New Brawler Concept: The Blaze

Greetings Brawlers!

Welcome to our latest post. This post is related to a brawler idea I recently thought about. I hope you’ll like the concept of it!

Note: The name and appearance are easy to change, just like stats. Please give your feedback on the actual idea as well while commenting on any one of them.

The Blaze 

Rising from the deep bowels of the stunning volcanoes, the Blaze has arrived in the Outlaw Camp! The Blaze loves to spread like fire… um, spread fire. Caution! Highly volatile!

The Blaze is a rare brawler, with moderate health and damage. Like most of the existing brawlers, he is a ranged unit. But what makes him unique and powerful is his skill to change form! Once Blaze is critically damaged, his damage increases significantly! For his Super, the Blaze sets the nearby bushes on fire, damaging units hiding underneath them. The fire also affects enemy units in 1.5 tiles radius around the bushes!

Blaze changes form once his health lowers down to 300. Once it has changed the form, it’ll switch back to original form only after it dies.

Attack: Lava Jet 

Blaze loves to set things on fire, and he does it efficiently with his lava balls!

The Blaze shoots a torrent of lava balls at his enemy, dealing moderate damage in first form. In his second form, he does a lot of damage! His range is similar to Brock’s range. Blaze fires three lava balls at a go just like Colt’s bullet (6 at once).

Super: Wildfire

Blaze makes sure no enemy is hiding in bushes with his ability to burn his nearby bushes!

The Blaze sets the bushes around him (range equal to Bull’s attack, extending in all directions). The enemies hiding in the bushes are damaged by the fire. The fire also affects enemy units in 1.5 tiles radius around the bushes! The bushes disappear once they are burned by the Blaze, just like in the Super of other Brawlers.



The Blaze is a powerful brawler is with decent health and damage and a unique Super ability. He is strong against units with small range and low health. High damage inflicting units can help unleash the real strength of Blaze faster but will drain his health quickly too. Blaze can be best used in Bounty and Smash and Grab as it’ll disable your enemies from hiding in the bushes.


The main weakness of Blaze would be his small damage radius, like Colt, Jessie and Brock. Skill and timing will be key to hitting opponents. Although Blaze has a powerful second form, it’ll be activated only once it reaches 300 health (or low). Barley, El Primo, Bull, etc., are good counters to the Blaze.


  • Has two forms
  • In second form, he has increased damage
  • Attack mechanism is similar to Jessie, with 3 lava balls instead of one (and bigger range)
  • Second form is triggered when his health reaches 300
  • Super ability burns the nearby bushes
  • The fire affects enemy units present in 1.5 tiles radius around the bushes!
  • Rarity: Rare | Range: Similar to Brock’s


Thanks for reading guys! I hope you like the idea of Blaze. Please comment your views regarding it below! Thanks again and have a nice day!


Note: Image used is for representational purpose only. The image doesn’t belong to me and is a property of Castle Clash. Name was suggested to me by Nor.


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