get ready, because the Shadow is ready to slice your enemies!



The Shadow is a solitary warrior, who was hiding in the dark realms of the Brawl Land until his old friend, Bo, called out for help.

The Shadow 


  1. The Shadow is a melee brawler. His attack has a secondary ranged effect.
  2. The Shadow swings his enchanted sword and damages enemies within the sword’s range. While swinging the sword, his sword releases a purplish-blue wave that decreases the damage of enemy brawlers hit by it.
  3. Shadow swings his sword twice per ammo but only one wave is released per ammo. One strike is towards left (the first one) and the second is towards right. The sword strike can hit multiple brawlers simultaneously.
  4. The effect of the wave lasts for 5 seconds. It’s range is as big as Poco’s melody wave.
  5. Once a brawler is affected by the wave, it’s damage can’t be reduced further until the effect of earlier wave is over (i.e., after 5 seconds)
  6. The Super ability of Shadow creates a 2 clones of itself. The clones don’t do any damage, they are just meat shields.
  7. The clones move as the original Shadow does, but they don’t do any damage.
  8. The rarity of Shaodw is Mythic that costs 200 chips to unlock.

Attack: Wave Strike 

After living in darkness for so long, the Shadow doesn’t like visitors. And he takes good care of them with his magical sword.

The Shadow strikes the enemies using his sword twice and releasing a wave that decreases the damage of enemy units. His sword has range similar to El Primo’s punches and the wave range is similar to Poco’s melody wave.

Super: Dark Forgery

Perfecting the art of creating clones, the Shadow breaks the harmony of the Saloon with his clones!

The Shadow makes two clones of himself which have low health and no damage. The clones act as meat shield for the Shadow and his allies. The clones look exactly the same as the Shadow to the enemy team whereas for it’s teammates, the clones have a purplish appearance.


Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 9.57.26 PM.png


Using Shadow

Shadow is essentially a support brawler, and can easily support your team. It has the unique ability that allow him drain the damage of enemy brawler temporarily and his Super is very powerful in taking out enemy brawlers as it creates duplicate copies of himself, although they are just shields. He can be used In Smash and Grab, Bounty and Showdown pretty easily and effectively because of his high damage and decent health. He can’t do much good in Heist because he lacks range.

Against Shadow

High health brawlers can easily take out Shadow but low health and high damagers struggle against the Shadow as it is quite tanky and can reduce their damage. Even high health brawlers can struggle against the Shadow when he uses his Super because his clones can distract them. To find out the real Shadow between the clones, check for the one who’s damaging you, that would be the real one.

FAQ & Trivia

  1. Shadow will be the third Mythic brawler if implemented in game, alongside Mortis and Tara.
  2. Shadow will be the first brawler with a secondary attack mechanism.
  3. His second attack mechanism will be one of its kind, because none of the existing brawlers can effect the enemies except from damaging them.
  4. The base movement speed of Shadow is 850, that is higher than Crow’s which is 750.


Thanks for reading everyone. I hope y’all liked the concept of Shadow. Please share your views and help me make it even better. 🙂

The credits to the Shadow drawings goes to fgp_drawing. Thanks a lot man!

If you liked the concept of the Shadow, please consider upvoting it on reddit here.

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