Creating Your Brawler (Guide)

Howdy Brawlers!

Welcome to the latest post on The Weekly Brawler! If you’re reading this, good, because then you’re ready to make your own brawlers! Today, I, Arius, will show you how to make an awesome BRAWLER idea thread professionally!

Please note that this post is not for posting your ideas. This is a guide on making new card idea threads professionally. To post your ideas, check the Brawl Stars subreddit. 

So, let’s start with the guide!


Table of Contents:-

I. The main idea

II. Attacking & Defending Strategies

III. Defense against the Unit

IV. Balancing

V. Extra information

VI. Conclusion

I. The main idea

Coming up with the main idea of your brawler is the toughest part. You need to have an idea that’s unique. It must not be already in-game or requested earlier, and shall be balanced (not OP/UP).

For instance, you want to make a brawler that changes forms during battle. Then, you’ve to be careful when you decide the stats of both the forms. You want to keep both of the forms balanced. Keeping the first forum a tad weaker and then increasing his stats in the second form is a nice idea.

For the super ability of such a brawler, you can think along the lines of some sort of ability that burns nearby bushes and damages the units hiding beneath or nearby the bushes.

Once you come up with an idea, search the subreddit to make sure that no one has thought of it before you! You don’t want to copy someone else’s idea. However, if you find a similar suggestion but feel you could put much more detail in or change it up a little bit, go ahead. We love seeing NEW ideas! 😀

II. Attacking & Defending Strategies

A necessary part of your idea is how can one use it in game. Your idea shall work well with many existing strategies, or it may also create completely new strategies, like the ones created when Piper came out. Although, make sure your card doesn’t dominate the meta. We’ll talk more about this point in following sections.

Glass cannons like Dynamike, Bo, etc., work well when they have a tank like Bull, El Primo, etc., Long ranged units like Piper and Ricochet need some heavy hitters and crowd controllers like Poco and Shelly to keep pressuring the enemy team. Mortis needs a good team who can keep the enemies away from him. He can dash and run away quickly, grabbing gems or hitting opponents.

Brawlers like Jessie, Brock and Nita have amazing super abilities that can control the crowd and pressurise the enemy easily.

You’ve to carefully think about your brawler’s strengths. You should know where the brawlers will be used often and how it’ll be used. You have to tell these strategies to your readers so they can easily form an image of your brawler in their minds.

III. Defense against your Unit 

So, by now you should know your brawler inside out. It’s time for thinking about the strategies one can use to defend against your brawler.

Brawlers like Piper and Colt can be countered by getting close to them and then hitting them, Shelly and Bull can be defeated by attacking from a distance, Dynamike and Barley are weak when they aren’t behind the walls, etc. Every brawler has some strengths and weaknesses. Your brawler too should have some weaknesses.

Just like the attacking and defending strategies, you should also list the countering strategies. People will like your brawler only if it can be countered. OP units aren’t liked by most of the players.

IV. Balancing 

Balancing is one of the most important and difficult part of your brawler idea. I think I don’t need to explain it any further, even SC isn’t able to balance out the ideas completely after days of testing. Some of the most important stats you’ve to decide are:

  • Damage
  • Health
  • Super
  • Rarity
  • Range

Let’s discuss them one by one.


Damage is the measure of the ability of your brawler to harm your opponents. How much time will it take your brawler to kill a Shelly? A Colt? A Bull? A Power-Up Box? A Heist Safe? Compare the hit points of other brawlers using the Brawl Stars Wiki.


Health is the damage your brawler can take before dying. How many shots will it take to take out your brawler by a Shelly? Piper? Poco? Find out what is appropriate for your brawler by comparing it to the damage of other brawlers using the Brawl Stars Wiki.


You’ve to decide the abilities of your brawler. Can its Super enemy brawlers like Ricochet, Barley, etc., in one shot? Compare it with the Super of other brawlers using the Brawl Stars Wiki.


You might be wondering why does this matter? But actually, it matters a lot. You’ve to set the rarity of your brawler by comparing it to other brawlers. You may use the Brawl Stars Wiki for this too (although you might remember the rarities). If your card is very complex and unique, it should be legendary. If its isn’t complex, then it should be common. Keep in mind that the strength doesn’t decide the rarity of a brawler. The complexity and uniqueness decide the rarity of a brawler.


The range of your brawler is very important aspect of your brawler. Should it out range a Poco? A Jessie? A Piper? Ask these questions to yourself. You can get a gist of the brawler ranges on the Brawl Stars Wiki.

 V. Extra information 

By completing the above steps, your card is pretty much ready. You just have to sort everything out and decide on some minor statistics like hit speed, speed, super charge time, etc. You can compare these stats to the existing brawlers and explain these in a relative manner. Unfortunately, the Brawl Stars Wiki, doesn’t have this information yet. 😦

You can also add some charts, tables, pictures and similar stuff in this portion to make your thread look better and attractive.

VII. Conclusion

Hopefully this guide helped you create your card! And if you’re ready to set up your thread, continue reading!

This part is for helping you make a great thread for your awesome brawler concept!


Table of Contents:-

I. Name

II. Table of Contents

III. Titles

IV. Formatting

V. Summary and Description

VI. Strategies and Statistics

VII. Graphics

VIII. Conclusion

I. Name 

The name is one of the most important part of your brawler The name shall be appropriate. It shall fit well with the abilities and appearance of the brawler. The name shall also be catchy so that people remember it.

II. Table of Contents

This is an extremely important part of the thread; it summarizes all that you are going to talk about in your brawler, so people can know what they are going to be told about and can help you add more detail if necessary to your thread.

III. Titles

These are very important part of your thread. You shall add bold and clear titles explaining what you’re going to talk in each section. You can even use different formatting tools to make them look more clear.

IV. Formatting 

The format of your thread shall make sense. You shall put everything together in logical sequence i.e., Summary at the top and Trivia and Conclusion at the bottom of the thread. Make everything orderly and easy to read. Use italics, underline, colors etc., in your thread.

V. Description and Summary

The description is fun to make; Simply make it catchy and clearly state what your idea does in as short of a space as possible. Remember, it will show up on the screen that appears when you click the information button about your unit.

Summary must contain all the main ideas of your brawler. You should explain what the purpose of your idea is, it’s rarity, etc. This shall contain all the unique abilities your brawler has!

VI. Strategies and Statistics

Add as much attacking and defending strategies as possible. The more the strategies you add, the better reviiew you’ll get from the readers. They can tell you whether your troop is overpowered (OP) or underpowered (UP). Start with general strategies and then some unique and powerful ones!

Statistics aren’t necessary but I strongly recommend you to add them. It gives the reader the complete idea of your card. It will also help them decide whether it’s OP or UP.

VII. Graphics

This will help readers understand your idea better! Examples of these include the:



VIII. Conclusion

You can also make an optional Trivia and FAQ section before Conclusion. Trivia will contain the information you want to share with others but doesn’t fits in any other the sections. Answer reviewers questions and add some frequently asked questions in FAQ section. Then thank the readers for reading in the Conclusion section. Here’s a example of layout you can use to make your thread –

I. Description 

II. Summary

III. Graphics

IV. Statistics

V. Attacking and Defending Strategies

VI. Countering Strategies 

VII. FAQ & Trivia 

VIII. Conclusion

This guide was created specifically for the SC forums but we haven’t seen them yet. You may omit the usage of colours and graphics on Reddit.

If you have an amazing brawler idea and you’d want us to post a post on our blog, contact us on Discord or by emailing us.

So guys, this also concludes this post! Thanks for reading guys. I hope it helped you. 😁


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